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Giffords Calls For Gun Control

Senators also hear from NRA on why new laws won’t work

January 31, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Severely wounded and still recovering, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords begged lawmakers at a hearing Wednesday to act quickly to curb firearms because “Americans are counting on you....

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Jan-31-13 6:12 AM

More left wing tripe. Since the Sandy Hook shooter stole the weapons from his mother no background check would have prevented this. In fact you can't prevent mentally deranged evil individuals from committing crimes. You can only stop them. The best way to stop a bad guy/girl with a gun is a good guy/girl with a gun. The more the government restricts guns the more gun crime there will be. Don't believe me. One word.... Chicago.

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Jan-31-13 6:36 AM

Shame that Giffords and Brady are just puppets for the Gun Control Fascists in the White House.

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Jan-31-13 6:48 AM

It's too bad that our Government won't talk about the second amendment and it's true meaning. It's not about hunting, it's not about skeet shooting, it's about we the people protecting ourselves against them, the government!! It may only take one shot to kill a deer but it may take quite a few shots to stop a tyrannical government.


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Jan-31-13 6:57 AM

The only time he shot skeet was for President's Cup," said the source, referring to a shooting competition tradition involving the presidential Marine guards. "I was there. He stayed for about five minutes, and couldn't leave fast enough."

Not a big deal, just another lie from a failure of a president.

God bless us all. I'm locked and loaded.

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Jan-31-13 7:37 AM

Just to amuse me...

Good luck trying to use your AR to shoot down a drone. The 2nd Amendment requires the Feds to protect the populace from armed insurrections by 'locked and loaded'. If the current system is working, then why are so many people getting shot in Chicago? Could it be to many guns in the wrong hands?

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Jan-31-13 7:45 AM

The Penalty for MURDER in the country is usually DEATH.

If THAT doesn't stop crazy fools and gang bangers from grabbing a gun and killing, WHAT POSSIBLE GUN LAWS CAN???????

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Jan-31-13 8:49 AM

"When Govts. fear the people,there is liberty.When the people fear the Govt., there is tyranny. The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort,to protect themselves against tyranny in government" Thomas Jefferson. Arms of the day meant: all available arms. Yes, it even included cannons and mortors and bombs.Our president is afraid of the people having arms today and wants it to be easy to control the public. The US military must stay on the side of the Free people of this country. They swear to uphold the Constitution. But then, so does the President and the representatives.

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Jan-31-13 10:12 AM

"Too many children are dying," she said at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. "Too many children. We must do something. It will be hard, but the time is now."

I wonder how she feels about the 55 million "children" that were killed in the womb. Typical Liberal logic.

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Jan-31-13 10:35 AM

Why should I be held responsible for the actions of some lunatic who kills school children?

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Jan-31-13 1:09 PM

Appears to me that most posts feel that she is being used. I thought that she retired from the House. STAY RETIRED.

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Jan-31-13 2:37 PM

People from the left sieze upon incidents to provide them with a political springboard to convince all of us that we must not have guns at all. And then we have people on the far right who want everyone to have guns, no background checks, total freedom with firearms. We don't have that kind of freedom with a car, so the loons on the far right tend to just make more ammo for the far left to fire at our basic rights. Leftist see this as an opportunity to disarm America, make it so that no citizen has even the power to protect themselves, people on the right seem to working toward that end as well, being so goofy about the "right" to wear camo and walk around with semi auto AKs. If you go to gun show you see that there is something wrong with the way it is, but if you listen to leftists (Obama) you see this is just an opportunity to make people heel to government, willingly at first. We have never seen actual enforcement of guns laws yet and thats the fault of the Federal G

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Jan-31-13 3:01 PM

sad she can't thank her maker and lucky stars for miracles. Just how far special interest tries to stretch individual 15 minutes fame for political agenda is progressive telling.

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Jan-31-13 3:07 PM

Who outside chicago cares what goes in in chicago ? we need to stop being global gwakers and pay attention to the area we occupy and can manage. When your space is invaded is the time you should consider it serious and self priority.

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Jan-31-13 3:11 PM

They are using her. But they still send weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood, didn't they kill thousands, just saying. Just like them to choke on a knat and sallow an elephant.

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Jan-31-13 3:16 PM

should the fulltime marchers and protesters grandstanding loonytune clueless liberal manage to get the AR ban returned the Grandfather clause for current owners will likely applt, as it should if we are to maintain a constitutionally well regulated congress.

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Jan-31-13 3:17 PM

Life isn't complicated. Spilled coffee, milk, koolaid, are all liquids . Broken leg or arm both hurt. Gold diggers seldom talk bad about the victim sugar daddy until they have the safe combination and keys to their ride. Poor and beggars are careful not to insult the banker. All bankers don't work in banks. Loonie tune clueless liberals vote for issues they seldom understand and make a total mess of the normal American way of life. Biden - Clinton, , Biden - Kerry, Clinton- Powel, 2016 ? Jindal-Ryan ? Ryan- Rubio ?

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Jan-31-13 5:00 PM

Triton, there's no constitutionally-guaranteed right to own a car.

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Jan-31-13 5:11 PM

This woman needs to get real. She would do much better to petition against alcohol abuse. Consider the immeasurable damage and cost to peoples lives and economy due to abuse of alcohol. Where is Mrs. Gifford on this?

All the gun control in the world would not have prevented her unfortunate experience of finding herself at the wrong end of a gun.

Just look at the City of Chicago....most stringent gun laws in the nation & yet one of the most deadly cities with hundreds of murders every year. Where is Mrs. Giffords on that?

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Jan-31-13 5:41 PM

This political HACK is just another flaming liberal gun-grabber who doesn't have a CLUE what end the bullet comes out of!!

First the administration stands on the graves of children like the carnival hucksters they are, now they use this goof as a poster child for their gun control agenda!!


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Jan-31-13 6:54 PM

Although I feel sorry for Gabby and those how died in the shooting that injured her, she is clearly being used as a tool. Talk about the 42 this year so far in Chicago, the 5 in Columbus and others in NY, Miami, Atlanta, Philly, Detroit, Dallas,Houston, L.A.,S.F., Seattle, Denver, etc, etc. How many does that add up to? several hundred and it's only the end of's gangs, drugs, thugs.

Good job poster on the 55 million in the womb, the Libs hate that reference and rejoice in their death.

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Jan-31-13 8:11 PM

Those who scratch their pointed heads and wonder aloud why is WV at the bottom of the barrel in state rankings for nearly everything.

The answer my friend, is NOT blowing in the wind....the answer is in the blowhards who posted their double-digit IQ 'opinions' below. There clearly are not nearly enough abortions.

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Jan-31-13 8:30 PM

rover. people come and go. some natural and some the hard way. we all cry a bit harder when they are close to us. We have no right in our time to attempt to correct the past since the stoneage or regulate the future we won't occupy. Being alive is more valuable than being liked.

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Jan-31-13 8:34 PM

double digit IQ ? I suspect Ms Gifford had higher IQ than myself. I wouldn't have been where she was at that time. Had I been, I'd tried my best to empty a 17 round clip. Some armed person in the crowd, paying attention might have made a difference. What difference ? Anything but what happened.

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Jan-31-13 8:49 PM

There was somebody near the crowd with a gun. He almost shot one of the heroes who had wrestled the gun from the shooter. Who, by the way, had a 33 round magazine in a 9mm clock and would have killed more if he hadn't dropped a clip while reloading. Learn some facts. Defend the facts. Thus isn't about your stupid 2nd amendment rights. It's about common sense rules about the killing machines we as a society unleash on ourselves.

Yes you are your brothers keeper.

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Jan-31-13 10:09 PM

The killing machine is people.the gun is just a tool.

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