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Steelworkers Play The Waiting Game

Mingo Plant Unsettled, Steubenville’s Coming Down

February 17, 2013

MINGO JUNCTION — Steelworkers and residents are anxious to learn the destiny of the silent RG Steel mill, which contains the $115 million electric arc furnace installed when it wore the......

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Feb-20-13 5:27 PM

also- Wouldn't slowing down the cast rate at a lower speed than the grade is spec for cause defects in the product and a higher potential for problems @ the caster ie. freeze offs, SEN failure, breakout? I also heard that getting good temp and chem @ the LMF was always an issue.

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Feb-20-13 5:20 PM

when you slow down casting trash you end up with more trash.

If the system works well in other plants why doesn't it work @ Mingo.

Oh, I do agree it would be ashame to scrap the blast furnace. But, a blast furnace operating in this political climate?

The BOF- I was there when the roof caved in due to the ductwork that fell through it from A-vessel. Did it ever operate the same?

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Feb-19-13 1:30 PM

I don't agree. That system works well in other plants, like Nucor. Also, for it's size that BF was one of the better ones in the country, and it was rebuilt and never used. With no legacy costs, sane work rules and minimal overhead, this could be a viable mixed supply plant. One point would be to slow down the cast rate when running on a EAF-only pace.

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Feb-19-13 12:33 AM

on second thought, I would scrap the blast furnace, scrap the BOF and associated parts, oh yea scrap the present consteel scrap conveyor. Install a second EAF furnace that does NOT utilize a consteel scrap conveyor and does not cost 115 million dollars and is not built by the italians.

anybody have a bunch of money to loan me?

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Feb-18-13 4:20 PM

OK old steelmaker, I like your Nucor model idea, amen to that, I know I would put a resume in.

what is your take on the equipment, configuration of the steel making plant, the reality of the BOF and blast furnace functioning. The Obama EPA ain't gonna like the orange clouds produced everytime the lance enters the vessel. Ohhh and lets not forget the re-blows-ha, ha, ha I remember the clouds over Mingo on a nice still 90* afternoon. The emmission equipment would need major renovation to make it in this administration.

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Feb-18-13 10:38 AM

The advantage any new operator will have is no legacy costs, and very little overhead to cover. Putting in the Nucor model would be smart. Base pay plus quality incentive. Base the incentive on tons shipped that don't come back on a claim. No pension, 401-k deals like everyone else. And before you start whining, how much money is the USWA paying you as a paycheck? They were supposed to protect your jobs, right? Haven't seen a lot of protecting in the last three years.

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Feb-18-13 10:31 AM

Yes, I've talked to some people in the startup group. The interesting question to me is who those 500 people left are. This will not be WP any more. There is no contract, no legacy, no work rules no nothing as far as the union is concerned. Any attempt to bring back the old featherbedding nephew of the business agent stuff will die a quick death.

Considering just how terrible a job the USWA did in the past, picking Esmark instead of CSM and Severstal instead of Essar, if I were a new hire at this place the last thing in the world I would want is someone like Santoro meddling with my future.

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Feb-18-13 7:51 AM

so close it down already and scrap steel workers can find another fine job in the obama economy..he is already trying to get you all a raise to $9/hr

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Feb-17-13 7:01 PM

Excellent details, gentlemen.

So is it any wonder why a foreign steel makers can kick American steel butts?

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Feb-17-13 10:27 AM

tdolan, nice idea, however making api grade chromalloy steel for pipe in the pos arc furnace and trimming it in time at the LMF would be nearly as impossible as making billets in the slab caster configuration.

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Feb-17-13 10:21 AM

to scrap it !!!

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Feb-17-13 10:18 AM

justanotherview, you are absolutely correct. It is a shame.

The truth is anybody who follwed the progress of this "115" million dollar arc furnace would know it was a dud. This pos could not keep up with the caster on its best day. The consteel scrap conveyor system was where the system started to fail, then the melting process: you never knew where your chemistry was because you never knew what scrap you were getting from the consteel. Then because the caster was so far ahead, you had no time to treat this trash at the LMF. POOR SYSTEM=POOR QUALITY, anybody who knows anything about the process will buy this...

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Feb-17-13 10:07 AM

maybe they can make pipe there like Picoma used to do then right to the pipeliners to install it

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Feb-17-13 1:47 AM

If somebody decides to restart the electric arc furnace, hopefully they find someone smarter than those in W-P. They were like kids in a candy store when they first got it.Scraped everything they could find in every mill and thought they could make some big bucks. Only problem was the fact that there wasn't enough good steel to make a good product. One day, we send out 200 coils, the next, we get 200 coils back.Flaking,cracked edges among many other problems occured. The saddest part is that they wanted to blame it on part-time and temporary tractor drivers who had no knowledge of steel imperfections. While a 20 yr veteran watched it come off the line. When we did place hold tickets on the coils, quality would rip them off and send them anyway. You reap what you sow. Just like I was told, we don't need you anymore. The arc furnace was not the savior of the company, even though you used every workers money to fund it. Way to go W-P.

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