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Track Cutting Back on Races

Compromise reached with state Racing Commission

February 21, 2013

WHEELING — Needing to cut costs in the face of formidable competition from new facilities in both Ohio and Pennsylvania, Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack is reducing its number of greyhound......

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Feb-22-13 2:18 AM

i guess it's bad or us not to have all the p o r n and legal drug tax money to blow. ca still goes bankrupt lol.

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Feb-22-13 2:15 AM

as always..wrat is here..but has nothing to add. he ran like a little ***** boy lol. can't make it turn tail and west

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Feb-22-13 2:14 AM

you can't watch the races outside like the good ole days without smelling body odor. clean it up!

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Feb-21-13 11:29 PM

The best thing that is happening at Wheeling Island Casino right now is that Jim Simms is leaving. He can't leave soon enough. Simms despises the dog track, and has repeatedly made decisions to hinder that part of the business.

The other issue facing Wheeling Island Casino is substantial loss of players who spend the big bucks. The perception that the slots at Wheeling Island Casino are much tighter than the slots at The Meadows, Rivers Casino, etc. has aided in the overall revenue decline. Several top players who are friends of mine have stopped visiting the casino as often because they do not feel valued as a patron, and because their perception is that their money doesn't go anywhere near as far as it used to.

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Feb-21-13 4:57 PM

VV, I think 9 out of 10 of the opinions on here don't have "skin" in the game. OOPS I did it again. Make it 10 out of 11. One only needs to refer to NEW COKE to realize the "experts" aren't always right. D a m it. Make that 11 out of 12.

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Feb-21-13 1:51 PM

Completely agree Dino. Playing the dogs or horses can be an enjoyable evening for a couple, friends or even a family. You can fully enjoy 3+ hours for less than $40 and have a chance to take a nice chunk home with a little luck. There is nothing enjoyable about sitting upstairs like a mindless drone mashing buttons to see how fast you can give your money away.

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Feb-21-13 1:18 PM


If you can't sell a product, you take it off the shelf! Save the Casino--Save Jobs!

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Feb-21-13 12:23 PM

Steelman and WVU couldn't be more right. A first year marketing student could tell you the owners have done nothing but hurt the dog business over the past 6 years. compared to table games and machines, it can be cheap entertainment for young couples or families who know how to manage their money. For less than $100 a couple can eat, drink, bet the races and spend an evening. You can lose that much in 1/2 hour on machines or playing blackjack. Those in charge must learn the most expensive seat in the house is an EMPTY one. promote the dogs, get them in the door and they may venture upstairs to gamble on other venues.

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Feb-21-13 9:11 AM

No dog track should equal no casino. If they put any effort into the track they'd do better. Bottom line is that they won't because it doesn't*****in the social security checks like those machines.

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Feb-21-13 8:58 AM

the stupidity in comments here sometimes amazes me. numbers may be down, but the facility is still making huge amounts of money. just look at the recent #'s posted by the state auditors office. the govt (state, city, cnty) all need to watch with great interest. if they all dont't figure out how to help on another in this venture, DNC will make some "private interest" decisions that could leave a lot of people out in the cold!

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Feb-21-13 8:42 AM

Management doesn't want the track and are doing everything possible to discourage attendance. They have "torn up" the downstairs part under the guise of remodeling but have stalled the job. They have taken away space upstairs. They don't promote it. They run the weekday races during the day which hurts attendance because people work. They have taken away the stakes races. They don't put results in the paper. They do nothing but harm attendance because they don't want the track. So now they are using the excuse that they are losing money to cut back on races. IMO opinion management wants it to close on purpose.

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Feb-21-13 8:12 AM

Wheeling officials had better wake up and realize that their goose that lays the golden eggs is critically ill; just clinging to life. Who except a local would drive through the ruble of Wheeling Island to lose their money? The adage of "getting screwed without getting kissed" applies when one compares the venues available as places to blow one's welfare or social security check. Do the casino restaurants take food stamps?

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Feb-21-13 7:36 AM


..... {crickets} ........

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