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Inmate Levels A Crisis

Commissioner presses Legislature for solution

February 22, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — West Virginia Prison Commissioner Jim Rubenstein warned the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday that overcrowding in the state’s prisons has reached a crisis state and that......

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Feb-23-13 8:55 PM

Prisons are mostly full of low level drug abusers.

The war on drugs is LOST because Politicos don't have the BAWLZ to cut it off at the sources, mainly the Mexican border.

Prison should be for violent criminals guilty of physical violence against people (murder rape assault and robbery over $1k), not some punkS selling nickel bags.

Get SERIOUS about drugs and Homeland Security and shut down the Mexico border tight.

THEN go after Colombia drugs that DON'T come in from Mexico, like the US ports.

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Feb-23-13 8:02 AM

didn't cuba clean out their prisons years ago?if i remember correctly they put them on a boat and they ended up here.put all the violent criminals into barges and send them out to never return.the workers in this country that pay the taxes have to live on about half of what it cost to house a prisoner.prisoners like all the perks that they receive for free.stress free life.

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Feb-23-13 4:47 AM

let the non threats out. a dude with an 8th fof weed is no harm to anyone. seems the one's who have jobs are the one's they hammer the hardest because they work and have to pay their fines.

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Feb-23-13 2:15 AM

those countries with low low crime rate must have bought passage for their criminals to the USA. Our worst offenders should be transported to the border of their choice and furnished fake docs for that new resident country.

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Feb-23-13 2:10 AM

appoint your most violent inmates with over 70 year sentences as armed guards over the prison with promise of one day off for absolute good behavior and continious clean behavior record.

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Feb-22-13 8:14 PM

Some years ago I was in Singapore on business. Man, if you can fly Singapore Airlines you are treated like a God. But, I digress......anyhow that city-state was clean, really clean. I was warned not to even spit chewing gum on the sidewalk as that would earn me a brief jail stay and '10 lashes with the cain'. As for drugs...if I was found with any illegal drugs that would likely earn me the hangman's noose. I heard other amusing if you accidentally dropped your wallet and someone noticed it they would chase after you to return it 'lest they be accused of robbing you which has a grim sentence. In a crime and a pleasant place.

My point? If we gave druggies 10 or 20 strikes of a lash or cain....I think our jails would clear out pretty quick.

I have seen the past.....and it works!

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Feb-22-13 7:30 PM

Perhaps one problem with prison populations is that the inmates don't mind being there. There is no real consequence to committing crimes and getting caught, and now if you are just stealing from old people or joining in the oxy generation you not only don't go to jail you are given "services" and a wave of social workers will kiss your butt and beg you to be good. And we have drug courts, that take people who DO commit crimes against people but because they say drugs made me do it, they don't go to jail, they just have to promise to not use drugs, and have pee tests and fail them constantly and then graduate and commit more crimes against people within the first 24 hours..and if caught they must be mentally ill so they go to mental health court and start the kiss their butts cycle all over...not to worry citizens will still be available to be victims and soon you can be sure they are unarmed so if you want to kill citizens easier. Alternative sentencing profitable busines

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Feb-22-13 8:07 AM

duh,another problem that the politicians can't figure out.drug users should never be in prison.dealers yes for not paying taxes to pay the politicians for running these places.where does all the money from drug bust go to?disappears in the wind.that money should go to the prisons along with money from sales of confiscated material things[cars,homes,guns,etc.].as long as all the money disappears like it has for the last 30 years this is what you'll have.bring back the electric chair and use it for the real criminals including those child molesters[no way of fixing those scumbags].give your corrections officers a decent living wage.what else do you overpaid idiots want us to fix for you?brought to you by the local working group.

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