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Measure Would Allow Guns In Cars at Work

February 22, 2013

WHEELING — Employers couldn’t stop workers from legally bringing firearms in their personal vehicles to their workplace under legislation proposed by Delegate Ryan Ferns....

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Feb-24-13 5:01 PM

actually. Yoyr car belongs to your lender until the note has been retired. Huh ? The bank should be required to endorse you store a weapon in their car while you have it parked at work or wherever. makes semse ?

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Feb-24-13 4:56 PM

DUI and guns are different issues. woman beaters ? What about other beaters ? animal neglect, tax delenquent ? bad grade in school, overeating.

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Feb-24-13 8:05 AM

Maddie "I have one word for this and it is simply SCARRY."

I only have one word too:


Oh, that was 8, sorry.

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Feb-23-13 4:48 PM

The stupid police, Sheila E? The next time you're being attacked, feel free to call Ferns. It is not the duty of the "stupid" police to chauffeur drunks home. Had they done that, they would have been called more than stupid. And where is it written that delegates are allowed to drive drunk? I think you need a ride home Sheila E as you are obviously loaded.

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Feb-23-13 11:21 AM

the bully bosses out there had best all know who you are.

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Feb-23-13 2:02 AM

he is well dressed and groom like most all high profile hollywood entertainers.

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Feb-23-13 12:11 AM

Maybe you could use a little extra foundation?

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Feb-22-13 10:01 PM

I have one word for this and it is simply SCARRY.

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Feb-22-13 10:00 PM

Uncommonsense, you are exactly right. This law is a specific application of the castle doctrine law already in place in WV, which allows weapons inside vehicles.

Wheeldog, If you would read the law, you would know that the firearm is required to be out of public view and secured when in the parking lot.

Many people like myself, carry a concealed weapon most of the time. When I an going to work, must I take my weapon home first and then pick it up at home after work? That would be ridiculous.

The law only applies to parking lots where it would otherwise be legal to park if there was no firearm.

Use a little common sense, people. The proposed law is full of common sense. Read it and don't get your info second hand.

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Feb-22-13 8:37 PM

This is just common sense legislation that MUST be passed

Your vehicle is simply an extension of your home so the same constitutional rights apply

Your car is your "mobile" castle so 4th and second amendments as well as casle doctrine apply

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Feb-22-13 7:37 PM

maybe his gun will be in the trunk or console of his A&B KIA????? Oh wait, I heard he has a driver. Pooh Pooh.

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Feb-22-13 7:33 PM

Wow. Coming from a guy who has multiple DUIs, drives on the wrong side of the road, who has a golden spoon in his mouth and plays the victim? This bill is more than concerning given he can't event follow the DUI laws. If he got charged as he should have from his DUIs he probably couldn't own a gun. God only knows what he will do when drunk again packing heat...

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Feb-22-13 6:16 PM

Note to Self:

"Have a bad day at work.

Go to my car and get a gun and shoot someone and then tell my employer they can not fire me for having my gun in my car at work."

FERNS: Did you forget your brain when you presented this legislation. These rules are in place for specific reasons.

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Feb-22-13 3:06 PM

@SheilaE You are right, he "paid" for his crime. Most people that get DUIs, especially at the high alcohol level his was and his 2nd, don't just get a fine, they get small jail time or a DUI program and definitely get their license suspended.

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Feb-22-13 2:49 PM

I mean Don't be too hard on they guy!!!

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Feb-22-13 2:49 PM

I mean wow... you people are so hard on him. He paid for his crime. The stupid POLICE should have just taken him home anyway, they knew he was a DELEGATE!!! That's what they all do when these politicians do dumb things. To be too hard on the guy.

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Feb-22-13 1:14 PM

Is this guy for real? Anyone carrying a firearm in their vehicle when parking in a business place should have it in a hard case, out of public view and placed in a relatively secure location (locked trunk). This guy is pandering for votes.

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Feb-22-13 12:36 PM

Is the searching of cars by employers a common thing? I am sure if we searched Ferns' car we would find booze, drugs, and Tom Burgoyne's phone number. Maybe even a chick trapped in the trunk.

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Feb-22-13 12:23 PM

One of the few good things to come out of his mouth.

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Feb-22-13 11:25 AM

I thought you were not suppose to tell people you had a gun. How are peoples work finding out they have them in the car?

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Feb-22-13 10:11 AM

What a snake this guy is. He's done nothing since his DUI except lie and steal votes thanks to daddy's money.


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Feb-22-13 9:57 AM

I can't look at that Fern's guy without disgust! He took a responsible gesture and reneged on it all in the name of politics. He's not a man, he's a coward.

NR: Next time, run the story without his despicable mug (unless it's his actual MUG SHOT).

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Feb-22-13 9:10 AM

If you wonder what the problem is with government, look no further than who you have representing you.

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Feb-22-13 9:07 AM

Of course guns should be permitted in cars at work if a person is properly licensed, but not by someone who has a record of DUIs or is a known woman beater.

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Feb-22-13 8:35 AM

This is one of those feel good things, were he proposes it and its in the newspaper but it has no chance of passing, even in WV, and the people who supported Ferns probably don't support this either as they are mostly Obamite liberals. We get this every year, a stooge sends a press release to the media outlining his very popular position on something, but all it took was to write it up the law, send it to the House leadership and they will bury it for him. That way, he can tell people he is on both sides of the issue. One reason that many companies banned guns in POVs at the workplace was to prevent more fo the domestic shootings. A lot of people marry co workers and when that goes bad the potential for workplace violence is significant. He is not serious about it, but people who work to prevent workplace violence, especially domestic homicide and those going postal type shootings will wear him out. No way this guy is committed to this, he just needs something popular to do.

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