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Mayor: ‘Real Structural Changes’ Coming to City

February 25, 2013

WHEELING — Those who come to hear the State of the City address Tuesday may be in for a surprise or two, Wheeling Mayor Andy McKenzie said....

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Feb-26-13 6:49 AM

State of the city?


The city has become EXACTLY like the federal government!

Record unemployment, record taxes, daily attacks on liberty and expanding the police state all while EXPANDING government!

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Feb-25-13 10:51 PM

mayor dunce

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Feb-25-13 10:02 PM

Want to see a preview of Wheeling in the future? Drive up to Steubenville, Ohio and you will see what a city looks like with empty lots and government parks of dream. Of course the city is in financial problems. Everyone of course wants to build downtown Steubenville just like Wheeling. Tear it down and they will drive-by and taxes will pay for the open view.

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Feb-25-13 10:00 PM

The one tourism anchor that could have saved Downtown-JUSA(in part made iconic by the Mayor's own grandparents)as discarded;turned away. What happened to the 50-100 million Byrd invested in Downtown? Who received the benefits? The now-demolished buildings were a part of the mega-millions plan.Why are those responsible for the failure not being exposed.Downtown is much worse off than before the investment was made.Why?

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Feb-25-13 3:05 PM

This mayor is a joke. How did he ever get elected for a second term? What has he done for the friendly city, other then tear down buildings? What ever happened to all the stores and businesses in the city? Last city council member out of the city, please turn off the lights....

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Feb-25-13 10:18 AM

Triton has summed up this Mayor and this newspaper perfectly. If the newspaper would just do an iota of investigative reporting most of the city and county officials would be in jail.

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Feb-25-13 9:20 AM

Isn't Andy a Republican?

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Feb-25-13 8:15 AM

Few mayors do this, state of city thing, but ours will becasue he has seen Obama (and likes him) and sees that its a chance to deliver a self pat on the back, downplay the disaster that is Wheeling, and convey the image that he is somehow changing things. So he is going to tell us that you can't keep doing what you are doing if it fails...and yet this is his fifth year in office. Oh well, people are stupid and will not notice that math on that. Years ago, when I was just a kid, the newpaper had people who would ask questions like that,and this mayor would have never gotten away with his secret funding list that he decided we do not need to know about, until it suits him. Its a closed government and no one is knocking at the door looking for answers...or even asking questions.

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Feb-25-13 6:28 AM

Sell the whole town to Hollywood so they can use it in the next move plot to blow up an entire town.

Make some money instead of tearing down a piece at a time.

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Feb-25-13 4:23 AM

"I think there's some real structural changes that we'll be pursuing over the next four years. ... You can't continue to do what you're doing and wonder why you're not succeeding," he said.

You think? Tearing everything down and leaving empty lots!! That's good. At his rate, there will be no Wheeling when his term is up.

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