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Straight-Ticket Voting Would Be Eliminated

February 25, 2013

WHEELING — Delegate Ryan Ferns has authored a bill to eliminate straight-ticket voting in West Virginia — a measure he said has the support of most leadership in the House of Delegates....

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Feb-26-13 8:58 AM

i vote against all incumbents when they have been in there long enough to do something good yet refuse to do anything good for the country.the whole bunch in office right now are all "me" people.split those tickets and get them out.

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Feb-26-13 7:02 AM

as if voting in these un-united states really mean much anymore...the Republic of the the US is in real danger of falling apart..I'm sure the majority of citizens don't want this to happen.Most will be in disbelief when it does and yet, the voters themselves keep voting people in that are bringing about the demise of the country.

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Feb-25-13 9:54 PM

Next they will propose painting voters faces red or blue and if you can slam your forehead into a 3 ft circle you've voted. As if public opinion of WV wasn't bad enough.

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Feb-25-13 6:29 PM

Mr. Ferns prefers to have his tickets on the rocks.

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Feb-25-13 12:43 PM

Although frustrating at times, you and everyone else have the freedom to be dumb. Do you honestly think the people who already vote straight ticket are going to go out and educate themselves prior to an election just because they can't hit the 'D' or 'R' button? You can't fix stupid, not even with legislation. This is a waste of time.

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Feb-25-13 11:33 AM

Do people vote "Straight Ticket" because they like the party or are they too dumb or lazy to find out who stands for what and what the issues are???

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Feb-25-13 10:28 AM

Ferns for his overwhelming faults and weaknesses has struck upon a good policy idea. Straight line voting is the scourge of WV politics and I am frankly surprised that the Dems are allowing this idea to see the light of day. The ignorant voter is the lifeblood of the Democrat Party as you can tell by those posting on this site.

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Feb-25-13 9:31 AM

Seriously? You can't find any more pressing issues than straight-ticket voting? Jobs? Economics? If this is what is to be expected of Mr.Ferns, I believe I will have to spread the word on this poor piece of legislation and hopefully people will understand that he is only in it for the money, a career politician.

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Feb-25-13 8:53 AM

Intelligencer must have stock in Ferns. Haha. You guys have wrote two articles on bills Ferns has purposed that will do nothing for the community and the people of WV. These are minor nothing bills that just make him look active and look flashy for both parties, but what about all the bills about increasing JOBS, remember those promises.

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Feb-25-13 8:39 AM

speedy voting should never be encouraged.

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Feb-25-13 8:25 AM

I am going to break away from normal tendency to dislike everything democrat and agree with Mr. Ferns on this one. I think it will help to encourage the "lazy" voter to consider all of the candidates.

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Feb-25-13 8:00 AM

Remember how candidates always say they are going to create jobs when they are campaigning? So far Ferns has decided to sponsor legislations that makes it mandatory to carry a gun to work just in case your boss is on eo those who wants you to work you can remind him you have a Glock in the parkling lot, and we now have legislations that tells people how to vote. Jobs? Not so much. We will get an endless barrage of happy laws about fishing, and hunting and parks...well they are always proposed anyhow but they never pass. The senior delegates who come from third world counties in the coal fields are Dems and they count on those straight ticket voters and they have the heavy hammer in WV.

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Feb-25-13 7:52 AM

Replaced with "I am a MORON option-click here" to vote a straight Dem Ticket.

And another option to vote 10 more times for all of your dead relatives.

Do it Chicago style!

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Feb-25-13 7:41 AM

Maybe this should be looked at carefully. An educated voter may have studied the ballot ahead of time and made up his or her mind that he or she wants to vote for all the Dem or Repub candidates. Why should they gum up the lines at the polls selecting each name on the ballot when one click of the button would get the job done. Straight ticket voting probably speeds up the process and makes voting more efficient.

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Feb-25-13 7:26 AM

how about legislation to vote out all of the incumbents?the whole bunch needs ousted.

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Feb-25-13 7:21 AM

First order of business. Improve ones chances for reelection. Job preservation!

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Feb-25-13 6:16 AM

Very good legislation.

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