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Lists Of Budget Horrors Dubious

Grim previews of what will happen Friday or White House hype?

February 28, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama and his officials are doing their best to drum up public concern over the shock wave of spending cuts that could strike the government in just day....

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Mar-01-13 6:31 PM

To the low information obama voters, quantitative easing is when Ben Bernacke fires up the printing presses and prints $85 billion dollars per month with nothing backing it up. They then go out into the market place and buy up a lot of government securities flooding the banks with barrels full of cash to lend out to the consumers.

Downside is that it will eventually cause inflation and increase prices on all goods and services. When this happens, and it will, we become Zimbawee.

Another failed obama policy!

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Feb-28-13 10:34 PM

And just so I'm clear, my 7:45 post referred to the quantitative easing giveaway and 10:09 post refers to the discounted interest rates banks get because they're "too big to fail"! No wonder Wall Street is so happy while average Americans continue to struggle!

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Feb-28-13 10:30 PM

Obama claims Policemen, Firemen and teachers will be laid off and their children will starve due to $43 Billion in reduced spending! Headline from the Huffington Post, "GM Tax Break Could Be Worth $45 BILLION"!

Those poor starving kids! I guess they're just not as important to Obama as the UAW!

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Feb-28-13 10:09 PM

While Obama predicts the end of the world over $85 Billion (okay, actually $43 billion) he has given big banks $83 Billion in breaks! Democrat Elizabeth Warren, "“But I don’t understand,” she said. “These big financial institutions are getting cheaper borrowing to the tune of $83 billion in a single year simply because people believe that the government would step in and bail them out. And I’m just saying if they’re getting it, why shouldn’t they pay for it?”

Obama tells the world he'll have to pick between poor kids and disabled kids on who must have benefits cut yet he's giving big banks billions!! Worst yet, a very liberal Dem calls attention to it!! Add Presidential credibility to the list of dubious things!!

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Feb-28-13 8:43 PM

Interesting times...

Bob Woodward is the patron saint of the news media for taking on Nixon. Now he is showing the emperor has no clothes, and some of them are starting to realize they are supposed to be journalists, not Dem shills. With any luck, this could get ugly.

And with the "cuts" being such a tiny part of the pie, it will be hard to keep up the pretense for long. I suspect the departments will actually make efforts to make things worse for a while, but those Congressional committee hearings did in Nixon, and a steady stream of painful questions, with a media a little more willing to actually do their jobs, may make obie wish he had bailed.

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Feb-28-13 7:45 PM

The administration can hand out $85 billion a MONTH to big banks (much to the detriment of the elderly and poor), but try to cut $85 billion (more like $43 billion since we are well into the fiscal year) and the cries of "wolf" are deafening.

Also, the Senate voted DOWN a proposal today that would make it easier to prioritize budget cuts. Dems WANT to make this as painful as possible!!

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Feb-28-13 7:16 PM

Bob Woodward. A sorce that does speak the truth. He did with Nixon. He does about Obama.

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Feb-28-13 7:16 PM

Bob Woodward. A sorce that does speak the truth. He did with Nixon. He does about Obama.

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Feb-28-13 6:43 PM

If Bush is 100% to blame for the economy 5 years after he left office, then he is 100% praiseworthy for the death of Obama Bin Hidin.

REAL men (and Presidents) take responsibility for their actions.

However, given Barry Hussein Soetero's background in inner city ghetto agitating and the demanding field of signing leeches up for more welfare, a lack of personal responsibility is a way of life.

Why are 70% + of black babies born out of wedlock? Why are most black murder victims killed by other blacks? Why? Because of lack of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!

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Feb-28-13 1:23 PM

Clueless “Much of the increase has come from mandatory spending... How much do you lay at the recession's feet versus the president's policies?"

Translation: Waaaaaahhh! It’s not Barry’s fault the hope and change plan didn’t work.

Clueless “The initial extension was passed under President Bush.”

Translation: but BUUUUUSSSHHHHHH!

Pathetic. Man up, Barry. Where’s the Budget, Barry? Stop campaigning and demonizing fear mongering and DO YOUR JOB, Barry.

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Feb-28-13 1:19 PM

Clueless, “winding them down”? Those auto makers STILL owe us SCORES of BILLIONS from those bailouts. And as Obama’s favorite union-crony capitalist campaign contributors they won’t be paying anything in Federal taxes for DECADES. Actually, they GM collected Federal tax CREDITS to the tune of $110 MILLION last year, despite making record profits. Not to mention the ongoing GM advantage of tax breaks for GM’s Volt buyers and other subsidies.

That’s the liberal definition of “wind down.” Collect the campaign bribes, set up the sweetheart Federal kickback deal, move on to the next extortion scam.

Have some of that Kool-Aid yourself, Clueless.

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Feb-28-13 12:37 PM

GOP KOOLAID DRINKERS........The conservative Heritage Foundation, which advocates for a reduced government role in society, acknowledges that much of the increase in federal spending originates in laws passed by this Congress and previous ones."He didn't do it alone," said Patrick Louis Knudsen, a senior fellow at Heritage.

Of course, Obama did press for a record $787 billion stimulus plan in 2009, as well as a bailout of the automakers in Detroit. But he also deserves credit for winding both of those down, said Stan Collender, partner in Qorvis Communications, a public affairs firm. - See more at: *******money.cnn****/2012/01/25/news/economy/obama_government/index.htm#sthash.Lp6o6ViJ.dpuf

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Feb-28-13 12:33 PM

GOP KOOLAID DRINKERS.......Much of the increase has come from mandatory spending, including Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. Those programs have expanded mostly because of the recession, which has prompted more people to apply for Medicaid and Social Security, as well as the growth in people hitting retirement age.

"How much do you lay at the recession's feet versus the president's policies?" said Josh Gordon, policy director at the Concord Coalition, a fiscal policy group. "The aging of the population can't be blamed on the president."

Many safety net programs, such as Medicaid and food stamps, automatically expand during economic downturns. And in the face of prolonged high jobless rates, Congress has authorized extending federal unemployment benefits to a record 99 weeks. The initial extension was passed under President Bush.

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Feb-28-13 11:14 AM

all of the real budget whor-es please stand up.

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Feb-28-13 11:07 AM

With some exceptions, the things that can be impacted are selected by the President. He keeps the mindless foreign aid, often to sworn enemies of America, and his secret war budgets as off limits so he tells us that the mean old rich people will hurt kids and old people and close parks and make travel dangerous. Those are HIS choice if he closes them. Its a good example of how stupid he assumes his supporters are, or how greedy people are. He is hoping that the ax will fall after he is out of office but we need to start now to stop the spending that is unncessary. His use of such scare tactics shows a great deal of disrespect to the American people. He thinks we are stupid since we elected him TWICE so maybe his evaluation of us has some merit. Trust me, some day this week he is trotting out the old folks again and tell us that the mean old rich people are going to keep him from sending out the SS checks next month.

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Feb-28-13 9:46 AM

The sad part is the idiot in the white house was given another 4 years to continue his destruction of the country. Hooray for the Tan and Black, be careful what you wish for.

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Feb-28-13 8:41 AM

this president will go down as the worst in history.when they teach history in school his name will come up.forever.i'll take any of our formerly impeached presidents over this resident[yes i left the "p" out].do something before you are retired.

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Feb-28-13 8:13 AM

Now that Mr. President is backing down from all the gloomy and doomy statements he has been making the past weeks, maybe it's time for the Republicans to get out there and start hammering the President publicly for being the Root of the Problems in this country. Mr President is a HACK, a FAKE, a DIVIDER, a LIAR and a POS! Democrats should be embarrassed to have this crack-pot representing them! Time for IMPEACHMENT!

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Feb-28-13 8:00 AM

Time to pay for the pork, Obama. If you can't afford to, then tighten your belt.

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Feb-28-13 7:58 AM

we have our own budgeting to do so we don't care.shut down all of the government agencies and this country will do just fine.for all that you politicians have done for us,at this point we commoners can do a better job.every person out there[besides prisoners]can do budgeting.nothing hard about it.all of your threats are now falling on deaf ears.this is one greedy government.your bullying of the people will backfire.intimidate some other country because we the people of this country ain't fallin' for it.

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Feb-28-13 7:49 AM


That is the big worry of Obamanations, we have had massive expansion of BIG GOVERNMENT under Obama with NOTHING to show for it.

Now we will get a contraction of Big Government and maybe NOBODY will see a difference except the politicians who NEED the money to BUY VOTES!

So what maybe 11,100 will sign up for food stamps instead of 11,250 a day???


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