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WLU Athletic Director Arrested

Charged with battery on police officer after championship win Saturday in Charleston

March 4, 2013

CHARLESTON — West Liberty University Athletic Director James Watson and two student-athletes are free on bond today after they were arrested Saturday night following a conference championship victor......

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Mar-07-13 9:46 PM

Laughing at bloomin idiot. Make up your mind. Are cops good or bad. Every article you say something different.

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Mar-07-13 11:57 AM

Most of these comments are worthless because they're not based on factual information. I believe that neither Jim Watson nor Robin Capehart deserve these slurs. Both are good and capable men and I would be willing to be a character witness for them at anytime.

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Mar-06-13 1:12 AM

I have no inside knowledge, but the NR doesnt seem to either. If there is video, it will come out. However, I do know that some cops use excessive force. When they do, they know that any knee jerk reaction to pain can facilitate additional charges. I dont care how great Charleston police dept is, Im sure every dept. is stuck with their share of crappy cops. Firing them is not that easy. The cops are going to report one story, those arrested will report another, so this is all the NR can report at this point.

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Mar-06-13 12:01 AM

Triton EQUALS have it all figured out and really know nothing....maybe you should take some of that brilliance and do something worthwhile

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Mar-05-13 11:34 PM

Strange Coach Watson didn't get a public intoxication charge thrown in there. Maybe he did just see his son getting a little more force than he thought necessaty and came to his aid. I'm not a fan of firing people over one incident. Sooner or later we'd run out of "good" people to do anything.

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Mar-05-13 9:50 PM

You can't help but notice that none, zero, notta single WL mens player was involved in any of this. I hope they do review the security tapes so they can see all the excessive force that was being used by the cops.

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Mar-05-13 3:50 PM

The police in Charleston are not campus Coverup Cops, they are a good police agency. They were called to a disturbance by the hotel who could not get the drunks coming out of the closed bar in the middle of the night to quiet down. The cops tried to get people to disperse, failing that tried to make arrests and a WLU Senior Jock, also from the bar crowd, mistook the police for campus cops in the middle of the night and shoved them while trying to arrest a campus Prince. There are likely lots of video tape and don't forget the hundreds of hotel guests disturbed by WLU drunks. If the video shows the conduct that the hotel and cops allege Watson needs to retire and Cowboy Capehart needs to move on as well. Learn from Steubenville, jocks are not above the law, nor are WLU's sports brawler fans. Its an ugly path that WLU has chosen to travel, sports over character.

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Mar-05-13 11:29 AM

agree are about the only one with any sense on here...the clowns that hide behind their monikers are cowards that think they are cute, but actually have no life taking shots at the expense of others

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Mar-05-13 10:42 AM

Everyone who is jumping on the prosecutorial band wagon needs to cool their heels and let the wheels of justice work. If you weren't there, you have no idea what happened. You certainly learned very little from this news item.

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Mar-05-13 1:14 AM

Story is vague about a lot of details. Thought obstruction is a felony?

I would flip a coin on this one. Dont know anything about this guy. Sounds like is son was in trouble and possibly the obstruction came when he tried to interfere. Do know obstruction is to the cops as attention deficit is to teachers-an extremely overused and abused claim. Obstruction is what police charge citizens with when they dont like you and cant come up with anything else. Then when they rough you up during arrest, they can also add battery or resisting.

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Mar-04-13 11:43 PM

I bet the Buckwild cast showed up and things were out of hand and the WLU crew took the blame.

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Mar-04-13 8:44 PM

If you are drunk, disorderly, and disturbing the peace, then you NEED to get hauled in!!

These kids are simply poster children for lousy parenting!!

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Mar-04-13 8:37 PM

typical knuckleheads from the valley with no life sounding in on someone that they don't even know

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Mar-04-13 7:52 PM

When will this country and especially this area stop thinking that Athletics is God? Be a jock strap and you are above everyone. Look at what is happening in Steubenville. Time to start learning in school.

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Mar-04-13 4:56 PM

He may be the new Superintendent for Marshall County Schools. Fit right in.

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Mar-04-13 2:30 PM

WLU president Robin Capehart's statement show's what a hypocritical punk he really is. It's no wonder that atheletics is completely out of control in this country.

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Mar-04-13 12:54 PM

Jim...Admit you had a lapse in judgment, admit your mistake, apologize for your mistake, don't put the blame on law enforcement, man up and accept your punishment and don't ever make the same mistake again. Your good example will be greatly appreciated.

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Mar-04-13 12:11 PM

Exactly right BurlE. I'm anxiously awaiting the results of Fred Renzella's investigation into the drunken hijinx of his employees back in November.

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Mar-04-13 11:50 AM

If this is the typical Ohio Valley coach/teacher/principal gets drunk/gets busted, this is the last anyone will hear of this.

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Mar-04-13 10:53 AM

He looks like a smoker!!!

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Mar-04-13 10:13 AM

Rover... read the article. Watson is the athletic director NOT the coach and the 2 students were NOT basketball players (one was a male football player and the other was a female volleyball player). Agree that this was a drunken-party-celebration. However, Watson's presence at and participation in such a disturbance were unprofessional.

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Mar-04-13 9:28 AM

Poor managment by the bar and hotel. They lost thousands in income as they closed at 10:30 on a huge night...damned wimpy do-gooders.

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Mar-04-13 8:54 AM

What I find sad is the The Intelligencer has done more stories in the past two days on this indecent then on the whole WLU basketball season.

I bet 1 out of 5 people you stop have now clue WLU is #1 in the country but I bet 4 out of 5 could tell you about the arrests.

I guess The Inttelligencer knows what story sells more papers.

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Mar-04-13 8:37 AM

Reading the badly written story it looks like a 'victory celebration (drinking) in the hotel by the WLU team got carried away. Coach (who looks 'in the bag') was likely defending his man-child son from the 'perp walk' by the Charleston cops. Two players came to support Coach as the cops manhandled the old fool for interfering with an ongoing arrest.

And....away they went! Now, I'm just guessing this was approximate scenario but if their was any 'guilty' party it was an overgrown trouble-making son (duhWraith may know this happens).

Fathers defend their kids even though the bums really need to 'grow up' and get a life!

Let's see how this plays out. But as another opined....Coach will be gone by next season.

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Mar-04-13 8:25 AM

The guy is 66 years old and has been at the school since 1971. My guess is that the school will defend him in the press to try and save face, they'll get through the trial and he'll quietly retire at the end of the school year.

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