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Bill Would Lower Gambling Fees

Proposed legislation also seeks to lower tax rates and the minimum required number of races

March 7, 2013

WHEELING — West Virginia may reduce tax rates on blackjack, poker, craps and other table games from 35 percent to 25 percent — and the annual casino license fee could drop from $2....

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Mar-08-13 2:57 PM

Without the casino taxes Wheeling will be in serious financial trouble Troll.There is little left of the City.

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Mar-08-13 9:49 AM

atoddh “trol:This is a commercial argument;not a moral one.”

Well, we can’t let morality get in the way of revenue, eh atoddh?

Ladydiamond's suggestions are commercial - not moral - arguments, too. If you can advocate taking money that would have supported spouses and children of gambling addicts, I don't see why you would have any problem with what a woman chooses to do with her own body to make money.

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Mar-08-13 1:10 AM

lift the*****lid law and you will get tours from out of state riders.

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Mar-08-13 1:09 AM

skilled, good paying jobs? that really made me laugh out loud. skilled being able to deal cards? good paying only if the player wins and tips. what a joke.

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Mar-08-13 12:13 AM

trol:This is a commercial argument;not a moral one.WD bings in millions to Wheeling.If it goes, there will be a huge-unfillable- financial hole left.Rocky and Yost are taking quick action to prevent this. The city had an opportunity to salvage JUSA(by cooperating with private interested parties/producers.) They turned it away.Millions in tourism dollars has been lost because of this poor/spiteful judgement.

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Mar-07-13 8:29 PM

atoddh, ladydiamond is just being “practical and realistic.” Gaming is dying here because of rapidly growing competition in nearby states. Prostitution and legalizing narcotics would be new niche businesses the State of West Virginia could get into and corner the local market on, at least until the neighboring states also shed their puritan compunction against those once immoral activities. Not a permanent solution, mind you, since OH and PA would certainly want in on that action when they saw how lucrative it was, but would bring in quite a bit of revenue for a few years anyway. Possibly enough to build that snazzy Victorian market, or even that new Jamboree country music show you always wanted.

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Mar-07-13 4:40 PM

lady:Yost and Rocky are being practical and realistic.Do want to give all the business to PA and OH?That is what will happen dumb a*s.

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Mar-07-13 4:38 PM

t green You thinking is what has put wv at the bottom.WD is all Wheeling has left for tourism Downtown.The City and WNHAC have squandered the Byrd money:huge- tens of millions with a negative outcome.

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Mar-07-13 4:38 PM

I wonder about the character and moral fiber of any representative who would promote gambling and be a part of victimizing the poorest and most vulnerable of our citizens. I wonder, with a character like that, when they would also consider legalizing prostitution and illegal street drugs. Isn't there anyone with any morals at all ready to step up and represent West Virginia?

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Mar-07-13 4:36 PM

Folks understand there were two tourism anchors for Downtown:(1.) Casinoo/track (2.) JUSA at Capitol. The local powers managed to kill efforst to bring back JUSA for now. If the Casino goes now that leave zero. The tourism solution:(1.) a robust gaming attraction (2.) restart of JUSA in the future.

Once the drilling activity is completed ,Wheeling will have a huge inventory of vacant hotel rooms.The new rooms under constrution will sit empty.Oglebay is self contained.To some extent WD is also.The historical theme concept has failed in a big way as did the outlets.The later was an excellent opportunity for the Highlands site;preempted by The Meadowns. A major tourism anchor is needed going forward.

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Mar-07-13 2:05 PM

Wheeling Island should have seen this coming and prepared for it. Nothing but greed. Now they want a reduction in taxes I say no. The state of west Virginia already has the taxes allocated for this year. High paying jobs? You got to be kidding me. Tips and minimum wage does not equal high paying jobs. Mismanage casino which is run by dnc. It should have been run by las vegas management

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Mar-07-13 1:31 PM

As I said before- "Sink or Swim" Appears that the Pols of WV couldn't see the wriing on the wall when the casinos of other states opened. All they can think of is profit, whether it comes from taxes or fees. They use the excuse of losing jobs.

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Mar-07-13 12:04 PM

Vega: I don't know where you're getting your information, but the "dog side" of the casino has never, I repeat, never lost money so your loss leader comment is erroneous.

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Mar-07-13 10:23 AM


Thank you Senator Fitzsimmons! Your legislation if passed, will save hundreds of good paying, skilled jobs and preserve a crucial tax base. The greyhound racing aspect of Wheeling Island Casino is a "loss Leader" and the comparative employment is laughable.

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Mar-07-13 7:24 AM

Give incentives to a company who is pillaging the pockets of the poorest and most vulnerable West Virginia citizens? With an astronomical amount of that money leaves our state to never return.

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Mar-07-13 2:43 AM

Save a few minimum wage jobs plus tips and continue to shred a multi million dollar industry like dog racing which would affect jobs ten fold than the casino. Didn't the track get slots from the voters on the basis it was to keep the jobs and infrastructure of horse and dog racing? What fools we were to fall for that line? Now they just want to keep the robots plugged in to rob the community with as few jobs provided as possible. Fitzsimmon sponsors the bill? Why don't we start with tort reform before you put hard working people out of work. My in laws have raised and raced dogs for years and their not rich by any means. Seems everyday, politicians, out of state track owners and lawyers want to fleece this town and break promises.

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