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Pipeline Will Run To Gulf Coast

200,000 barrels per day expected to be sent through project

March 7, 2013

MOUNDSVILLE — More ethane, propane, butane and other forms of natural gas liquids would be shipped from the Upper Ohio Valley to the Gulf Coast via the planned Bluegrass Pipeline....

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Mar-09-13 9:02 AM

we don't have any leaders.the price of gas and gasoline will never go down.the ceo's are making too much royalties.all we'll be left with here will be the mess.they got the dep in their pocket.we all knew this was coming when they kept wrecking trucks and not being sited for failure to control.nothing was done when they were dumping directly into the ohio river.the governor must have ordered a hands off on this group.the secret chemicals will make you wonder.the day will come when the taxpayers will have to pay to clean up these fracking sites.

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Mar-09-13 3:45 AM

if our leaders truly want us to have affordable cheap energy then why do all these deals involve getting the fuel to shipping ports while we are paying 4 bux a gallon to drive a*****car? cmon people..get a clue here. We need jobs but we need to take care of us first before we worry about big profits for shareholders who's only interest is greed. I'm would vote for the keystone pipeline if a say 40 percent of the oil has to be refined in the USA and stay here and be sold here at a decent rate of say 2 bux a gallon. Screw shipping it all over seas while we keep feeling the pain at the pump. Seriously...fuel prices have hurt my family. how about you? at some point you have to say what's in it for me?

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Mar-08-13 1:34 PM

Perhaps squashing the pipeline would be better for WV... Then a Cracker would be built in their area to provide jobs...

Who in their right minds wants their raw materials hauled out of their state with another pipeline..So--another state will have the jobs, plus, it is then at a shipping port to move this precious gas all over the world...

How has this helped WV???

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Mar-07-13 8:42 PM

Pipelines are NOT cheap. one mile of 24" diameter pipe can be anywhere from $350,000 to a million. And that's JUST the pipe. You have to get the right of way, dig the trench, build the pumping stations, the holding tanks, and all the rest. A line to Texas could easily be 3 billion. I doubt that is what they are doing; more likely building a spur to connect to another system.

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Mar-07-13 6:20 PM

Y'all might be missing the real point of all of this. You don't really want a pipeline hauling your ethane and other gas "liquids" out of state. You would be a lot better off with an ethane cracker, like your Governor has been lobbying for. A few people, at least, would be employed there, and, you would be converting the ethane and similar molecules into a value-added product, ethylene, which is the most utilized organic compound in the world for making plastics, like polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. - which is the most utilized family of plastics in the world. With a pipeline as opposed to a cracker, you'll be settling for pennies as opposed to dollars. But, the fact that companies, like Shell, are backing away from local crackers in favor of cheaper pipelines might be tacit acknowledgement that your reserves aren't as large as has been touted.

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Mar-07-13 8:26 AM

Its clean burning, domestic energy, a chance to truly reduce emissions and reduce the use of smokestacks and oil. A chance to have a cleaner environment and reduce acid rain...and who opposes it? Environmentalists. Really they aren't that. Radicals love to exploit some issue or idea so that they can protest, cuz protest is fun and it makes one feel oh so superior to the dirty people who work. There is not a dime's difference in the radical left and the Westboro Baptist church people. Natural gas is our chance to progress, Obama will want to keep us on the OPEC teat and keep burnging smokestacks. Odd isn't it?

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Mar-07-13 8:16 AM

Shhhhh - don't tell Obama - he will squash this just like the Keystone XL pipeline.

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