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Economy Improving Thanks to Whom?

March 10, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Increased hiring, lower unemployment, stock market on the ris....

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Mar-10-13 12:59 AM

"Increased hiring, lower unemployment, stock market on the rise. Who gets the credit?"

ANSWER: PRESIDENT OBAMA, If you were willing to blame him when it was bad then you must now credit him that it has improved.

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Mar-10-13 4:29 AM

agree getaclue. but they won't admit to it. they like their lies an gloom and doom stories that come from that side.

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Mar-10-13 4:30 AM money, mo money, mo money. after being tore down during the eight years of bush..america is coming back quicker than figured.

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Mar-10-13 7:45 AM


daFACTS FROM US Bureau of Labor statistics data . bls. gov:

Total Employment seasonally ajusted:

FEB 2013 143,492,000

FEB: 2008 146,156,000 last year of BUSH BUSH BUSH

EQUALS 2,664,000 FEWER people working NOW than 2008, FIVE {Bleeping} years ago.


Second, Labor Participation Rate:

Feb. 2013 63.5%, LOWEST since Obama became President

Feb 2008 66.0% last year of BUSH BUSH BUSH!

What that means is the FEWEST PERCENTAGE of people are working in 5 years because the population of the county has INCREASED about 12 million adding MILLIONS of new workers with NO JOBS.

REAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE STILL 14% using Bush era metrics.

Who gets "credit" YES, OBAMA!


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Mar-10-13 7:55 AM

Idiot Sycophants, Obama spent over $1 TRILLION on the Stimulus counting the interest charges.

He PROMISED unemployment would not go above 8%. FAIL!

By April 2013 the administration projected 5.0% unemployement!!





Dumb****ks don't get it.

Obama has spent more money than any Person in the History of the WORLD.

Counting Obamacare costs, by 2018 he will have spent more money than all 43 President COMBINED, from George Washington to George W. !!! From the costs of the Revolutionary War to WWI and WWII and Vietnam + Mideast COMBINED!

If THAT isn't the definition of biggest ECONOMIC FAILURE in the History of the world, I don't know what is.

It really is a SHAME you basT^^ds HATE the future generation so much.

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Mar-10-13 8:17 AM

people gave up looking for's the people.i don't feel that the politicians have anything to do with it.everything is still being made in china.more people on welfare than ever[like a paid vacation].more people in prison.who's taking the credit?

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Mar-10-13 8:29 AM

Mike is correct.

With the population increasing about 2.5 million per YEAR, do the math: it takes about 250,000 NEW JOBS per MONTH to keep the unemployment rate from INCREASING!!!!

There is ONE reason and ONE REASON alone that the unemployment "rate" is down: FEWER PEOPLE are WORKING or LOOKING for a JOB!

If the Labor Participation rate is ZERO, unemployment rate is ZERO by definition because EVERYBODY is unemployed and NOBODY is looking for a job!

This is LOWEST rate since Jimmy Carter's "booming" economy.

Figures don't LIE but LIARS try to FIGURE!


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Mar-10-13 8:50 AM

daRAT still running around with his hair on fire I see.

Citing fauxnuze non-facts as though they are real.


Obama could solve the world hunger problem and bring world peace to the world, but the "hair on fire" gang, so blinded by their hate of Obama and America, would find something to whine and scream about, cause they just can't see the forest from their holes.

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Mar-10-13 9:34 AM

Goosy, I thought Obama DID solve world hunger and bring peace to the world. You mean your Messiah is giving out free cell phones when there are still hungry people out there? And what was that Nobel Peace Prize for? Stop slandering the Messiah. Or he’ll drone you.

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Mar-10-13 11:02 AM

Greeceman, you pathetic mouse-brained fowl, my figures are from BLS . GOV.

I dare you to refute ANY of them, you mouthy (or it is Beaky)buffoon.

If Obama said dog excrement is a Health Food, your neighbors would never have to pick up after their pooches again because YOU would licking up their lawns daily.

Reality is IF Obama created 4 million jobs like he claimed, he has LOST more than 7 million in the same period to account for the reduced labor force.

I PERSONALLY know several people who just GAVE UP after getting laid off and not being able to find a job.

They took early retirement at 62 and joined the massive increase in entitlement burden on the government.

THAT is exactly what the figures are showing month after month.

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Mar-10-13 12:23 PM

Weekly Standard 3/8/13:

The unemployment rate edged down to 7.7 percent in February but has shown little movement, on net, since September 2012.

The number of unemployed persons, at 12.0 million, also edged lower in February.

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for whites (6.8 percent) declined in February while the rates for adult men (7.1 percent), adult women (7.0 percent), teenagers (25.1 percent), blacks (13.8 percent), and Hispanics (9.6 percent) showed little or no change.

The jobless rate for Asians was 6.1 percent (not seasonally adjusted), little changed from a year earlier.

In February, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was about unchanged at 4.8 million. These individuals accounted for 40.2 percent of the unemployed.

The employment-population ratio held at 58.6 percent in February. The civilian labor force participation rate, at 63.5 percent, changed little.

WHAT bleeping Credit??

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Mar-10-13 12:29 PM

The economy is like a ball- When at the bottom, the only way for it to go is to bounce up.

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Mar-10-13 12:35 PM

Pathetic? Yeah Wrat, lool in the mirror, ya LOSER!

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Mar-10-13 2:01 PM

of course it's obama...ammo sales are up,gun sales are up, gun company stocks are up, employment in gun companies are up...Thanks are sooo great

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Mar-10-13 3:24 PM

Clue, Don't expect dah RRW (radical right wing) crowd to credit the president - even though they are more than willing to blame him whenever there is a downturn. Personally, I believe the national economy is far too massive and intertwined with a global economy to be dictated by a president unless he does something on the order of declaring war on a major power.

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Mar-10-13 3:37 PM

Wheeldog "Personally, I believe the national economy is far too massive and intertwined with a global economy to be dictated by a president"

... unless his name is Bush. Then he's responsible for EVERY part of "this mess we inherited." Except for the good parts Obama renewed... LOL

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Mar-10-13 5:58 PM

I produce the facts, whining little dawgs and geese produce the meanderings of geriatric atrophied lunatic fringe ravings.

So Dawg, $6.2 TRILLION in debt, the most amount of money ever spent by a Human Being in the History of the world does NOT have a negative effect on the USA economy?

But 380 parts per MILLION of PLANT FOOD (carbon Dioxide) is CHANGING THE WORLD CLIMATE in the extreme??

What a freakin idiot!

DO you also believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny, Neutered Dawg?

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Mar-10-13 5:59 PM

Imphat "Pathetic? Yeah Wrat, lool(sic) in the mirror"???

Is that something like Tweeting, you master debater?

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Mar-10-13 9:13 PM

130,000 workers dropped out of the labor force in February and everyone is cheering!!!

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Mar-10-13 11:00 PM

You anti OBAMA-ites are slipping. you left out the figure on all of those who thought it best to get "disability" in the last 5 years rather than continue to search for work. Wonder what the unemployement would be if it wasn't for the success of "fracking" that's been going on for the past 4- 5 years.

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Mar-11-13 10:21 AM

back in the 70's we gave up looking for work.everybody's windows had signs in the stating"NO APPLICATIONS BEING ACCEPTED".gasoline prices doubled overnight.some tough years but we all came out okay.and we'll be okay this leadership is in order.i don't mind some stuff being made in china but not everything.

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Mar-11-13 3:33 PM

underemployment rate as reported by the US Govt. is still above 14%...we do have a small inprovement...thanks to all the funny money adding to the current stock market bubble being inflated...when this one bursts it could also cause the US Govt. bubble to lose it's air...if obummer is pres, he gets the credit and the blame...that's just how it is

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Mar-11-13 6:22 PM

47,791,996 Americans on food stamps. A record high!

And everyone is cheering!

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Mar-11-13 7:34 PM

If the economy is improving, why is GE stashing cash overseas?

U.S.-based nonfinancial companies are parking record amounts of cash abroad, thanks largely to a tax code that encourages them to indefinitely keep profits from their foreign subsidiaries outside of the country.

REUTERS/Kacper Pempel A picture illustration shows a 100 dollar banknote laying on one dollar banknotes, taken in Warsaw, January 13, 2011. Sponsorship Link Sponsored Link Planning for Retirement? Some of the largest companies in the U.S. greatly boosted their tax-avoiding cash stockpiles abroad last year, according to recent surveys of company filings from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

For example, the Jedi master of avoiding U.S. taxation, General Electric Company (NYSE:GE), increased its tax-free cash accumulation to $108 billion, up from an estimated $94 billion in 2010. Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq:MSFT) increased its stockpile to $61 billion, up 36 percent from 2011.

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Mar-11-13 8:55 PM

Ask GE CEO and Chief of Barry Obribery’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board Jeffrey Immelt why GE gets such favorable tax treatment. And why GE was so busy outsourcing American jobs at the same time Barry Obankrupter was so cozy with big campaign donor Jeffrey Immelt.

Just dirty business as usual for the crony capitalist Obama administration.

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