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Municipal Gun Laws Would Be Overruled

March 12, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — A nearly unanimous West Virginia House of Delegates on Monday approved a measure that would repeal a handful of municipal gun control ordinances, affirming the Legislature’s......

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Mar-12-13 3:36 PM

Clue really it does infringe upon ownership of property. I am thinking that trying to make a gun like a car and then has to be registered and transferred seems clever to you. But we are talking about small machines that sometimes change hands among family members, and why should all guns be on record with the government. Who does that benefit? Criminals are not going to do that are they? Just law abiding citizens. So you are proposing that a law be passed for law abiding citizens only. Got freedom much? And since you like the car analgoy, should we have mental health tests for plates? Cars kill an awful lot of people why do we let felons have them, or batterers? Cars are involved in many crimes, shouldn't we do away with that idea of private ownership of cars. Fascism is a slippery slope that liberals never seem to see before they slide down it. 150 million gun owners committed no crimes today...lets get those creeps?? You hate people who have guns regardless of crime dontcha?

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Mar-12-13 3:15 PM

"What it does do is make it criminal to transfer ownership of a weapon without the proper background checks and title transfer"

It's already illegal for a felon to purchase a weapon and a felony for an individual to purchase (straw puchase) the weapon for them. What more do you want? Instead of just making it illegal make it super duper illegal? Get a grip. Criminals disobey the law, the sooner you get that through your head, the sooner you will stop sounding like a lunatic.

P.S. The sole purpose of registration is for future confiscation. Period. So yes, this will eventually infringe on our rights.

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Mar-12-13 7:14 AM

Titling, registering, licensing of all fire arms does not INFRINGE ON YOUR OWNERSHIP RIGHTS. Unless you can't pass the background check.

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Mar-12-13 7:10 AM

ALL GUNS should be titled, registered, licensed just like automobiles. Any sale of any gun would have to be accompanied by a transfer of title and a new license of the weapon. This should be done for ALL guns. This in no way infringes on the Second Amendment. ANYONE CAUGHT WITH A NON TITLED WEAPON SHOULD RECEIVE A 20 YEAR PRISON TERM WITH NO EARLY RELEASE. My proposal does not INFRINGE on OWNERSHIP. It doesn't prevent or criminalize RESPONSIBLE LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS from owning as many weapons as they wish. What it does do is make it criminal to transfer ownership of a weapon without the proper background checks and title transfer. IT DOES NOT INFRINGE ON YOUR RIGHT TO OWNERSHIP OF WEAPONS.

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