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Insurers Warn of Obamacare-Induced Sticker Shock on Health Policy Prices

March 14, 2013

(AP) — Some Americans could see their insurance bills double next year as the health care overhaul law expands coverage to million....

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Mar-14-13 4:09 AM

it's very simple for me...if mine goes up over 50% in one yr..then I'll drop it...and no I will not pay a fine for not having it...

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Mar-14-13 6:10 AM

That's the problem with socialism. The working class has to pay for the crap bags to the point of bankruptcy. Communism follows. This is a sad state this country is in.

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Mar-14-13 8:25 AM

throw us all in prison.who's running this country?anybody?

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Mar-14-13 8:42 AM

What? No FREE lunch?

WaaaH! Say it isn't so, Barry!

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Mar-14-13 9:27 AM

Hurry up mid term elections, and put the clamps on this OC "MONSTER"

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Mar-14-13 11:28 AM

Interesting article. My insurance when down a couple of bucks, and I received a refund. My agent tells me that it will not increase.

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Mar-14-13 12:51 PM

again. No commerce condition or situation can exist without law-rule-regulating causing or permitting the practice. No law rule regulation can be enacted without the support, approval, passage by 555 elected or appointed political individuals authorized to legitimize. Don't blame your neighbor.

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Mar-14-13 2:26 PM

Here is another interesting article. read rest at CNS****

(CNSNews****) – The Obama administration is planning new cuts to Medicare, a federal regulatory filing reveals, cuts that could mean higher premiums or seniors losing their coverage altogether.

The new cuts come in the form of a planned reduction in the reimbursement rates the government pays to insurance companies that operate Medicare Advantage plans, which are services administered by private for-profit or non-profit providers that offer additional services than can be found in traditional Medicare.

Not looking good for the retired and those nearing retirement!

Who should we thank for this?????

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Mar-14-13 2:30 PM

Attention Seniors:

The Obama administration already plans to cut the Medicare Advantage program by $200 billion as part of Obamacare. However, the proposed reductions it announced in February are new, and will cut the program in addition to the planned $200 billion in Obamacare cuts, most of which are delayed in 2014.

The new cuts are also scheduled to go into effect in 2014, but as a function of the normal rate-setting process for that year, not a political effort to delay financial pain for seniors past an important election, as apparently was the case with the original Medicare cuts that Obama signed.

In its regulatory announcement, the CMS said it was assuming that

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Mar-14-13 5:17 PM

My premiums have gone up about 40%.

Anybody who says otherwise is likely a liar or insured with Hillbilly Mutual.

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Mar-14-13 7:51 PM

Everyone knows insurance companys are only interesred in their policy holders best interest. HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!

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Mar-15-13 4:31 AM

my insurance has went up about 10%in each of the last two yrs..same coverage. about the same as food and energy..but no inflation in the USA is there

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Mar-15-13 8:03 AM

Yeah oldcan you Moron, who WROTE Obamacare?

Lobbyists and lawyers for the INSURANCE COMPANIES and HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY!

Wish somebody would pass a law that the ENTIRE USA has to buy MY PRODUCTS or pay a fine and/or GO to JAIL!!!!!

Such a DEAL!!!!

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Mar-15-13 9:40 AM

Providing health insurance does nothing to change the paradigm. Providing access to quality care does.

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Mar-15-13 10:02 AM

Do Do, I didn't know Obama was an insurance man. What company did he work for?

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Mar-15-13 3:16 PM

Eventually, all insurance companies will go under because of the hugh premiums they will have to charge. The insured will not be able to afford to purchase their policies and forced to go to the state exchanges.

From there, the level of care and availability of doctors will decline and decline.

Then the death panels will begin to do their job.


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Mar-15-13 6:00 PM


"3/10/2010 Libertarian View

“Oooh snap! Looks like we’ve been right all along. All the big K Street money pumped into the House and Senate has been overwhelmingly one-sided in favor of Obama’s horrendous new healthcare legislation.

Go figure. According to a study released over the weekend by “The Center for Public Policy”, a non-partisan public interest think tank in Washington D.C., it is estimated that a record $120 million was spent lobbying for health reform. In addition to direct lobbying, some of the top firms also rewarded members of Congress with campaign contributions through political action committees and individual lobbyist donations.

The largest of these firms, Patton Boggs LLP, contributed more than $55,000 almost exclusively to Democrats. "

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