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Attacks On GOP Aren’t Helping

Obama warned to tone down rhetoric if he wants compromise

March 15, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Polite yet firm, Senate Republicans told President Barack Obama on Thursday to tone down his political attacks and prod Democrat allies to support controversial changes in Medicare......

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Mar-15-13 5:10 AM


Yeah, the muslim, socialist, communist, Kenyan President without a birth certificate should really be nicer to the far right extremists? NOT!

Give 'em*****Mr. President.

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Mar-15-13 7:49 AM

Obozo should go to Detroit and help the latest victim of democrat control and their spending.

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Mar-15-13 7:53 AM

Owebama be nice? WHY?

He has put a record 49 MILLION on Food Stamps, lost 8 million jobs in 4 years, 23 Million out of work, average family lost $4300 a year for the average family income, highest taxes on the rich in 20 years, highest black unemployment since the Great Depression, Biggest Tax increase in the History of the World, spent more money than any man in the history of the world.

Yet Sycophants like Greeceman still think it is La La land and it is all because of some president back in the day.

Maybe that is why job approval is down to 46%?

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Mar-15-13 9:03 AM

It's the spending....And Christie is a conservative???

"Gov. Chris Christie's administration this week released its plan for spending the first round of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development block grants: $1.83 billion. More than $800 million would go to homeowners to help them recover from Sandy's widespread devastation.

Eligible homeowners could get as much as $150,000 to elevate, repair or rebuild a primary residence."

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Mar-15-13 9:04 AM

I refuse to address this man as President. No President representing the welfare of this country would do to it what he has done over the last 4 years and continues to do. I believe his goal, "I think Fundamental Transformation" is how he puts it, is to bring this country to its knees as quickly as he can.

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Mar-15-13 9:45 AM

Obama was quoted as saying "It's like crossing from East Germany to West Germany" when leaving the House for the Senate. Well he should know since he built the wall.

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Mar-15-13 10:39 AM

Most have no understanding about this issue, at all. Most approach it from a political view, they hate Republicans and stick it to the rich guy. Who are the rich? Well Obama, John Kerry, the Clintons, and most others who are telling you they are sticking it to the rich guy. They aren't, its just a dog dumb chant. What happens in your house if you spend more money than you make? What happens if you use credit cards to pay off previous debt with more debt? Its that simple. Obama wants to increase revenue by taxing us all, and making you think its just rich people. Yea, lets hate people who make money and lets take it. But my taxes went up $1600 this year and I am not rich. And Obama always threatens social security, but last week he sent nearly $1 billion in our money to Libya and Egypt and neither country cares at all for us. Obama is part of the problem, being stupid makes us part of the problem too.

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Mar-15-13 11:28 AM

I have heard it said that A. Hitler was the greatest speaker to the masses since J.C. Now I think Obama is competing with both.

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Mar-15-13 11:28 AM

I have heard it said that A. Hitler was the greatest speaker to the masses since J.C. Now I think Obama is competing with both.

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Mar-15-13 12:24 PM

When will government understand the people want smaller and efficient government. Less taxes, less government spending, less pay to government employees that have better jobs and benefits than the private industry. Government must realized the well is going dry and SS is part of the well. Both parties do not understand the party is over and the taxpayer is going broke. I'm not a GOP guy but starting to believe the waste is killing the economy.

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Mar-15-13 12:29 PM

Waste is like the field of dreams instead of taking care of the roads and bridges. The needs and wants of the people are being ignored by the politicians who have too many dreams and not enough of the taxpayer’s money.

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Mar-15-13 1:21 PM

@Goosedroppings. You are a left wing lug nut lunatic.You deserve everything you get after he finishes screwing Americans? What country are you from? Seeing your asinine blogs makes me think you are from Obozo's home country of Kenya. By Golly, I bet you are related to him, neither one of you have an ounce of brains.

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Mar-15-13 8:22 PM

Whee Whee, what about the great comminicator Reagan. Are you aware Hitler was a right wing conservative.

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Mar-15-13 9:20 PM

oldman, nobody "comminicates" like you "comminicate." LOL

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Mar-16-13 6:41 AM

obywamma " why doesn't the GOP get it.After all I tell them every day that I'm their lord and will save them from themselves" "they better fall in line soon with me and bow down to me, or I'll just have to drone them" The great and powerful Obywamma..the great and powerful fearful leader, that cannot lead a thinking person across the street...

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Mar-16-13 8:02 AM

oldcan, are you aware Obama is a bigger fascist than Hitler?

What is the difference between GOD and Barack Obama?

GOD doesn't want to pretend he is Obama!!!

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Mar-16-13 8:25 AM

Nobody ignores the truth and hides from the facts like you right wing Faux Nooz viewers. Study some history and get your heads out of your arses.

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Mar-16-13 8:46 AM

Even the Gipper's values (from the grave) are an "ATTACK" on the uncompromising stance that is the GOP party:

Reagan tripled the National Debt..raised taxes 11 times..expanded size of the government..favored the Earned Income tax credit..negotiated with the mullahs of Iran..gave amnesty to all immigrants who came to the US prior to 1982..imposed tariffs and enforced protectionist trade barriers..signed Abortion rights intolaw in CA ..smacked down his own party's aids/gay scourge myths...negotiated with the Russians in attempt to eliminate nuclear weapons.

That GOPeer hero...St Ronnie the Gipper...he'd be merely a RINO in today's wacko Republican party.

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Mar-16-13 11:58 AM

Azzwhipes, Ronald Reagan LOWERED the top marginal tax rate from 70% to 28%. He plugged loopholes, raised some taxes mostly on corporations.

He plugged loopholes for write-offs on credit card interest, automobile loans, etc.

He RAISED taxes about $300 BILLION and LOWERED taxes about $357 for a NET of about $57 BILLION LOWER TAXES.

This brought about the Reagan Economic Recovery that lasted LONGER than any in peacetime history, from his administration through George HW Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and George W. Bush.

When he took office, only one in three fighter aircraft was flying, one in four tanks running thanks to the WASTED peace dividend of Saint James of Carter.

He brought down the Soviet Empire and created the "Star Wars" defense that is NOW known as the Missile Defense Shield which begot the Patriot Missile defense that Israel and Europe use to defend themselves.

"Star Wars" follow-ons will now protect the USA against North Korea.

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Mar-16-13 12:01 PM

It is HILARIOUS to watch ignorant low information high school dropout welfare queens PRAISE Barack Obama for EXTENDING the BUSH TAX cuts while he raised tax only $60Billion a year on the rich, which didn't amount to a pint of pizz.

Hey DUMPH**KS! $60 billion barely covers the PORK in the Hurrican Sandy relief Bill.

That TAX on the RICH was SPENT in the first TEN DAYS of January 2013.

Get a CLUE, Retards!

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Mar-16-13 5:00 PM

Gee, and I get constantly attacked on this far right extremist site for saying the same as its own party members do?

"Newt Gingrich had an interesting insight at CPAC this morning:

"It is sobering to me to be standing here, as a senior member of this party, telling you from 1976 to 2013 we have the dominant wing of this party, which has learned nothing and is as mired in the past and mired in stupidity as it was in 1976."

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Mar-16-13 6:34 PM

Greecerman, Newt Gingrich is part the PROBLEM with the GOP, not the Solution.

Rubio, Cruz, Jindall, Rand Paul are the new guard being back stabbed by the McCain Gingrich Graham and the good ol RINO boyz who look just like the Dummorats they claim to oppose.

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Mar-16-13 7:39 PM

"Rubio, Cruz, Jindall, Rand Paul are the new guard"...LOL

Bobby Jindal: GOP Should 'Stop Being The Stupid Party'

Shoulda, woulda, but they just can't.

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Mar-16-13 8:43 PM

Reagan sold weapons to Iran.

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Mar-16-13 9:05 PM

Gooseman, you Democrits realize you won the election, right? TWICE, right? So does the hope and change start anytime soon? The RECORD 47 MILLION Americans now on Obama Food Stamps are STILL waiting. The 22.4 MILLION Americans STILL jobless are STILL waiting.

I suppose changing the subject to an administration elected three decades ago makes you feel better about your last four years of abject failure to achieve the “hope and change” you promised. Maybe you could whine about Bush, too. At least that pathetic "but BUSH!" excuse isn't five administrations old. LOL

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