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Attacks On GOP Aren’t Helping

Obama warned to tone down rhetoric if he wants compromise

March 15, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Polite yet firm, Senate Republicans told President Barack Obama on Thursday to tone down his political attacks and prod Democrat allies to support controversial changes in Medicare......

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Mar-19-13 3:05 PM

@impact; increasingly, some of those on the winning side are starting to feel like losers.

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Mar-18-13 8:57 PM

Dazzle us with your rapier wit, Oldmanwedontgiveadam, site your Source!

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Mar-18-13 8:56 PM

Senate Democrats' budget plan is coming under increasing criticism from Republicans, who say it effectively pats itself on the back twice for savings that were only achieved once -- and even then, promises another $7.3 trillion in debt over the next decade.

Last week's announcements were complemented by a fast-paced round of partisan crossfire. Republicans accused Democrats of ignoring the national debt. Democrats accused Republicans of wanting to gut entitlements to preserve tax rates for top earners.

The Democrats' plan would replace the sequester and build on that savings for a total of $975 billion in alternative cuts and $975 billion in tax hikes over 10 years. But, as Democratic staffers acknowledged during committee testimony last week, their plan also counts the replacement cuts toward their total deficit-reduction figure.

"I believe you're using the money twice," Sessions said, arguing that the true savings is more like $700 billion.

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Mar-18-13 8:53 PM

Idiot, MY NUMBERS are from the US TREASURY dot com.

UR an astronomer, your number are from Uranus.

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Mar-18-13 8:35 PM

Do Do, My numbers are correct. Yours are fascist propaganda. Get some legitimate sources. You won't get them from faux News.

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Mar-18-13 5:44 PM

oldcan, here are the DEFICITS for the last 3 Clinton Years from the Tresury dot gov:

1999 -$130.08 Billion

2000 -$17.91 Billion

2001 -$133.29 Billion

Please show us where the myth of the Clinton Surplus every existed???

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Mar-18-13 11:06 AM

impacted, ask your kids if they see anything vulgar in those comments. Oh, never mind. You raised them, so I’m certain they wouldn’t see it either. Sad, but Darwin was right. LOL

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Mar-18-13 11:05 AM

Two takeaways from this meeting: 1. That it is news at all is proof of the rarity of the event; and 2. That Obama will do anything to raise taxes, since that will be his only demand. Just watch.

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Mar-18-13 11:04 AM

oldmansvan “Theres no magic switch to turn it off.”

Actually, there IS a “magic switch” to turn it off. It’s called a FEDERAL BUDGET. Something the Congress and the President are required by law to pass every year, but which Barry Obudgetless and his Democrit Senate and Democrit House never bothered to do for Barry Ofailure’s first two years in office, and which the Republican Senate has passed 28 times in the last two years they’ve been in office but which the Democrit Senate has FAILED to even bring up for debate in the last two years.

I smell FAILURE and it smells like Democrits, Democrits, and more Democrits. No “magic switch”... Too funny.

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Mar-18-13 9:33 AM

Ifv you see anything vulgar or offensive in those comments trollsucker, then you have a vivid imagination and a dirty mind.

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Mar-18-13 8:23 AM

Troll, the Buuuush deficit spending amounted to 1565 billion still in place when thankfully he left office. Theres no magic switch to turn it off. The Country will be many years recovering from the Buuuush disaster.

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Mar-17-13 10:32 PM

From “McKinley: Sequester Could Affect Boy Scouts”, March 15, 2013: impact “Did Trollsucker ...”

From “Unity Found In Gun Debate”, March 12, 2013 impacted “It's true, isn't it Trollsucker?

From “Manchin Pushing For Gun Checks,” March 6, 2013 “Bloomin, that guy sounds like the sort of person that Wrat, Trollsucker,...”

Yeah, they get vulgar, “offensssssive,” and shrill, alright. Better join your 8 year old in the corner, impacted. LOL

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Mar-17-13 11:50 AM

Goose, RockE, oldmansvan...have you noticed that as time goes by, the LOSERS on the right become louder, and more vulgar, offenssive and shrill? Really wrat, "retard". I'd stand my eight year old in the corner for an hour for using that term. Have you ever been mistaken for a humsn being?

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Mar-17-13 10:37 AM

Hey oldman, Bush hasn’t signed a Federal Budget bill in five years. Maybe you weren’t paying attention. LOL

Hey, what do you know? Obama hasn’t signed a Federal Budget bill in five years, either. Pathetic leadership, Mr. Debtor in Chief.

And if you’ll check the US Treasury numbers for yourself, instead of faithfully imbibing the liberal Kool-Aid, you’ll see Clinton never ran a surplus. Here's a link to the US Treasury website that proves it. If you can’t subtract the numbers, ask a second grader for help.

w ww.treasurydirect.g ov/govt/reports/pd/histdebt/histdebt.htm

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Mar-17-13 10:05 AM

Troll, I know you need help with the answer to my question because you can't handle the truth. The big spender and driver of the debt is your man Buuuuuuuush. Everyone knows this is a fact. Ooops you can't handle the facts can you.

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Mar-17-13 9:59 AM

Troll. Jan. 2001 U.S, govt. had 265 billion surplus: Jan. 2009 U. S. govt. had 1,300 billion deficit. who spent our children into debt?

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Mar-17-13 8:48 AM

Reagan AGAIN? Seriously? Hey Gooselooser, Your Vacationer in Chief Barry Obribery is spending our children’s future away at $3 BILLION a day. In the words of pre-election Benghazi Oflipflopper “It’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.” And you think passing that TWO TERM OLD Obama-buck to a President from FIVE ADMINISTRATIONS AGO gets the Debtor in Chief off the hook for the largest increase in the National Debt EVER? $6 TRILLION in Obamadebt in one Obama term? Own it, Choomer.

Elections have consequences. Remember? In your sorry case, the consequences are when you win, especially when you win TWICE, you eventually become unmistakably responsible for the mess you’re making of the country. Man up, Barry Obuckpasser. Where’s the BUGDET, Budgetless Barry Obankrupter? Five years without a budget is beyond pathetic, Democrits. Do your job for a change, and stop spending your children’s future away.

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Mar-17-13 7:52 AM

So much lunacy at CPAC, conservative brewhaha. Best they can do is Palin, Santorum, Bachman and Cruz?

"Sen Cruz is a liar. At CPAC he talked about how Reagan "reduced the debt". That's a flat out, bald faced lie.

At the end of 1981 (three months into Reagan's first budget year (Fiscal Year 1982), our gross National Debt ("Debt Held by the Public" plus "Intragovernmental Debt") was $995 billion, or 32.5% of that years GDP. Eight years later (three months after Reagan's last budget ended) the ND was $2.87 trillion, or 53.1% of GDP.

That's an increase of 188% in (nominal) dollars, and over 63% as a % of GDP!

And yet, in the fantasy world where Ted Cruz and most "conservatives" live, Reagan "reduced the debt".

If that doesn't encapsulate what is wrong with "conservatives" today, I don't know what does....." And then Palin went on to praise Cruz and take a big gulp...

What planet are these people from?

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Mar-17-13 7:39 AM

Well, I think 'nuff said.

If you read the whiny posts of daRAT,Triton, LogHog and ThrillSlober it really isnt that hard to see why the Republicans call themselves the stupid party.

Why, yes, everything wrong with America started with Obama according to them. Never once take any responsibility for any issue that has soured this great country.

Hey ChippawaProud, maybe you didnt hear, Obama was not born in Kenya. And you called me "assine" and a "lunatic"? LOL

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Mar-17-13 6:03 AM

obywamma is the Lefts God...they have taken God out of public life and replaced him with the mass killing of innocents while saying they want to take guns away from law abiding citizens they say to protect the same little innocent children's lives that they will gladly kill before they are old enough to go to school.The left has turned the cross upside down with their "Liberal Agenda" and along with it are disregarding the US Constitution all together."the Constitution was written for a moral people"..they keep the shooting war going on and on like LBJ did, killing millions of innocent women and children to line the pockets of their biggest supporters the military industry, while claiming they are for peace and for cutting back on military spending, when the cuts are for the men and women in unifroms pay and benifits...Detroit a mirrow of what all of USA will look like if the liberals get all they want

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Mar-16-13 9:05 PM

Gooseman, you Democrits realize you won the election, right? TWICE, right? So does the hope and change start anytime soon? The RECORD 47 MILLION Americans now on Obama Food Stamps are STILL waiting. The 22.4 MILLION Americans STILL jobless are STILL waiting.

I suppose changing the subject to an administration elected three decades ago makes you feel better about your last four years of abject failure to achieve the “hope and change” you promised. Maybe you could whine about Bush, too. At least that pathetic "but BUSH!" excuse isn't five administrations old. LOL

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Mar-16-13 8:43 PM

Reagan sold weapons to Iran.

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Mar-16-13 7:39 PM

"Rubio, Cruz, Jindall, Rand Paul are the new guard"...LOL

Bobby Jindal: GOP Should 'Stop Being The Stupid Party'

Shoulda, woulda, but they just can't.

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Mar-16-13 6:34 PM

Greecerman, Newt Gingrich is part the PROBLEM with the GOP, not the Solution.

Rubio, Cruz, Jindall, Rand Paul are the new guard being back stabbed by the McCain Gingrich Graham and the good ol RINO boyz who look just like the Dummorats they claim to oppose.

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Mar-16-13 5:00 PM

Gee, and I get constantly attacked on this far right extremist site for saying the same as its own party members do?

"Newt Gingrich had an interesting insight at CPAC this morning:

"It is sobering to me to be standing here, as a senior member of this party, telling you from 1976 to 2013 we have the dominant wing of this party, which has learned nothing and is as mired in the past and mired in stupidity as it was in 1976."

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