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OSU Research Promising For Future of Coal

March 17, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A “dramatically different” energy generating process developed at Ohio State University could keep Ohio Valley residents working in local coal mines for generations to come....

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Mar-18-13 6:30 AM

Clueless, tell us, oh mental pillar of the OV, when exactly was CAP and TRADE Passed into LAW_________________??

Feel free to use your life line.

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Mar-18-13 4:57 AM

Cyprus is being forced to take about 10% from the saving accounts of its banks to give to the Euro or be forced into is not an income tax just a taking of ones money from the accounts...supposed to make the banks some point this can happen here in USA..lke FDR did in the 30s when they called in the money(gold) people lost 40% of their buying they may just change to a different script and you will have a set time to trade your old script in for it...anyones guess as to when and how much the devaluation of the currentcy will be..40-50% ?

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Mar-18-13 12:37 AM

you can get the same results by counting backwards from 16 while running four stters down a one way street .

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Mar-18-13 12:34 AM

see where Cyprus Greece wants to tax all bank accounts to help bailout their government mess. They want to tax 6.7% all accts up to $131k and 9.9% all over. Think global ?

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Mar-17-13 9:34 PM

Clueless this was developed on only $5 million worth of R&D while Obama has blown $12 BILLION in Green Bull***t like Solyndra.

Ohio State Rules, Obama Administration Drools.

Private industry would develop the solutions REGARDLESS if they make ECONOMIC Sense.

That is what you mental midgets without a clue cannot comprehend.

Fracking was invented in 1949 by Halliburton without a penny from the US Government. The FREE MARKET PROFIT SYSTEM is the incentive, not a bunch of MORONS in government.

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Mar-17-13 1:56 PM

Just think if we use all the time and energy in sports and put that time and energy to work in solving problems in lifes problems how our standard of living would be equal to no other country in the world.

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Mar-17-13 9:41 AM

Sounds promising enough to merit further r & d.

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Mar-17-13 9:38 AM

And, too, since the editor of this rag is still ga-ga over Shale Gas, he should know that numerous technologies have been developed that can convert Carbon Dioxide, as captured in this article by Ohio State, into Methane. The 1912, yes, 1912, Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for one of them. But, for something more current, see: "United States Patent 7,807,427 - Methods and Compositions for Production of Methane Gas; 2010; Assignee: The Regents of the University of California; Abstract: The present invention provides methods and compositions for sustained methane production from atmospheric CO2 and solar energy from the sun". We're just not being told the full truth of things by our public press.

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Mar-17-13 9:23 AM

And, actually, OSU and Professor Fan have devised other CO2-capture systems, different from the one described in the article, which might be more economical, and better-suited for retrofitting existing Coal-fired power plants. See, for instance: "US Patent 8,226,917 - Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Gas Mixtures by Calcium Based Reaction Separation; 2012; Inventor: Liang-Shih Fan; Abstract: A reaction-based process has been developed for the selective removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from a multicomponent gas mixture... . The proposed process effects the separation of CO2 from a mixture of gases (such as flue gas/fuel gas) by its reaction with metal oxides (such as calcium oxide)." It takes less energy, too, to separate the absorbed CO2 from the resulting calcium carbonate, so that the calcium oxide can be regenerated, and you still get pure CO2 for use in "chemical synthesis".

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Mar-17-13 9:10 AM

But, regarding our immediately prior post, the article states: "Since 99 percent of the carbon dioxide produced can be captured, Fan said it can be used for multiple purposes, including ... chemical synthesis." We submit that one "chemical synthesis" the CO2 could be used in was described by the United States Navy back in 2008, in: "United States Patent 7,420,004 - Producing Synthetic Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels; 2008; Assignee: The USA, as represented by the Secretary of the Navy; Abstract: A process for producing synthetic hydrocarbons that reacts carbon dioxide, obtained from seawater or air, and hydrogen obtained from water, with a catalyst in a chemical process such as reverse water gas shift combined with Fischer Tropsch synthesis".

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Mar-17-13 9:07 AM

daWeeb... Without CAP AND TRADE this technology would never have been explored or developed. NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION.

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Mar-17-13 9:01 AM

Regarding our post below, however, one thing this article doesn't mention is that Fan's process is actually designed and intended so that it can be coupled with a liquid hydrocarbon fuel synthesis process, so that we can make, basically, gasoline and diesel out of coal in a way that's coupled with power generation and CO2 capture. See, out of Professor Fan's dozens of publications: "US Patent Application 20120159841-Synthetic Fuels and Chemicals Production with In-Situ CO2 Capture; June, 2012; Novel redox based systems for fuel and chemical production with in-situ CO2 capture are provided. A redox system using one or more chemical intermediates is utilized in conjunction with liquid fuel generation via indirect Fischer-Tropsch synthesis". A "redox based system" is what is being described in this News-Register/Intelligencer article.

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Mar-17-13 8:49 AM

Here is one key quote: ""it means little to the average consumer at the present," Fan said. "However, in the long term, the development of such a system would benefit the consumer greatly in the cost of electricity under a carbon-constrained economy, i.e., carbon cap and trade"". And, what he means is that no one could afford to do this unless the government steps in and taxes Coal-based electricity through the roof. And, existing power plants can't be refitted with this system. This is only for new construction. Your precious Shale Gas isn't the answer either. On a per-Btu basis, it still generates at least two-thirds the amount of CO2 as does Coal. It, too, will be subject to "carbon cap and trade" taxes.

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Mar-17-13 8:45 AM

American Ingenuity at work solving energy problems. They say this process may coal the cleanest form of energy available.


In the mean team Obama throws BILLIONS of tax dollars at PROVEN LOSERS like solar energy and wind turbines.

Lets see how long it takes the EPA to declare this NEW energy process illegal.

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