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DeWine Targets Those Who Refused to Help

March 18, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said 16 individuals refused to cooperate with his office over the past several months as it investigated the Steubenville rape cas....

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Mar-19-13 2:55 PM

"Truth crushed to earth, shall rise again"

(William Cullen Bryant)

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Mar-19-13 1:19 PM

Would hope that prosecutor evaluates all cases carefully and on their merit without personal bias. When they dont, and if they should prosecute maliciously, or ignore serious criminal behavoir-they are fully immune from any punishment. The only punishment is NOT voting them back in. I think Oh. Co. has a decent prosecutor, but he only oversee's assistants and cant view everything personally. This Ohio prosecutor was insane to not move forward. Dont know why he discouraged parents. He may have thought it was not a good idea to put girl through-but that was not his call. I have heard this on this side of the river, prosecuting will further victimize victim so we wont push forward. That is wrong-should be up to victim. I hope Fitzsimmons sues every homeowner, coach, teacher, etc that had involvement. Advising minors on how to cover a crime is criminal. Not enough money to make her forget.

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Mar-19-13 1:09 PM

Seems common sense is used to sparingly. Even so, when the police take a report, the prosecutor ultimately decides if the crime will be prosecuted. I have repeatedly heard cops here say that they arrest and write the report, but the prosecutor does not pursue charges. I am not saying police are right. Maybe charges wont stick or prosecutor has valid reason-not in this case. I know this has made cops angry with prosecutor. Other times, cops arrest, and prosecutor will knowingly back up bs charges to not tick cops off. Cops have partial immunity under law-and should have-due to human error. If they are following policy and using good judgement and reasonable force, they are not held accountable (say for arresting wrong person) if it was not done maliciously. Prosecutor has full immunity. If he believes someone is guilty and prosecutes and person is sent to prison for life, then we find out state employee switched DNA evidence, prosecutor is never liable. cont.

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Mar-19-13 1:42 AM

Prosecutors cannot be charged-ever. They have some sort of full immunity for their errors, just as police officers have a partial immunity. You cannot sue the prosecutor-ever-is what I have been told. But the rest of those involved, they are all responsible. There are plenty of "respectable" wheeling parents that regularly allow these parties. It is a disaster waiting to happen. Kids do not need another friend, they need parents with common sense.

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Mar-18-13 5:35 PM

Many people seem unaware that knowledge of a crime legally requires a person to report it to authorities. Not to do so makes you an an accomplice after the fact and liable to prosecution. In this particular case teachers and coaches would be particularly liable. This case could get very ugly for a number of people. The prosecutor is to be commended for his determination to pursue it.

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Mar-18-13 9:19 AM

Thank you OhValleyGuy. You saved me a comment.

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Mar-18-13 9:00 AM

thanks clue,i didn't know that.well he has nothing to worry about least he won't starve.

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Mar-18-13 8:27 AM

mikeyd..... Reno is retired from teaching and is already collecting his pension.

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Mar-18-13 8:02 AM

The entire chain of events that transpired in this case is beyond sad and incomprehensible. Lets hope that the grand jury will get things right and hold those who withheld important information accountable for their actions.

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Mar-18-13 7:39 AM

i can see coach sukka retiring before he gets fired and loses his pension.he was one that refused to help.

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Mar-18-13 7:35 AM

I hope Reno is on the top of that list. He needs not to be around young children for his lack of actions and joking about it. Believe it or not, football (or any sport) is not the most important thing in life.

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Mar-18-13 7:23 AM

Wvcoffee.... I know, I just agreed with Dawraith!!!! OH God I think I just threw up in my throat a little bit. LOL

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Mar-18-13 7:06 AM

Finally, something we all agree on...

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Mar-18-13 6:28 AM

Ditto OVGuy.

Easy "Subornation of Perjury" charges against the Coach and other adults who tampered with the witness.

Go for it!There are LAWS against this, not just opinions.

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Mar-18-13 3:21 AM

ohiovalleygirl-agree, agree, agree. Do not let this be over. The adults particularly need to know that this is not ok. Send the message through indictiments please. Do not let this crime be repeated-send a message.

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Mar-18-13 3:16 AM

Please, Mr. DeWine, charge the adults! ***********change****/petitions/attorney-general-of-ohio-charge-the-homeowners-that-hosted-the-parties-in-the-stuebenville-rape-case?utm_campaign=share_button_action_box&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

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Mar-18-13 2:55 AM

I agree OhValleyGuy. You are correct. At least a couple adults had knowledge of this or facilitated in some manner.

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Mar-18-13 1:49 AM

Charges should be brought against the parents who hosted these parties, the adults who furnished alcohol, the prosecutor who supposedly discouraged the victim and her family from filing charges (said prosecutor had ties to the Big Red football team), the football coach who allegedly laughed the crime off and encouraged students to delete photos and videos from their phones, thus destroying evidence, and any other minors who were involved or took part in the crime.

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