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Victim Relieved After Verdict

March 18, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — A 16-year-old Weirton girl is relieved following Sunday’s guilty verdicts against Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond, the two teens who raped her last August, related the girl’s attorney,......

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Mar-21-13 10:30 AM

bloomin..i think hefner may be related to one of them. he took off didn't he? shows what kind of blood line lies within him.

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Mar-19-13 1:32 AM

Date rape has been discussed for years and in schools with guidance counselors. These boys knew exactly what they were doing, knew that it was wrong, and did it anyway.

Look around our community. A state cop told me that he could not find a dozen people within a block radius that were not on pain meds, alcohol, or illegal drugs. (was referring to specific area). Parents ears are glued to their IPHONE, just like the kids. We have been accepting this behavior. Boys do not treat girls with respect and the girls do not expect it often. This behavior/attitude is learned and this case is not that unique. Happens too frequently. Hope the message is received.

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Mar-19-13 1:25 AM

Whining crap and bull pies. If you think so, why are you following the story-feel free to move on to something you think is important. I agree with you newgirl. Anybody notice that the rapist apologized and sobbed to the girls mother, no mention of apologizing to the girl. The guilty kids should carry this throughout their lives. Kids do need to learn that the decisions they make in their teens can impact the rest of their lives. Good parenting starts early. The kids are magnets to homes where parents are not available and they have freedom. Parents do not check it out by talking to the parents where their kid is supposedly staying with. Parents are very lax in general about this stuff. I think many are burned out by the time kids reach teens. MOST kids are telling their parents, everyone is is doing this or that. In my day, parents didnt care what other parents allowed, now days they do not want to stand alone so they go along with their kids begging and demands.

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Mar-18-13 6:44 PM

This poor girl, NOONE EVER EVER deserves to be RAPED, FONDLED, TOUCHED or DISRESPECTED, or woman. Drunk, sober or in between- it doesn't matter. This is a tragedy! The parents, of all of these kids need to be held accountable. Your child your responsibility ~ you don't let them go out until the next day at 16 without checking in regularly,.. football player, cheerleader, nerd, band-geek, or wall flower ~ keep tabs on your kids. EVERY ADULT dropped the ball on this one. The children don't have the maturity and ability to think things through -- their parents have no excuse, other than poor parenting. None of these kids will EVER have a normal life after this horrible situation. Therapy, time and all the money in the world can't fix this, it is such an awful thing to have happened.

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Mar-18-13 9:17 AM

And all the bravado here is just bull pies.

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Mar-18-13 9:16 AM

This is unfortunate...all involved have suffered. The guilty kids will carry this burden the rest of their lives, as well as the victim...and the families. Pray for peace, healing, and better judgment.

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Mar-18-13 9:16 AM

What a bunch of whining crap. The whole lot, including the attorney's, should be tried for creating a public nuisance. Trash beats trash.

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Mar-18-13 7:30 AM

clue,if it was my daughter i'd have gone off also.that's what someone needs to get out there to these boys.there not invincible no matter what their parents and coaches teach them.

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Mar-18-13 7:04 AM

They got a SLAP ON THE WRIST, Only one year and credit for time served. These RAPISTS are so lucky it was not my daughter, IT WOULD HAVE NEVER MADE IT TO TRIAL! I would have been JUDGE, JURY, AND EXECUTIONER!!!

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Mar-18-13 3:27 AM

Duh, I thought Fitzsimmons, for once in his life, was doing something altruistic. How stupid was that. Gotta be for fame or money, because Bobby wouldnt pee on his own sister if her butt was on fire-unless, there was a story of success for him. Well, good luck. Im just glad justice was served, and of course whoever they sue, its a hands down case. I heard thats the way he likes them.

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Mar-18-13 2:36 AM

It seems that the Steubenville Court and jury got it right...Hope those guilty really learn life's lesson from this...

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