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Court Delivers Ultimatum to Bellaire Bridge Owners

Secure bond to demolish span by June 20 or pay $1,000 per day, judge says

March 20, 2013

BENWOOD - The U.S....

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Mar-20-13 11:52 PM

The judge is going after the wrong party. The bridge would have been gone a long time ago if it wasn't for benwoods silly policies

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Mar-20-13 11:48 PM

The judge is going after the wrong party. The bridge would have been gone a long time ago if it wasn't for ben woods silly policies.

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Mar-20-13 8:52 PM

Wasn't the issue all along that Benwood was not only demanding that a bond was obtained, but that Benwood got to hold on to the money? I don't think that town returns money to anybody under any circumstances, and I would not want to be subject to that either.

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Mar-20-13 8:42 PM

Who has more power in a town, the mayor or the man who can point a gun at the mayor?

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Mar-20-13 7:17 PM

Maybe some dirty little secrets will come out when they explain this town has a police chief that is trying to shake down those who are willing and able to demolish the bridge.

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Mar-20-13 5:27 PM

The Ohio River is the WV border with OH. WV 'owns' the river and thus is responsible for building and maintaining bridges crossing the Ohio River. Granted the Bellaire Bridge is an exception as it is 'privately owned'. However, I would assume construction permits, inspections, etc still are under the purview of WV.

Whew! That being the case...why, why is an Ohio Court dropping the bomb on this shady outfit that now owns the bridge? Shouldn't it be a WV Court?

Finally, why is this guy 'Frankie' always in every article and issue about Benwood. I thought he was a cop, not the mayor.

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Mar-20-13 4:04 PM

Thank you Judge Whoever. This should have been ordered years ago.

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Mar-20-13 3:38 PM

There is something amiss here and more spoons in the soup than is being made public. Belliare should be torn down along with the bridge

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Mar-20-13 3:37 PM

Where does the $1000 a day fine go? In Longwell's account?

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Mar-20-13 3:17 PM

A sad day for those communities who once had an economy that they could depend on, better than average leadership in their village councils and county commissioners. In my younger days I can remember crossing this bridge in my Dad's Desoto, taking my Warwood based grandmother on a scenic, Sunday afternoon ride. Long ago and back in those days, the valley seemed very wide, that bridge very impressive and the Ohio River very deep and not something to take for granted--well the later is still the case but after living so many decades in the West, in the Pacific Northwest and now, so much older, some of the local problems still remain but my perception of what was once large--to changed by the landscape that I see and use everyday.

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Mar-20-13 1:53 PM


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Mar-20-13 1:38 PM

Did they also issue an ultimatum to Frank Longwell and the City of Benwood - to stop throwing up road blocks at every possible opportunity and to get out of the way and allow this bridge to be taken down?

I agree with someone else who posted in the past...The bridge company should take down the bridge itself, then allow Benwood to deal wtih the ramp and the metalwork that hangs over their city if they continue to obstruct this company from taking the thing down. You'd think that, after decades of complaining, Benwood would be thrilled to have someone willing and able to take it down and eliminate this deteriorating structure that's a safety risk to buildings and people in their city!

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