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Scout Leaders Polled On Future Direction

Local officials asked whether to include homosexuals in ranks

March 22, 2013

WHEELING — In less than two weeks, Ohio River Valley Scout Executive Robert Drury will submit a recommendation to the Boy Scouts of America National Office as to whether the group should change its......

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Mar-26-13 8:52 AM

so the leaders are getting polled instead of the boys.

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Mar-22-13 6:39 PM

The scouts have AWAYS been a CHRISTIAN based organization so until and unless the BIBLE is re-written to approve of homosexuality, they have no reason to change policy!

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Mar-22-13 5:48 PM

@ Troll - I can't argue with that one.. You mean you don't trust everything our military's leaders tell congress and everything that's reported (sarcasm in my voice, as I'm not debating your point at all).

I guess my point is that, regardless of what your religious views are, I think it'd be difficult to find proof of many cases where allowing gays or lesbians into most organizations or the military, etc. had any marked detrimental effect. I also don't think it'd be possible (haven't looked myself) to find any unbiased or independent study that shows that gays are more likely to take advantage of children vs. the straight people that take advantage of kids as evidenced by criminal cases and news reports.

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Mar-22-13 5:22 PM

BPT4LIFE “They've had the chiefs of all 5 branches sitting before congress to testify.”

You realize those chiefs retain their jobs when things run smoothly in their services. Is it any surprise when they report things are running smoothly? Ask the troops in the trenches how things are going to get the real answer.

Yes, I know your cousin has a friend in the Navy and he says things are fine. A larger sample size might be warranted before you draw your conclusion.

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Mar-22-13 5:17 PM

@ Hefner, quite the contrary. They've had the chiefs of all 5 branches sitting before congress to testify. (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) and I watched the proceedings myself and also read news articles about this. Even guys like the head of the Marines who initially cautioned against reversing the policy that banned gays from the military said that they'd experienced no problems and no increase in things like sexual harassment case after the ban was lifted. People get the strange idea that, once they allow gays into an organization, flirting and homosexual activity will run rampant. Not the case. Heterosexual men and women work side by side in schools, offices, churches, etc. every day and they're not all over each other. It's no different with gays.

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Mar-22-13 5:17 PM

Maddie “All of God's children CAN live side by side.”

Even the thieves, pedophiles, and Democrats. We’re all the way God made us, after all, so there’s no reason to expect any different. In the words of one sage, "Can we all get along?"

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Mar-22-13 3:31 PM

Bpt4life: you don't know what the problems of gays in the military have caused or will cause. Continue to ride the bandwagon of moral decay in our country and see what happens. You have heard of Rome haven't you?

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Mar-22-13 3:20 PM

All of God's children CAN live side by side.

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Mar-22-13 1:46 PM

In my opinion there are 2 ways to view this topic:

1) BSA is a private organization, they've been around forever and no one should force them legally to accept anyone they don't wish to. Troops are sponsored and meet in many churches, the churches should't be forced to change their views or look the other way.

2) My guess is that, if this rule within the BSA were to change and they'd allow homosexuals to lead and join the Boy Scouts, you'd see few problems as a result. After all, what were the earth shaking results after they allowed gays in the military? None. What horrible things occurred once they allowed gays to marry, adopt and live as any heterosexual couple? None. Gay men are no more likely to molest children than the scores of straight men who have. Catholics stand against homosexuality, yet numbers of priest worldwide have molested kids, mostly boys. Hypocritical much?

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Mar-22-13 10:56 AM

Matters not what a politician says nor does it matter what the boys scouts do. Neither speaks for the Almighty.

The Word of God sends a warning concerning all sin, and especially homosexual behavior.

The Word of God, like the Almighty, never ever changes. He is still the same today, yesterday, and forever.

Just because people appear to be getting away with rebellious behavior doesn't mean there isn't a judgement at the end of the road.

The boy scouts would be wise to reject the pressures from the powers of darkness.

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Mar-22-13 10:42 AM

One thing’s for sure. If they change the policy it will redefine the term “tentmate.”

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Mar-22-13 10:29 AM

How much influence should homosexual men have over young boys? None! Because our politician's want to court the homosexuals and other misfits of our society for their votes, should we sacrifice our children to further debase our already crumbling God given moral standards? Absolutely not!

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Mar-22-13 9:28 AM

I understand the proposed reform to the Scouting charter re: sexual orientation is as follows: Each unit has been required to have a sponsor like the Lutheran or Episcopal churchs. It would their determination that would dictate whether their unit would allow gay adult leaders or openly gay scouts.

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Mar-22-13 9:08 AM

Why not ask parents whether they want men who identify themselves by their deviant sexual behavior to have unfettered access to their young boys.

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Mar-22-13 7:53 AM

Or we could just respect the rights, opinions and free speech of a private organization. If someone disagrees, don't join! Thats your freedom of choice.

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Mar-22-13 7:10 AM

The issue that everyone is dancing around, even the good reverend interviewed in the article, is the notion that homosexuality is not acceptable to religion. BSA is not a strict religious organization per se, but it has always had religion overtones throughout its mission. “To do my duty to God” is only part of the BS oath, another part is “is to be morally straight”. The Scout Law mentions being “reverent toward God”.

What we are talking about is a moral standard of leadership for boys. Either BSA will need to remove any mention of God in it’s philosophy, which goes against its entire history, or religion needs to change its view on homosexuality.

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