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Vaccine Bill At Standstill

March 23, 2013

CHARLESTON — A bill that would take the authority to grant medical exemptions for school-required vaccinations out of the hands of county health officers and put it back into the hands of the......

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Mar-23-13 6:00 PM

"Mountaineers are always free" -- unless you have a child with a need for a vaccine medical exemption... then you have to ask your doc to request one from a non-medical state employee who will decide if it's justified. Seriously,if every other state in the union agrees that a child's physician should be the authority on this,why is one (1!) politician able to hold up a bill that would put the authority back into the hands of medical professionals and out of the hands of non-medically trained state and county employees who shouldn't have had it in the first place?? Not only that, what happened to parental rights?? If I have decided not to vaccinate my child, for whatever reason, then I'm responsible for my child. If the state requires me to vaccinate and my child is injured or dies, are they willing to be held liable? C'mon Don Perdue, it's time to admit that DHHR overstepped their bounds and support this bill.

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Mar-23-13 5:43 PM

Nearly every other state (if not ALL others) in this country allows for the treating physician to give valid, acceptable medical exemptions. What, exactly, is WV trying to do here? What do the bureaucrats at DHHR know that no other state health department knows? Truly, this is an overreach of authority, and frankly, a huge waste of time for our legislators and a huge waste of money for taxpayers. Geez, WV...can you show a little faith and trust in your citizens and their physicians?!! If not, how about a little liberty then?! And don't tell us to just homeschool...there are no exemptions specifically spelled out for that, either, and homeschooled kids can still play on sports teams, use the public school resources, play with kids in church, etc. And most of the adults around public school kids most likely need boosters anyway, so 100% vaccine-given immunity is a myth. Are parents required to get boosters, too?

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Mar-23-13 5:31 PM

There are children that were kicked out of school right before Christmas because DHHR revoked their medical exemptions. Medical exemptions for life-threatening allergies. One of those children is now homeschooled. Another went through extensive allergy testing on the specific vaccine and was found that yes, the vaccine could be lethal. This child was granted a TEMPORARY exemption and must now have this testing done yearly to remain in school.

If vaccines work like they are supposed to, Beaver, and nearly everyone in school is vaccinated (that would have to include all school staff, custodians, delivery people, parents who come in to the school, etc), how is a very small percentage of non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated children going to be a danger? If the vaccines WORK, then there should be no fear of those who are too sick to receive them. Vaccine are MEANT to be given to the "herd" to protect those who are weaker. When did things get so twisted that those weaker are n

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Mar-23-13 3:39 PM

DHHR is now making medical decisions for children? Will they also assume liability when a child has a vaccine reaction after the doctor-recommended exemption was denied?

This slippery-slope thinking opens the doors to all kinds of parental rights being usurped. If WV wants to continue down this path, my family will move to a more parent-friendly state, and put the "Always Free" state behind us.

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Mar-23-13 1:26 PM

Great article Betsy! Its sad that 1 person can make a decision that effects thousand of our WV children. 49 states allow their childs Dr's to write medical exemptions. Our state only lets us request them. That should never happen. When you have a DHHR Dr. that says "Dr's dont write medical exemptions, they REQUEST them" You know there needs to be a change. He needs to be knocked down a few notches.

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Mar-23-13 1:23 PM

Beaver, Lets say one of your children or grandchildren get a vaccine. The have a severe allergic reaction and you and their Dr. decide that they shouldn't have that vaccine or any other with that component in it. Your Dr, who has your child's best interest in mind, writes a medical exemption. A part time Dr. at DHHR that has never met your child decided that its not a good enough reason and denies it. Do you quit your job and homeschool? or do your risk your childs life for the 'greater good'? Not all kids can get vaccines. Medical exemptions should be btw the CHILDS DOCTOR and the Childs Parent. NOT a DHHR Dr. with something to prove that has never met your child.

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Mar-23-13 12:55 PM

Beaver, did you READ the article? It's about a MEDICAL vaccine exemption. So children with allergies to components of the vaccine shouldn't be allowed to go to school? That is absurd. The government should not interfere with the doctor/patient relationship.

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Mar-23-13 11:33 AM

Parents have the absolute right NOT to vaccinate their children. Just keep them at home and school them there. You cannot have it both ways.

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Mar-23-13 7:53 AM

how about an alcohol vaccine?

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Mar-23-13 2:07 AM

Don Perdue has degrees in Pharmacy and in Chemistry. Seems he would have a vested interest in ensuring that as much vaccine as possible gets used. Not surprising that he is the only one holding up progress.

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