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Marshall BOE To Spend $5 Million

Levy Funds Go To Pay Raises, Repairs

March 24, 2013

MOUNDSVILLE — Pay raises, school repairs and restoring federal cuts to local education programs are among the items Marshall County Schools Superintendent Fred Renzella said the district will fund......

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Mar-26-13 8:43 AM

the state gives pay raises every year for years of has taken this raise for the last 20 years.nothing more in your take home pay.when your administrators like this muppet look-a-like rendzella gets a raise it amounts to a lot.our supers here get whatever they ask the board for.usually when they ask for a raise it amounts to 10 to 15 thousand a year and the board gives it to them.not that they are doing a good job.superintendents need to start being voted in and have term can't get rid of the bad ones.when you do a bad job and still get a raise there is something wrong.these supers can't be fired and they know it.cut the levies.

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Mar-25-13 1:37 PM

All forms of local, county, state and federal government are going to have to learn that the golden goose is about ready to kick the bucket and now your goose will be cooked and then end of a free lunch for employees in government.

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Mar-24-13 10:17 PM

oh wait a minute. Does Obama live here? Spend spend spend. Mom used to say "No money No honey" well maybe these folks are getting too much honey. I miss the good old days. When people lived on what they had not the credit card company.

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Mar-24-13 10:09 PM

Pay raises? What pay raises? It is beyond my comprehension that a small county could have that gigantic of a need for schools. How much exactly are we paying these people? I went to a two story school in Graysville. I doubt we needed 5 million just to cut the grass. Something doesn't add up. Has anyone checked the books lately?

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Mar-24-13 9:22 PM

The voters need to remember this come election time and vote these string puppets out. Don't pass the next levy, then they won't have the extra funds to waste. Unfortunately, there's always going to be corruption. But think how nice the world would be without it.

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Mar-24-13 7:28 PM

This is a perfect example of the "PETER PRINCIPLE" on steroids.

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Mar-24-13 2:12 PM

Dino said, 'Maybe they should use the extra money to hire a PR man or buy some common sense.'

As far as buying Renzella and Lewicki some common sense - it would be a waste of money. Kind of like buying tomato plants without having anywhere to plant them.

Yes, their heads are full of fertilizer, but there's lightbulbs inside their skulls (maybe a burned out 15W Sylvania, but certainly no grow lights), and too many weeds. Then again, wasting money and resources are what these guys do best!

Maybe some of that extra money could go toward buying Fast Freddy some fashion sense. It wouldn't take much - maybe the price of a subscription to GQ. At least someone could give him a JC Penney catalog to look through. I know you're not a respected administrator, but at least you could dress like one instead of a flimflam artist.

I guess the old saying is true: If the shoe (or suit) fits...

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Mar-24-13 1:47 PM

Well, what's done is done, for right now, anyway.

I've never cared much about who was part of the Marshall County Board of Education, but I do now. If anyone out there wants the job, you will have my vote in the next election. I don't care who you are, you'll have my vote over anyone who's there now.

Well, with the exception of Jake Padlow. Anyone else, you have my vote. And I'll recommend you to my friends.

In fairness to our 'leaders', it does take a lot of money to mismanage Marshall County Schools. The Cameron high school debacle is a prime example.

JM does need the extra money. I heard that if the levy hadn't passed, Principal Murphy was going to lead by example and teach Driver's Education in addition to his adminstrative duties. That might have led someone to create MAJMPDD (Mothers Against John Marshall Principals Driving Drunk).

Cousin Patty the magistrate was unavailable for comment.

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Mar-24-13 12:58 PM

These liberal tax and spenders kill me!!

They have no problem writing checks from OUR accounts!!!

And for all this money that we are FORCED to pay, we wind up with kids that are taught that communisim is good and our founding fathers were bigots, hypocrites, and terrorists and they can't even count back change!!


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Mar-24-13 12:53 PM

I noticed that "Pay Raises" are mentioned first. Greed! Greed! Thanks tax payers.

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Mar-24-13 12:31 PM

Let me see....instead of firing a principal and asst principal kick them upstairs with a do nothing job, dismiss teachers at Cameron with no explanation to tax paying public, hire an unprepared football coach at JMHS, still no explanation on 2 administrators with DUI incident,new Cameron School fiasco,etc, etc. Wouldn't you think they'd at least kick the TAXPAYING (not voting) PUBLIC a "bone"? Maybe they should use the extra money to hire a PR man or buy some common sense.

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Mar-24-13 11:31 AM

Every single one of these morons should lose their jobs right now, without delay.

This is the problem with small town politics. You elect idiots to manage multi-million dollar contracts and $57 million annual budgets. Have any of these people gone to school for management, accounting or finance? Have they had any work experience? Do they have decency?

These scum could get $100 million in new tax revenue and find an excuse to spend it all.

No raises in 23 years? For that one lie, this turd should be out of office.

Public officials never met a tax dollar they couldn't spend and never had an expenditure that they could not try and justify.


Only those who pay real property taxes should get to vote on the levy and the levy should only pass if more than 60% of the taxpayers actually turn out to vote.

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Mar-24-13 11:03 AM

"Additionally, Renzella said the district has new expenditures on the horizon, including raises for school employees for the first time in 23 years."

School employees get a raise every year, they are based on years of experience!

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Mar-24-13 8:11 AM

blackrock,hurry up and hang a lie detector on this guy before he gets away and retires.this is why you should never pass levies.too many untruthful people running these boards[not just marshall county,but all].watch the fancy places that the county vehicles are at come lunch time.administrators have that sense of entitlement[everybody owes me] thing going on.learn to budget.the state pays you all well.don't need levies.

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Mar-24-13 5:18 AM

Renzella states that personal property owners would "not receive real savings" if the rate was lowered. Mr Renzella is a deciever. After the levy was passed, Board President Lewiki gloated by stating those who were in opposition needed to join the "winning team". It seems that the "winning team" are in reality incompetent at best and liars at worst. They knew about the projected increase of funds due to the increase in property values before the levy vote but chose not to disclose the facts that the voters should have been aware of. Renzella and Board members are not to be trusted in the future. When will the voters of Marshall County wake up?

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Mar-24-13 1:24 AM

Renzella said he believes the majority of the residents in the county are supportive of the way the district operates, as the excess levy passed with 60 percent of the vote.

"The people voted for the levy (rate) at 98 percent and elected the members of the board," he said. "I just don't know why the supporters don't have a voice 10 times higher than they do."


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