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Both Sides in Gun Debate Take Aim at Public Support

NYC mayor, NRA chief head-to-head before vote

March 25, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two of the loudest voices in the gun debate say it’s up to voters now to make their position known to Congress....

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Mar-27-13 6:39 AM

" God didn't give anyone the right to own a gun. Just stop it!"

No, the founders of the United States of America DID, so get over it, moron.

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Mar-27-13 6:38 AM

Wvcoughy, takes your meds and stay in bed, you have Wraith Derangement Syndrome (WDS).

(Cough Cough).

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Mar-26-13 9:44 PM

DaWraith DaLunatic DaDemented DaLusional DaNOclue Da Da Da!

How many ways to say it!

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Mar-26-13 9:41 PM

Stop with the "..god given right". you sound like a moron. God didn't give anyone the right to own a gun. Just stop it!

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Mar-26-13 7:45 PM

our God given rights in the Constitution like the 2nd amendment are under attack because so many today disregard God...they have their own god like figures like the big ZerO in the white house that guides them...

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Mar-26-13 5:22 PM

So anti gun freaks, tell us WHY does DHS have over 2 BILLION hollow point people killer bullets on order and 2700 heavy duty MRAP Assault vehicles on order for DOMESTIC DUTY????? Enough to fight a 24 year war the size of Afghanistan on AMERICAN SOIL????

Ask NOT for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for THEE!

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Mar-26-13 5:19 PM

Footage of hundreds of armored trucks, similar to ones reportedly purchased recently by the Department Of Homeland Security has appeared online, raising more questions over their intended use.

The video was uploaded to YouTube last week by a user who stated that it was shot in the middle of the desert between Hackberry and Peach Springs, Arizona.

It shows hundreds of military style trucks loaded on to a train, presumably in the process of being delivered domestically for law enforcement or military purposes.

The video raises significant questions in the wake of reports that the Department of Homeland Security, headed by Janet Napolitano, recently purchased around 2,700 MRAP trucks that many believe are to be deployed to local law enforcement agencies around the country.

It is clear that the DHS does have fleets of armoured vehicles intended for use in the US.

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Mar-26-13 2:19 PM

Bloomberg thinks 32 ounces of Mountain Dew is a lethal weapon, for gawd's sake!

He is surrounded by body guards but he his going to tell YOU that YOU do not need protection from his high crime city!


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Mar-26-13 9:39 AM

Dammnnnnnn politicians, they just can't keep their dirty hands out of the lives of other people. Always looking for a way to part people from their money and taking away the liberties of law abiding, hard-working, legal citizens. Dirty bbbaaassttttarddddss!

Bloomberg needs to take a look in the mirror....well, being the narcissist that he is, he is probably already glued to a mirror.

Bloomberg and every American needs to consider our nations history and the importance of the gun.

The nature of people is the same today as it was in the 1700s. People need to think. People need guns; the nation needs guns.

"If you can cut people off from their history, then they can be easily persuaded." - Karl Marx

No doubt the founding fathers (thank The Lord), know far better than Mike Bloomberg.

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Mar-26-13 8:59 AM

Hey delusional gun lovers. Beware common sense laws! Because someone said it in 1791? Get ready to update some laws... Power to the People with Common Sense!

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Mar-26-13 7:19 AM

all of this and yet it is guns and people with the balls to use them that keep us a free country.

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Mar-26-13 7:12 AM

cueless you sir are like your fearful leader the big zerO...You Lie

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Mar-25-13 10:18 PM

Facts are Biache!

"Now let’s take a look at a country which is geographically-speaking a stone’s throw away from the United Kingdom – Switzerland.

With a population of just six million, Switzerland has 2 million publicly-owned firearms. Despite the fact that guns are everywhere in Switzerland and are a deeply-ingrained part of Swiss culture, the gun crime rate “is so low that statistics are not even kept,” reports the BBC.

Indeed, with its population of law-abiding armed citizens, Switzerland is one of the safest countries to live in the entire world, with homicide rates at just 2.2 people per 100,000.

So the UK is one of the most dangerous places to live in the developed world, while Switzerland is one of the safest, and yet Switzerland is a nation of gun owners. How then can we possibly conclude that gun control reduces violent crime when in virtually every instance it has proven to have the opposite effect?

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Mar-25-13 10:15 PM


Since the handgun ban took effect, the number of murders in Chicago committed using handguns has been 40% higher than before the ban, and has spiked even higher in recent years, proving that the gun ban actually served to cause an increase in violent crime.

Despite the fact that it is virtually impossible for an average citizen to obtain a gun through legal channels in Britain, the rate of violent crime in the UK is higher per capita than the US and the highest in the world amongst “rich” countries aside from Australia, which also instituted a draconian gun ban in the 1990's.

Preventing law-abiding people from owning guns clearly has no impact on violent crime, and if anything causes it to rise because the criminals know their victims will not be able to defend themselves.

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Mar-25-13 10:12 PM

I give the odds of Clueless having an IQ higher than a church mouse are about the same as being hit by Uranus.

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Mar-25-13 10:03 PM

"We don't need more gun laws—we just need to enforce the ones we have."

Fact-check: Weak laws and loopholes backed by the gun lobby make it easier to get guns illegally. • Around 40% of all legal gun sales involve private sellers and don't require background checks. 40% of prison inmates who used guns in their crimes got them this way. • An investigation found 62% of online gun sellers were willing to sell to buyers who said they couldn't pass a background check. • 20% of licensed California gun dealers agreed to sell handguns to researchers posing as illegal "straw" buyers. • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has not had a permanent director for 6 years, due to an NRA-backed requirement that the Senate approve nominees.

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Mar-25-13 9:59 PM

17. Despite the proliferation of GUNS in the USA the number of mass shootings stopped by armed civilians in the past 30 years: 0

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Mar-25-13 9:56 PM

16. People with more guns tend to kill more people—with guns. The states with the highest gun ownership rates have a gun murder rate 114% higher than those with the lowest gun ownership rates. Also, gun death rates tend to be higher in states with higher rates of gun ownership. Gun death rates are generally lower in states with restrictions such as assault-weapons bans or safe-storage requirements.

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Mar-25-13 9:53 PM

15. Last year there were about 16,000 gun murders in the US. Half of those were committed by strangers. So figure about 8000 people were murdered by strangers in a country of 300,000,000. Playing with statistics this gives you about 1 in 42,000 chance of being murdered with a gun by a stranger.

Carolyn Shoemaker has put the odds of the asteroid Aprohis (about the size of the Superdome) smashing into the Earth at about 1 in 45,000. This would be bad of course. How bad no one knows for sure.

Since many of the people that were murdered in the US were killed outside of their homes (could not find hard numbers on this) the chance of an intruder breaking into your home and killing you is likely significantly less than the odds of the Earth being struck by a large asteroid in the next 40 years.

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Mar-25-13 9:50 PM

14. Keeping a gun in the home carries a murder risk 2.7 times greater than not keeping one, according to a study by Arthur Kellermann. The National Rifle Association has fiercely attacked this study, but it remains valid despite its criticisms. The study found that people are 21 times more likely to be killed by someone they know than a stranger breaking into the house. Half of the murders were over arguments or romantic triangles. The study also found that the increased murder rate in gun-owning households was entirely due to an increase in gun homicides only, not any other murder method. It further found that gun-owning households saw an increased murder risk by family or intimate acquaintances, not by strangers or non-intimate acquaintances. The most straightforward explanation is that the presence of a gun increases the possibility that a normal family fight or drinking binge will become deadly. No other explanation fits the above facts.

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Mar-25-13 7:33 PM

Poll taken just after Sandy Hook:

"Nearly twice as many voters say there would be less violent crime if more law-abiding Americans owned guns, than if guns were banned.

In addition, while American voters generally favor strengthening gun laws, 71 percent do not think tougher laws can stop shootings like the one last month in Newtown, Connecticut.

Some 22 percent say new laws can prevent the next Sandy Hook.

These are just some of the findings from a Fox News poll released Friday. "


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Mar-25-13 7:31 PM

wienerdawg, isn't 380 parts per million of plant food (CO2) going to kill us first anyway???

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Mar-25-13 7:28 PM

9. If you’re in a gunfight:

- If you’re not shooting, you should be loading.

- If you’re not loading, you should be moving.

- If you’re not moving, you’re dead.

10. In a life and death situation, do something . . . It may be wrong, but do something!

11. If you carry a gun, people call you paranoid. Nonsense! If you have a gun, what do you have to be paranoid about?

12. You can say ‘stop’ or ‘alto’ or any other word, but a large bore muzzle pointed at someone’s head is pretty much a universal language.

13. You cannot save the planet, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.

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Mar-25-13 7:27 PM

1. Guns have only two enemies: rust and politicians.

2. It’s always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

3. Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not you.

4. Never let someone or something that threatens you get inside arms length.

5. Never say, “I’ve got a gun.” If you need to use deadly force, the first sound they hear should be the safety clicking off.

6. The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes; the response time of a .357 is 1400 feet per second.

7. The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win – cheat if necessary.

8. Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets . . . You may get killed with your own gun, but he’ll have to beat you to death with it, because it’ll be empty.

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Mar-25-13 7:25 PM

Wienerdawg "One of the classic law enforcement training tools is called the LIBERAL "shoot-no shoot" exercise."

If a suspect looks like a rich person or successful businessman, you must SHOOT IMMEDIATELY.

If they look like an Deadbeat Occupy Wheeling dolt, NO SHOOTING is permitted, you must wait until THEY shoot you dead before returning fire.

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