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Firefighter on Restricted Duty After Arrest

Wheeling lieutenant charged with driving under the influence after his vehicle struck utility pole early Sunday

March 26, 2013

WHEELING — Fire Chief Larry Helms placed Lt....

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May-18-13 9:24 AM

There have been so many incidents while "working" from city & county workers over the years that nothing was done about nor written about in the paper some of which was who the person was that committed the offense! Just because this guy is not known with pull from higher ups, he gets his whole life spilled out in the paper/TV plus gets in trouble at work when he wasn't even working. When any city/county worker drives and wrecks a company vehicle, they are supposed to be drug tested immediately. This has not been done for only a small % and nothing has come of it. Unfair yet McIntire gets disciplined while off the job! Sounds like someone should look into each case & maybe call an attorney!

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Apr-16-13 5:18 PM

hohumm, You are with out a doubt the GREATEST FICTION WRITER ON THIS SITE.

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Mar-27-13 4:24 PM

Ok he was not on duty but when you are a city official you should always respect the local laws and people. You owe it to the people you serve.

Should he be judged by everyone here, you bet so!

If you or I were arrested we would be taken to the regional jail booked and photographed. Our photo graph would remain on the site for all to see. If you are a Wheeling firemen that is just not so. This is two weeks in a row where wheeling firefighters were arrested and both were drinking related. Last time it was a firefighter that had too much at the toughmans contest then caught his wife messing with yet another wheeling firefighter (seems to be what they do). This firefighter had to be gang tackled by the police at his home because he had a ball bat and wanted to get revenge on the fellow firefighter and his wife. Chief Helms you need to crack down on all these guys. They are in local bars cheating on each others wives and husbands, this is a powder keg and it will blow up.

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Mar-26-13 9:41 PM

You want a cookie, go to subway. I don't think too many people are advocating he get a break, they are just saying it should not affect his job. And plenty of people get breaks, not just patty Murphy's family(though that was ridiculous) or Ryan ferns. You just don't hear about the everyday joe that is given his DUI citation and court date and taken home.

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Mar-26-13 8:38 PM

zip you are correct. everyone says "he messed up..lapes of judgement". strip him of rank before this happens while on duty. i want to know what i get for never getting a dui? a cookie? prize? i don't even what do i get if those who do get dui's are given a break?

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Mar-26-13 2:59 PM

Ryan Ferns registered a .229, was under-charged with a lesser offense, and this was his punishment: "After accepting his plea, Magistrate Patricia Murphy fined Ferns $500 and ordered him to pay $315.80 in court costs. Ohio County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Olejasz said he expects Ferns' license to be suspended for 45 days and the test and lock device to be installed in his vehicle for nine months."

Unless this guy can outdo Ferns' BAC, ole' Patty might just give him a slap on the wrist (or a peck on the cheek if MaxKat will let her):)

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Mar-26-13 2:51 PM

Should make for some bad blood at the next Guns and Hoses football game....

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Mar-26-13 1:31 PM

If you keep lowering the bar on what is acceptable, where do stop? When a DUI kills someone. Oh, that's right... only if it's YOUR friend or relative that gets killed.

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Mar-26-13 1:05 PM

While I can see where this is a problem for a city police officer, and I can see that this is a job problem if he has to drive the fire vehicles, but LTs don't do that. Its bad conduct on his part, but its not something that he should lose his job or rank over, its not job related. Hey he has an Irish sounding name maybe Patty Murphy will give him a ride to work. Whatever happened to her cousin or friends that she gave the special treatment to? More Wheeling secrets? Wheeling has about the most corrupt closed secret justice system in America. Don't you need a newspaper that does not ask questions for that to work out? Yeah you do. Guessing firemen are not one of those insider jobs and the poor guy will probably have to face the music like others, but I don't see where you sacrifice twenty plus years of experience for something that does not affect his job performance.

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Mar-26-13 11:44 AM

So this guy is a Lt. in the dept. Does he even drive the truck, that is usually on the lower level FF. So what he screwed up...Who hasn't?? Let he without sin cast the first stone. If he is a good site commander and FF let him do his job. He wasn't drinking while on duty. So, let's ruin his life over this. Let it go people, just let it go.

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Mar-26-13 11:01 AM

Must not be related to Patty Murphy or he would have WALKED!!!

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Mar-26-13 8:47 AM

Good job Chief

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Mar-26-13 8:30 AM

Too bad you're not a young hottie or an aspiring med student.

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Mar-26-13 8:23 AM

It's in GOD'S hands now. XOXO, KAT

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Mar-26-13 6:00 AM

What does an internal investigation have to do with anything? What ever the results of the court hearing are, it is what it is. If the man shows up for work sober and doesn't imbibe while on duty, what's the restricted duty crap all about? Naturally if he loses his license, which he should if he is found guilty, he may have to walk to the fire, but beyond that let's not get all huffy.

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