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Don’t Expand Medicaid

March 27, 2013

Perhaps it is time for Ohioans to question the wisdom of implementing President Obama’s Medicaid expansion plans for the existing system, which is inefficient and flawed....

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Apr-05-13 11:22 PM

WVUGEO ... What a racist comment! We are all Americans here and are entitled to an opinion. Whether I'm white or striped like a Tiger it is not important to this discussion. Obamacare in every form is and will be a complete failure. Why? Because it was passed by one party, the Democrats, against the wishes of the American people. What this country will experience through this bad law over the coming years will be the same as everywhere else it has been enacted. Poor care, rationing of care, doctor shortages, death panels, and exploding costs in care and premiums. I've had family members that died in another country because of her having to wait over a year to be treated. I do not need the Heritage Foundation or any other publication to inform me about this terrible law, I've witnessed it firsthand. So WVUGEO get some knowledge of an issue before you comment or take an occasion to spread your HATE. By the way Heritage references all their opinions & yes, I'm proud to be w

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Mar-30-13 1:52 AM

WVUGEO “Heritage Foundation...They might as well call it the Rich White Republicans Booster Club”

Are all of Heritage Foundations members white? Or is that just your “biased nonsense”? You libbies can’t help but reveal your ingrained bigotry in every post. LOL

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Mar-29-13 4:29 PM

As Impact noted, this piece relies heavily on the "Heritage Foundation" for it's information. And, his sarcasm is right on. They might as well call it the Rich White Republicans Booster Club. One of it's two or three original founders was Joe Coors, grandson of Adolph Coors. The current president of the Heritage Foundation makes close to 1 million a year in salary, and, will this year be succeeded by the former Republican Senator from South Carolina, Jim DeMint. And, we, in northern WV, eastern OH and western PA are supposed to think folks like that give half a hoot in Hades about folks like us or know anything about what it's like being an out of work steel maker or broke-down old coal miner and trying to get decent medical care? Why should we give a hoot about what people who think we should pay attention to biased nonsense like this think and say?

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Mar-28-13 8:15 AM

When all of the Obamacare talk was going around, we were supposed to believe that expansion of our health insurance to serve those who don't pay into it would not cost us anything, and afterall its a Federal program. But its not, its a state program and the Fed mostly just includes the money that comes out of your paychecks for its share, the states are supposed to make up the difference. That means you and more taxes and more insurance premiums if you want to keep your health care and not start treating your family with a state health care. With all of the pious jargon flying around about equality and equal access you and your kids get to be less equal and you get to pay for it. Today's buzzword motivator of the day is the the RE Johnson group says there are 11,000 veterans in WV who have no health insurance. But don't mention that they have no health care because the Veterans Administration does grant equal access for veterans, in fact for most, no access. Its on you now.

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Mar-28-13 4:14 AM

When you want to sell a totally bogus political point of view and have not a shred of evidence supporting your BS...just make a 'sweeping generalization' such as, "...Numerous studies have demonstrated that Medicaid patients receive inferior access to health care."

"Numberous studies" eh? Wow! That nails it! NOT !

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Mar-27-13 7:31 PM

The Heritage Foundation. Now that's a fair and balanced source to quote

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