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Track Continues To Push for Fee Break

Manager has said license may not be renewed

March 28, 2013

WHEELING — Jim Simms said the Legislature needs to lower the $2.5 million annual fee for table gambling, but time is running short because bills must pass out of committees by the end of this week....

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Mar-28-13 1:17 AM

How about having a moderate license fee PER TABLE. Then each casino could have as few or as many table games that their business will support. I also don't see any mention of the Greenbrier Casino. How much do they pay?

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Mar-28-13 8:16 AM

This has been adequately covered and is not news. A one sentence update such as, "Legislator's dragging feet on fee issue until track offers pay off" would tell the story.

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Mar-28-13 8:36 AM

Good citizens...the powerful addiction that our state supports is nothing but destructive to our communities and yourself a favor and stop's not's gambling.there is no have absolutely no control or impact of the simply insert your money and you get nothing but lights and sounds...perhaps you consider it reasonable entertainment...I'm sorry, but it's pathetic.

Most of these gambling joints are disgusting smoke filled filthy bacteria incubators...the self-loathing, poor health, and absolute loss of money cannot be justified. I love WV...but I am disgusted and ashamed that our people are ok with supporting this terrible scurge.


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Mar-28-13 9:42 AM

Any way you go the suckers will pay. Not the table owners. I don't doubt WV taxpayer will end up giving the casino owners a bonus so their take is not a gamble on their part. So sucker WV taxpayer PAY UP or we will take those jobs away and open up somewhere else. You know we rich need the income so workers should pay our tax share and our cost of doing business. Please help them to take more money out of our state! Suckers born and bought off every minute. Yep right or left big money pays them off and we get the bill. Oh did I tell you how good of job I am doing now that I am elected? WV already bought off by special interests coal, gaming,well services, even bending state vechicle laws. What weight limit on bridges? Even city has scales and don't even know how to use them. Oh that is another story that can be hidden from taxpayer view they fixed one cable.

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Mar-28-13 3:00 PM

Bill aready passes lowering fee to 1.5 million . Old news

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Mar-28-13 3:42 PM

Am I the only one who thinks the picture with this story is pathetic? Who are these people?

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Mar-28-13 8:35 PM

So they have 105 employees on the table games and are LOSING a Million not counting the fee??

Must be making an awful lot on drinks and slots, else THEY WOULD CLOSE THEM ALREADY and LAY OFF THE PEOPLE!!!

DUH!!! Stop with the blackmail BS!!

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Mar-28-13 9:14 PM

Im going to apply for welfare. By the time I pay my 2K mortgage, the maid, the gardner and the maintainance man, I dont have enough to get my nails done. Think the state will cut my tax in half so I will stay and keep these people employed. Otherwise, Im taking my marbles and leaving, right now:(

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Mar-28-13 9:28 PM

Acoustic is ok with drug addiction, but gambling is a scourge? They are both a petulance, but gambling at least gives some money back to the community. It is blood money, but it is more than the negative returns and thefts and robberies from the junkies.

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Mar-28-13 9:46 PM

This is total crap. I agree the 2.5 million fee is rediculous. Maybe they could base the fee on the prior years profits but to ask for a tax reduction is crap. They cry their revenue is down but not once do they actually tell you how much profit they made. So if they brought in 6 million in clear profit after all taxes, fees and bills in 2012 and it dropped to 4.5 million in 2013 there is a problem? I say if you asking for a break then open the books and show the public the REAL numbers. If you really are losing I'm sure you will see some sympathy and some support. I agree with a previous poster. this is crap and black mail threats.

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Mar-28-13 9:58 PM

They are not the loosers. The players are loosers, the residents are loosers, the people who have traffic past their homes are loosers, the tax payers are loosers, and the casino and city make profit. Dirty business.

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Mar-28-13 10:08 PM

The reason the gambling industry is crying in their cheerios is because they are not making the money they used to make when they first began. Little do they know but they have drained the bank accounts, IRA's, college funds, monthly incomes, and maxed out the home equity and credit cards of all the compulsive gamblers. Well, guess what!! The well has run dry so now they are trying a different approach. Once they exhaust every means possible and grab all the free money they can, they will close their doors and the little coffee shops will continue the constant drain. DON'T REWARD THE BIGGEST THIEVING CRIMINALS IN WV

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Mar-28-13 11:15 PM

I can't remember seeing the posters be so dead on. Well done. Open the books is right. Not making the hundreds of millions they've made in the past is right. Save 105 minimum wage tip jobs and get rid of the thousands of horse and dog industry jobs. Just like the National discussions-distracted by this nonsense by WV lawyers to avoid tort reform and the country's lowest ranked state in terms of the courts.

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Mar-28-13 11:55 PM

I know people who have worked there. Initially, they paid out some on machines too, open the books, I would bet they are not paying out the percentage on machines either, I have been told that the fines are cheaper, and guess who gets the fine money, not the looser playing the machines.

If the community wants to sell their soul to the devil, the city should have legalized prostitution, at least someone would have made a fair wage-the casino has only increased the sales for KY

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Mar-29-13 6:52 PM

I am old enough to remember that casino gambling was on the ballot several times and was voted down time after time and not just in the bible counties as the gamblers whined. It never passed so the Gov after it failed the last time, decided that casino gambling and machines were really just an extension of the lottery that had passed years before and they just opened up gambling. Anyone old enough to shave knows that you cannot have cash and politicians in the same place. Never has it worked without corruption, anywhere, ever. The proceeds are down because there is so much competition in the surrounding states. And the damage of gambling on the local community is horrendous. We all know some guy who spends his pay check in the 5 machine casinos on every corner now and we all know people who have gamblers out of control in their family. The big embezzlement cases in the valley have been people stealing to feed the habit. We are hooked on gambling money, just like the politicians.

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