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Senate Wants Free Meals For W.Va. Grade Schools

Every elementary student would be eligible under plan

March 28, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — West Virginia would be the first state in the nation to give free school breakfast and lunch to every elementary school student under the provisions of an ambitious bill advanced b......

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Mar-30-13 1:13 AM

wvhoopie-you are right, the money parents save will be taken to the gambling establishments and recycled back into the state.

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Mar-30-13 1:08 AM

"Senate Wants"....Middle class america have been qualifying for free lunch. I can tell you, with 3 children at home and one working parent, my family would have qualified at one time. We did not use, why, because we could afford the lunch bill and food at home. How could I take this and have my kids in dance and travel sports and drive a brand new SUV. Thats insane. I think most will take. Its not free, we WILL ALL PAY. Middle tax just went up-for foolishness and this qualifies. Yes, feed every child, do not push further dependence on govt.

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Mar-29-13 3:12 PM

Mark this day down. I agree with Triton. Furthermore, where this program is currently in plasce as part of a pilot projectr, it results in a horrible waste of food, and thus money. Kids that don't need a free breakfast or lunch shouldn't get them.

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Mar-29-13 11:54 AM

wvhoopie2 “tattoos, cigarettes, or some other waste of money”

Waste of money? Barry Ospender calls that “stimulus.” Needle-ready jobs. And since “the West Virginia Feed to Achieve Act, would pay for the expanded lunch programs through additional federal funding,” those lunches are free because only the “rich” will be seeing their taxes go up. Right...

mmm mmm mmm, more Kool-Aid please

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Mar-29-13 11:43 AM

I believe every child deserves a meal at school but the parents should be held to some level of responsibility in the feeding and raising of the child rather than the State. The money the parents save by the State feeding the child will be used for tattoos, cigarettes, or some other waste of money and the taxpayer is footing the bill again.

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Mar-29-13 10:40 AM

Until education is no longer compulsory, schools need to provide lunch for everyone. Stop forcing people who obviously won't benefit from sitting in a classroom to attend, and everything will improve. School is essentially day jail, so if you force kids to be there, then feed them.

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Mar-29-13 8:40 AM

cont. He only knows he is hungry.

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Mar-29-13 8:36 AM

It never ceases to amaze me that anyone with any human compassion and heart could attempt to conjure up any sort of lame excuse to not give every child in America free food. No matter how stupid their parents are, no matter how much money their parents have or don’t have or how much this child weighs or even if it increases our taxes. The real shame lies in us as a community that turns a blind eye to this sort of child abuse and child neglect. Not doing everything humanly possible to feed a hungry child is most certainly child abuse. If a child came to your door and told you he is hungry, would you feed that child or would you start questioning him about why his stupid parents didn’t care enough about him to furnish his food or would you look at him and scrutinize his body size and determine he was too fat to be given food. Or maybe you could tell him that you can’t be responsible for the fact he is hungry and your taxes are already too high. He can’t comprehend these pitiful excuses.

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Mar-28-13 8:02 PM

LBJ was in federal political office(s) for over 30 years! "Lifers" have been problem for 80+ years....We never learn!

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Mar-28-13 6:06 PM

To UC: Who would they VOTE for then? Didn't LBJ teach you anything?

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Mar-28-13 5:26 PM

Instead of ENCOURAGING and PROMOTING kids dependent on the state, how about trying to get them OFF the public dole!!!!

They keep complaining we have the fattest kids in history yet they want to feed them even more!!!!


This is the most rediculous bill to ever hit the state!!

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Mar-28-13 3:13 PM

"and my bad spelling? 'OUR' not 'are'." LOL

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Mar-28-13 3:12 PM

What would are grandparents think if they came back today? Bottle water you pay for and free meals at schools.

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Mar-28-13 1:59 PM

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am tired og the Gov giving away our tax money. Let the lazy parents {That is if they have any} getr off their butts and fix them meals. In this day and age it's all a give away at tax payers expense. Oh well, It creates jobs to purchase, prepare, serve and clean up. Then our great politians can bragg of how many jobs created.

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Mar-28-13 12:12 PM

Nothing is "FREE!" The lesson I have passed-on to my children...Now if I could only educate the adults!

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Mar-28-13 12:10 PM

The meals are NOT FREE. We the TAXPAYER are paying for them.

Wake up America!!

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Mar-28-13 11:38 AM

Not many argue against free meals for elementary school kids, as we have had breakfeast for a long time now. Its another feel good program though that does not fix a problem. Prior to this you had to qualify by income for free meals for your kids, but that does not work now. Why? Because we never address bad parenting in our society, we just pass the responsiblity on to others. In WV no child need go hungry, nor without medical care and its been that way for many years, with school meals, food stamps and CHP health cards for kids in need. The problem has always been that those benefits are misused by lousy parents. They don't take their kids to dentists or doctors, and they use the food stamps for booze and drugs. We do not address that problem that impacts kids, we just invent more programs to avoid DHHR's neglect in protecting kids. Even parents with jobs neglect their kids. The kids are still at risk at home. But WE feel better. And at least they eat something.

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Mar-28-13 10:23 AM

" NO "

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Mar-28-13 9:34 AM

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Mar-28-13 9:32 AM

If a kid comes to school and appears to be hungry or says he is hungry, the county social worker(s) should visit the child's home and find out what the problem is. Of course segregating kids for breakfast or lunch is humiliating and if a child is receiving the benefit, no one else should know. Parents have a responsibility to feed their children, not the taxpayer or the good intentioned.

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Mar-28-13 9:12 AM

If the schools provide breakfast and lunch, what are the chances we taxpayers would get a proportionate break on the amount of food stamps we're funding for these children and their families?

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Mar-28-13 9:00 AM

@Hefner: Every outlet including this paper locks down the topic.

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Mar-28-13 8:41 AM

because politicians eat for free.

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Mar-28-13 8:33 AM

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Mar-28-13 8:32 AM

Did you read what the local President of the NAACP had to say about the Steubenville rape case?

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