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Pass Kessler Version of Bill

March 30, 2013

Anyone doubting the selfish greed of some in the dog and horse racing industries should take a look at what has happened in an attempt to save about a hundred local jobs and, in the process, avoid......

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Mar-30-13 10:46 AM

Who is more in the bag for these billion dollar out of state casino owners, Kessler or this newspaper. Why not show the hundreds of millions earned by the out of state casino owner, who is now trying to protect 105 minimum wage tip jobs, to the jobs provided by the horse industry? I don't know any rich horsemen, I do know rich politicians, casino owners and newspaper owners. How one sided can you be? Is this what journalism school taught you? You do remember journalism school? You did attend, did you not?

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Mar-30-13 1:55 PM

The key word in this is "SAYS" they are losing. How much in pay cuts are being taken by management to stay open???????

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Mar-30-13 3:44 PM


While Childhood Poverty prevails in a state struggling with long-term debt, crumbling bridges, unsafe roads, under-staffed state police, over-crowded prisons; WE CONTINUE TO HAND OUT MONEY TO OUT OF STATE ANIMAL BREEDERS. Pass Kessler's Bill! Give tax money to West Virginians!

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Mar-30-13 5:29 PM

Well it's not hard to see who the posters on these articles are that work for/with the casino. Vega: What out of state breeders are you talking about? My inlaws are native West Virginians and have been in racing for decades. The are among the most successful dog folks in the state and they are far from rich. What they do do is support local businesses, area vets, truck dealerships, lowe's, feed stores, employing other West Virginians etc. What they don't do is convince the voters to allow slots to support dogs and horses and that infrastructure and then after they've siphoned hundreds of millions out of the community and shipped it to casino owners out of state. The problem with table games is that management has run off all the major players by chcnging the odds after a few losing weekends. Bother in law is a dealer and he says that the Wheeling casino has the worst craps odds in the country. That's one of a hundred reasons why they only make tens of millions now.

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Mar-30-13 5:31 PM

Father in law says that every penny of horse and dog purses comes from bets. Not a thin nickel from tax dollars.

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Mar-31-13 12:57 PM

How about a nominal or no fee and a % of sales.This, for example, is what malls often do to lure tenants; and has been done at Highlands.This would be the most equitable to operators.Charlestown would pay more vs WD less: per performance.

WD is likely to cease tables, even with the lower fee.They have a very weak position ,now, in the market; with no strong tourism attraction.

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Mar-31-13 3:35 PM

Anyone with an ounce of common sense understands that this 2.5 million dollar "fee" is in fact a 2.5 million dollar TAX. So, why not tie it to revenue just like any other gambling tax. I don't hear Charles Town in the media screaming for a cut in that "fee" when they brought in $104.7 million in revenue over the last 8 months compared to Wheeling's $5.3 million. Just level the playing field and treat the fee for what it is, a tax, and go from their. Why should a "fee" be 30% of revenue for one place and less than 2% of revenue for another? Even it out based on a simple percentage of revenue and it will preserve table gaming jobs at Wheeling, put them in a better position than even the reduced fee, keep from destroying the jobs of hard working, poop shoveling horse and dog workers and keep from taking the incentives encouraging new investment in slots that ensures this cash cow for the state. It's such a simple an obvious and fair solution. Where is t

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Mar-31-13 3:41 PM

Where is the common sense in politics, and good grief, what idiot wrote this article? Obviously the "solutions" proposed by people like Kessler and this writer aren't focused on solving such a simple issue. There are obvious ulterior motives here.

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