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Power to the (Country) People!

March 30, 2013

“People in Washington don’t quite understand our values,” U.S. Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va., said last week in Wellsbur....

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Apr-04-13 5:04 AM

Is daRAT still whining about loosing ANOTHER election? Get over it. Far right wing extremism IS NOT what the majority of America wants to be governed by.

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Apr-02-13 12:57 PM

This article is laughable. Is McKinley some kind of Drama King. People are divided and down right ignorant regarding their political party. Now he wants to cause further seperation with rural/urban.. He is a fool. At least the posters here agree on one thing, dont hear any positive comments on this one.

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Mar-31-13 8:29 PM

But I guess a Noimpact in Podunk doesn't CARE his vote doesn't amount to a pint of pizz.

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Mar-31-13 8:28 PM

Noimpact you pea-brained amoeba, Obama lost the majority of votes in 85% of the geographic area of the USA. He won 8 counties in Ohio.

All it takes to win the electoral college in Ohio is to take the 3 C's: Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

Michigan? Detroit and Flint.

CA? Los Angeles and San Fransico.

NY state?? NYC Ill? Chicago.


Obama got MORE votes in Cuyahoga county than there are VOTERS in Cuyahoga county!

In 19 precincts in Philadelphia, Mitt Romeny got exactly ZERO votes, a statistically impossibility!!

Can we say voter fraud in the HOOD, homeboy???

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Mar-31-13 1:28 PM

Furthermore, you offer nothing to support your assumption that urban libs don't care about rural folk, or that the latter is shorted in the allocation of resources. Finally,your reference to Jefferson's quotation is so paraphrased, and lacking in context, that I have no idea what he really said. He used the term "mass media"? There was no mass media in 1795. In short, this is garbage!

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Mar-31-13 1:21 PM

This editorial is wrong on so many levels, it is hard to know where to begin. Well said Hoop! With Myer and McKinley, it is almost always repub v. dem and conservative v. lib. This is what they live for; to drive a wedge deep into the soul of this nation. Myer, do you understand what the term "balance of power" means? I believe that you meant "preponderance of power", although I disagree with you.

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Mar-30-13 1:05 PM

Now we have a nitwit. Talk about trading an upset stomach for a headache...

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Mar-30-13 12:21 PM

Why is he a Congressman? Because we got tired of having a crook for a Congressman.

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Mar-30-13 11:07 AM

What a crock of BS and when we met with McKinley we told him just that. We reminded him that WV gets more back from the federal gov't than any other state. We also reminded him of the gerrymandering done by the republicans in congressional districts that gave far more seats to the R's yet the D's got millions of more votes nationwide. We told him to stop being so divisive. We are all Americans, the people in Pittsburgh are just like us, they are our brothers and sisters in America and they think just like us. Why are politicians always looking for ways to divide us? Hmmm. Divide and conquer is my guess. McKinley couldn't answer many questions and had nothing to say about company's not paying taxes, millionaires not paying taxes, voting 39 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which he admitted is a total waste of time. McKinley says he is just a contractor and does not understand many issues. Why is he a Congressman?

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