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Oil, Gas Impacting Real Estate Market

New Hotels Are Opening Across Ohio Valley

March 31, 2013

By CASEY JUNKINS Staff Writer ST....

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Mar-31-13 2:27 AM

once the workers are gone i hope people remember who jacked prices up. the oil workers have done nothing for the area they are in expecp to drive up costs on everything. the sooner they are gone the better off we will be. if your an oil worker i really don't care what you have to are a city wrecker and are putting people out on the street. this area was fine without you and will be better off when your gone.

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Mar-31-13 9:42 AM

Off topic: funny thing happened on this website this morning. On the Ogden Nutting article (see below) I posted a young in cheek comment. A short while later, not only was my post taken down but the ability to post any comments was removed from the article. So much for free speech. I guess Ogden can't take a joke. The post only said "Best rug money can buy."

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Mar-31-13 9:43 AM

Should be young in cheek.

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Mar-31-13 10:12 AM

Did it again. Should be tongue in cheek.

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Mar-31-13 10:33 AM

I am all for capitalism. If you own a property and can convince suckers to overpay for your dump, more power to you. But I hope that the people who have rented in this area, prior to the drilling influx, will make a list of the landlords who kicked them out in favor of the drilling nomads. Once the market is flooded with slum apartments, people should refuse to rent from the landlords who stuck it to them now.

To each his own.

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Mar-31-13 10:36 AM

The gas and oil boon is good for the area as are the workers who produce it. The area was devastated long before the drilling began.

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Mar-31-13 1:06 PM

Hotels better get their money while they can because in a few years there will be empty hotels everywhere!

I used to enjoy getting a jacuzzi suite for the weekend for a change of pace but the price has doubled now and who wants to pay $500 dollars and put up with the mud and noise from the drillers?

These are for the most part still gypsies that don't stay a minute longer than the job requires and move on to the next area so as has been pointed out, all we the RESIDENTS have gotten is higher prices at the pumps, restaurants and hotels and destroyed tires,wheels, and suspensions from the pulverized roads and HIGHER taxes to pay for their repair!!!!

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Mar-31-13 5:18 PM

Almost invariably the boom is followed by a bust when it comes to the development of raw natural resources. In the case of shale gas the bust is likely to be sooner rather than later. Shale gas reserves tend to deplete much faster than conventional gas reserves. It requires ever greater drilling just to keep from going into decline. Over time the cost overrides the profits of production, and suddenly the game is over. I hope the area is preparing for what could be a very big financial let down.

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Mar-31-13 6:12 PM

wheel:The drillers expect a 15-20 year life on the wells with perhaps three frackings to renew.The bust is when the drilling and construction workers depart.This will be in 2015 as the pads,infrastructure and processsing plants are finished.The hotels will be empty.By around 2030 the gas and liquids will be gone.But fortunes will have been made in the OV by major land owners and their drilling/midstream associates.

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Mar-31-13 6:14 PM

uncommon;yes I am amazed at the over building.The lenders will take a big hit on forclosed hotels.

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Mar-31-13 8:16 PM

Whgfailing the area became the armpit of the USA ALL ON IT OWN thanks to you ignorant, crooked, stinking jerks and the crooked politicians you voted for.

The Gas industry will squeeze another 20 years of life out of the area, but eventually it will be dead and buried for GOOD.

All the gas industry did was postpone the death sentence.

Why be jealous of people making a buck on it why it lasts? Somebody has to pay for your healthcare with their taxes.

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Mar-31-13 9:30 PM

once the wells are dug..pipes ran all crews will move from 20-30 to 5. i am looking forward to this day. sorry we don't have p o r n or legal weed here wrat like you do. fox news: New York, California rank last in individual freedoms.

Driver Crashes into California Wal-Mart, Assaults People in Store.

we all know deadbeats live in ca.

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Mar-31-13 9:32 PM

ranking last in wonder you are so angery lol. i would be to if i were told everything i can or can't do everyday. lol.

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Mar-31-13 10:37 PM

we were alive before they came worries here about when they leave.

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Apr-01-13 6:02 AM

there are some really stupid posts on here...anytime there is a large influx of cash coming into an area, there is an opening for locals to get some of it for themselves...the capital spending in the area is a boost that's been needed for yrs..rents have been too low for too long here..landlords are raising rents and fixing up to refleck the market...if you want to rent low, low income property go to Detroit..they will welcome your wealfare ashes

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Apr-01-13 11:47 AM

and a hundred years from now coal will still be king.

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Apr-01-13 12:42 PM

you might be correct Mikeyd..unless obammy becomes King 1st during his second term

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Apr-01-13 3:13 PM

People either blame the politicians for doing nothing to attract jobs, or they accuse them of lining their pockets or looking the other way when jobs actually do come. It illustrates 1)how little local politicians have to do with development, and 2)how tiny the minds are of those who do the critiquing.

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Apr-01-13 4:05 PM

Promo- I agree with you if you are looking at "jobs" on a national level. However, we are talking about jobs that are not sustainable in this area on a local level.

How is this really helping our area when the money earned by the oil and gas employees is mostly being sent and spent in states other than WV, OH, or PA.

I agree with most of the people below. The local population only gets the negative aspect of this industry.

If these oil and gas companies would hire locals, I believe they would benefit by a more friendly opinion of their existence in this area.

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Apr-01-13 4:09 PM

I was wondering why so many Ohio Valley residents were living in their cars, cardboard boxes, etc.

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Apr-01-13 8:08 PM

If locals were experienced in the gas and oil industry I would agree with you PA Now. It's all for the good. There are numerous levels to the process and whoever comes here, be it temporary or not, they spend their money here. There are people buying homes who are planning to be here for more than a few years. That fact may be underreported.

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Apr-01-13 11:14 PM

" AP

Stockton becomes the biggest city to go broke after a judge accepts California city's request to enter bankruptcy" fox. lol.

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