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China Taking Tough Stance on N. Korea

Tension May Strengthen Ties With U.S.

April 7, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — North Korea’s latest outburst of nuclear and military threats has given the U.S....

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Apr-07-13 4:55 PM

Stop China currency manipulation. I have posted information on the new bill in US Congress at liberty and justice wv. China is a totalitarian nightmare state and we are being distracted by N Korea while China moves to ward aggression and seizure of territory. China wants our gas for this build up and we have allowed deceptive companies funded by China to invade our heartland.Those pies are all heading for the coast not local manufacturing. Corruption and greed are destroying us from the inside. Stop fraud, contamination and save what is left.

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Apr-07-13 4:43 PM

China's labor cost advantage has disappeared. Quite a bit of low end manufacturing is moving to Vietnam. Low end tech support/call centers are in India because Indians generally have a better understanding of English.

Wage rates in Mexico are now equal to those in China.

China does have more than 1.5 billion people. However, 300 million of these are completely unemployed and living in extreme poverty. Another 400 + million are underemployed. With a growing elderly population and their one-child policy, the Chinese have put themselves on the road to oblivion.

Before they get there, however, they will test US resolve in the western Pacific, specifically, in Taiwan. And they will win.

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Apr-07-13 4:29 PM

Wvcoughy, they want to destroy us because:

1) We are the ONLY force standing in the way of their world domination.

2)That has been the PLAN since Mao overthrew the Chinese Government in 1946

3) America has about 313 Million people. China has about 1400 million, almost 5 times as much. Hence their DOMESTIC market for product potentially exceeds ours by almost 5 times.

Therefore, they really DO NOT NEED THE USA as a customer in a few years.

American companies are setting up headquarters in mainland China because their MARKETS are growing faster than our {bleeped} up Obama Recession ruined economy.

Get a clue.

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Apr-07-13 12:34 PM

We must be doomed and marked for destruction because it has been great Americans, the greatest Americans of the 20th and 21st centuries who have sold out our status as the provider to the world and forced us to be at the mercy of cheap Chinese goods. You can't blame the common American who needs to provide clothing and other necessities for his family and must rely on cheap Chinese stuff to make ends meet. But you can blame Democrats and Republicans for putting us in this situation. Boycott's are for fools. You boycott wal-mart and you will be putting your fellow Americans out of work, not the Chinese and you won't put WalMart out of business either.

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Apr-07-13 11:27 AM

What did I miss? American educated Chinese leaders want to destroy the golden goose? You believe they want to destroy because we are _______?

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Apr-07-13 10:40 AM

but our political leaders aren't very smart and the whole world knows it.

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Apr-07-13 10:28 AM

Uncommon, you hit that one! When we buy Chinese junk, are we not supporting communism?

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Apr-07-13 9:38 AM

BullSpit! China will NEVER be our ally!

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Apr-07-13 9:31 AM

don't be blowing up any wal-marts!

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Apr-07-13 9:10 AM

NOBODY will EVER convince me that China is ANYTHING but evil and like Russia and North Korea simply waiting for the right time to wage war against the US!

American consumers have been WILLINGLY buying made in China goods for years which simply funds and expands the strength of COMMUNISIM around the world!!

It THIS country, for 1 billion dollars we can build ONE plane

In China, they can build an army!!

North Korea is simply a pawn on the great chess board of war and regardless of the propaganda from the Whitehouse and from China, these countries have been ARMING and TRAINING our enemies!!!

Untold thousands of AMERICAN troops have already been killed as a result and it's time to BOYCOTT China and EVERYTHING they make for the sake of our soldiers and for the sake of our economy!!

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