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Casino May Fold On Table Games

Little support for cuts to fees, says Wheeling Island official

April 9, 2013

WHEELING — Citing a lack of support in the House of Delegates, Jim Simms said the bill to reduce annual table gambling fees by $1 million is “very unlikely to pass....

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Apr-11-13 2:21 AM

Well I personally think that another sucker will be along more often that the next bus, I agree with ladydiamond, the locals are broke, and like another poster pointed out, what idiot wants to travel to the island, where there is little other attractions, compared to Pittsburgh, where there are many other attractions including restraunts and shopping. The well may be about dry.

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Apr-10-13 5:18 PM

And since the gambling community ran out of money, they are trying another avenue, (like asking?) threatening (We will eliminate 105 jobs) the government for tax breaks, fee breaks and any other flimsy break they can trump up. The final slap in the face to WV.

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Apr-10-13 5:11 PM

Competition is only a small fraction of the reason the revenues are down. The well is dry. Gamblers have exhausted all their money from every source they had and lost it all. A huge amount of that money left WV instead of investing it back into our communities. Take a look around. Do you see mega millions of dollars’ worth of updates and improvements? Yeah, right, you don't. But you sure can notice in the decline in the community morale, home life, community recreation in addition to a rise in crime. It’s not rocket science, just plain old everyday common sense.

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Apr-10-13 12:55 AM

So many good comments and so much truth. Herx-your post describes my own images the best. Once inside the casino, fighting hovaround traffic and getting past all the oxygen tanks, only to discover no vacant machines to feed your money to. People look at you but cant see you, its the zombie stare-they are thinking of the millions about to be won. A little humor in the pathetic situation.

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Apr-10-13 12:33 AM

Here's the deal I currently work at Wheeling Island at is a horriable place to work the managment treats us like crap so we treat the customers like crap the directors are only worried about one thing their big fat paychecks. I am not a dealer BUT I feel no remorse for the dealers that are there they are crybabies who have made way too much for way too long the avgerage dealer at WIG makes 17.50 an hour 5.15 is their hourly rate then they get tips that are equally shared with the other dealers. Please tell me what job pays 17 an hour to deal cards the answer is none. Table games is not a money maker but neither is racing but they can't get rid of racing. What it all boils down too is the casio IS making money but not all areas or departments make money BUT as a hole they are not losing any money. WIG last fiscal year posted a 49 million dollar PROFIT it's time the state steps up and does NOT give WIG a break , they don't deserve it.

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Apr-09-13 6:53 PM

Next? Another editorial dated Sept. 8, 2012. HELLO. Anyone listening?? Title: Plan for Collapsing Gambling Revenue - "West Virginia's "take" from casino and racetrack gambling plunged in July, with officials admitting new casinos in Ohio are to blame.

July revenue from video gambling at West Virginia racetracks was $60.84 million, down $7.19 million from July 2011. Table gambling revenue from casinos was $6.53 million, about 10 percent less than the previous July. Within months, 2 more Ohio casinos, in Columbus and Cincinnati, will open. Clearly, state officials need to begin planning for even more loss in gambling revenue. Failing to do so would be a sucker's bet."

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Apr-09-13 6:46 PM

Oh, my my. First, look up the editorial from this very newspaper dated Dec. 17, 2011. "Plan for Drop in Revenue". Obviously this is really not a surprise, but now Delaware North and Whg Island Casino is crying. "West Virginia has been hooked on gambling for years. Casinos, video slot machines and ticket wagering pump hundreds of millions of dollars a year into the state budget. No one has any idea of how the money will be replaced if the source dries up...The wolf may not be at our door in West Virginia yet, but rest assured, he's on his way."

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Apr-09-13 6:44 PM

hef is getting at the point.WD and Wheeling are not appealing destinations.A renewed JUSA would have helped create traffic per Nashville/Branson et al.The patrons have many options now.Why pick WD? MNTG is really much nicer.

I see WD having trouble now with hotel occupancy and food sales as well.It will be downhill for them as it has been - and is- for Wheeling in general going forward.Highlands as an Outlet Mall would have helped.It is not a tourist destination other than Cabella.

WD is going to have to "reinvent" itself in a hurry to survive.They have huge fixed costs.

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Apr-09-13 1:38 PM

They knew what the taxes would be when they opened. They also knew that there soon would be competion. Let them sink or swim. If they sink, peoplw will go out of town to get rid of their money. Of course, those who promote giving to charities will be in their glory, hoping for hand-outs.

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Apr-09-13 1:17 PM

Bob Marshall was the same way never saw him on the casino floor

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Apr-09-13 1:15 PM

Give the Wheeling island a 1.5 million tax break now. Then they want another tax break in a couple of years again . No tax break let them close. Reduce management salaries

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Apr-09-13 11:21 AM

The reason it's not doing well, period is because it's wrong! People flock to this place in the hopes of becoming an instant millionaire and get hooked. Have you ever been to this place and seen this disgusting display of comatose sheep, sitting in front of these hypnotic machines in their Hoverounds, drooling and holding their plastic cups full of coins? They are mesmerized and gambling addiction seeds are planted. These people have no jobs, no lives, no hope and no future. You plant a huge gambling "resort" in the middle of a desolate and desperate community. Mills and factories have closed and the city is barely alive and they bring this into that community. We have serious drug, theft and sexual assault issues in this area and now we have made it worse by worshipping another false idol called gambling and we are wondering why it hasn't been successful? Open your eyes folks!

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Apr-09-13 10:26 AM

The management at Wheeling Island Racetrack & Casino has been flawed and Mr. Sims should be operating an Ice Cream Truck. However, you cannot successfully operate a Casino when the state takes 35% off the top. Vegas and New Jersey are in the single numbers, which allows them to recruit and compensate big players. The problem is, if WV reduced the 35%, Delaware North might only buy new popcorn and hot dog machines. They can't operate a Casino and they can't sell one.

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Apr-09-13 9:50 AM

I agree with legal16. Here is an example on how Mr. Simms cares about employees. He fired the poker room manager. Two table game managers were instructed to watch over table games as well as the poker room. An amount was not changed on a sign on the wall in the poker room. The table games managers did not know to change the amount because that was not their department. They were both fired. The sign advertises the amount a poker player can win on a bad beat promotion. It might be won once a year or so.

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Apr-09-13 9:10 AM

WD gives money and token support to agencies, such as Health Right and Easter Seals, who have to help the people they impoverish with their games, leaving children unfed, medical needs unmet and families broken. Get rid of the one-armed bandits as well.

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Apr-09-13 9:00 AM

A casino located in a flood zone, through which one has to drive through an emerging slum zone on the way to gamble away there welfare, disability, or social security check, just isn't appealing, when one can drive 35 miles, and at least get a little of the proverbial kissing before getting screwed by the government.

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Apr-09-13 8:55 AM

Really, if the table games end, so what?

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Apr-09-13 7:56 AM

Good! Close the table games, close the casinos and then close the coffee shops. Quit luring and tempting West Virginia citizens to gamble away their hard earned money. Never in my life have I seen or heard so much hubbub just to save 105 jobs. It makes no sense. We have multimillions of dollars leaving the state, never to return to WV on one hand and 105 jobs created, paying minimum wage on the other hand. Where is the balance or justification?

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Apr-09-13 7:41 AM

WD is the weakest WV racino now.It may ultimately close all operations.The market is saturated.Wheeling has lost all appeal as a destination. MNTG will benefit from the tables closure.

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Apr-09-13 7:24 AM

If the business segment is unsustainable without subsidy, then let it die.

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Apr-09-13 6:05 AM

Agree. If you talked to anyone, when Sims took over no one ever saw him. He ignored the customers.

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Apr-09-13 1:31 AM

The reason table games is not doing well is because of the way Sim managed the whole place into the ground. They cut the odds to the worst in the country and the big players went straight to the Meadows and the Rivers and that's the fact. Give up some of your god awful salary Sim and save some of those 105 minimum wage tip jobs you care so much about all of a sudden. You haven't cared about employees before as you chopped off jobs and blamed employees for your failures. Why don't you hire those that write these articles for you. They work so hard for you they'll get your revenues jumpin!

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