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Gunfire Reports Prompt School Into Lockdown

April 9, 2013

WELLSBURG — Brooke High School students anticipating Monday’s dismissal bell had to wait a bit longer than normal as a report of gunfire nearby sent the school into lockdown about 10 minutes before......

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Apr-09-13 6:35 AM

better safe than sorry. nicely done.

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Apr-09-13 6:50 AM

Another responsible gun WACKO exercising his 'god given right'? DaWrainged and other wackos, no one wants to take your stupid man toys, but we as free citizens deserve to know where they are and how many guns some demented wacko has. You can puff up your chest and cry about words that are from another time and place. But you can't hide from the truth just because you don't believe it. You can't pickup just one end of a stick. Your insane wacko beliefs are responsible for innocents dying everyday.

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Apr-09-13 7:39 AM

the swampland under fire.

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Apr-09-13 8:38 AM

More like an exercise in hysteria than it does anything else. Its like a grand theatrical production, a man hears a shot two miles away, calls the police, the police notify the school that a shot has been heard in northern WV and the school, fearful of being critcized goes into lockdown and then the trump card, the media, enters the frey and reports, hysterically, that the school had to be locked down because of "shots fired". The media is the icing on the hysteria cake though and exaggerated it to its greatest height and then at the end had to say it did not seem to be related to anything. But it was great fun while it lasted, we were just like the big city, with "shots fired" as Channel 9 is obsessed with saying that on air. If we are going to be this obsessed it might be a good idea to not make it such a "look at us" event as that seems to inspire the crazy people in this country. Maybe lockdowns can be done with out the media hysterics. Maybe jus

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Apr-09-13 8:49 AM

A fisherman heard gunshots in Brooke county and called to police? Clearly an out-of-towner.

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Apr-09-13 9:07 AM

you have to know the principal in that building.paranoid ain't the word.afraid of your own shadow is more like it.cry wolf.

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Apr-09-13 9:47 AM

Typical denial. 'Its just some irresponsible good ole boys having fun' What about the several shots some hoopies put into the Weir Middle school cafeteria a couple of years ago? Too many guns, too many goofballs!

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Apr-09-13 10:04 AM

Been to Chicago lately?

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Apr-09-13 10:39 AM

Coughy, some hillbilly pharts and you have a ***&t-fit and called the cops???? BBBWHAHAHAHAH! Probably a car backfire!

YOU are the one that is DE-RANGED!!!

I could make a sock puppet in the shape of gun, point it at you, and you would probably fall over dead!!!

Liberal Hysteria!

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Apr-09-13 11:58 AM


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Apr-09-13 12:12 PM

Apparently. You've never had a gun pointed at you by a drunken lunatic exercising his rights. I almost gig shot by my buddies dad when I helped him get home I've night. His dad still apologizes. I tell him the same thing I'm telling you. Ya'll are tortuous crazy to own a gun!

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Apr-09-13 5:41 PM

Booh! You're Dead!

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Apr-09-13 7:53 PM


The chicken little liberal soccer moms are at it again!!!

If it's private property this is PERFECTLY legal and PERFECTLY normal in MOST of the country!!!

Me and my neighbors would quite often shoot targets and tin cans hung on the pasture fences most days of the week!!

And not ONCE was anybody ever injured or some busy body soccer mom call and complain!!

Stop drinking the Obama aide and pull your heads out of your rears!!!

The brain dead gun phobes need to grow up!!

These busy body ankle biting little soccer moms need to get some serious mental rehab!!!

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Apr-10-13 8:01 AM

up date: an old car goes past a school and backfires...the school goes into panic mode and slams the doors shut locking them while students are still entering for class, leaving many outside wondering around looking for the loan "gunman" old car...and our "Fearful /leaders" cheered

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Apr-10-13 12:37 PM

I was working in my yard yesterday and heard some gunshots in the woods, probably 1/2 mile away. I just hollered, "Hey, what y'all shootin' at?" It didn't occur to me to call the police - and this was less than 2 miles from an elementary school. Somehow, we all survived.

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