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Brad Paisley Song Draws Ire

Glen Dale native says duet with LL Cool J is merely call for open discussion of racism

April 10, 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Country singer Brad Paisley says he was trying to foster an open discussion of race relations when he collaborated with rapper LL Cool J on “Accidental Racist....

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Apr-10-13 5:48 AM

White boyz ain't allowed to talk about racism because they are, by definition, RACISTS in Liberal lala land.

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Apr-10-13 6:04 AM

I went to youtube to listen to this song. Um, ok. Controversial? Nope. If it upsets whites and blacks, I'd say these men succeeded. I've always liked Brad Paisley, maybe I'll start listing to LL Cool J. Good sentiments fellas.

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Apr-10-13 6:54 AM

Instantly DeWranged starts with the hate. Kinda missing the whole point. Again!

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Apr-10-13 7:20 AM

It's his music. Do what you want Brad.

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Apr-10-13 7:32 AM

Coughy MAKES my point, thanks IDIOT!

RACE CARD: don't leave home without it! Yours is badly overdrawn from constant use.

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Apr-10-13 7:33 AM

Haven't heard the song yet, but I'm guessing that the controversy is coming from a bunch of uptight, politically-correct, self-righteous cotton-headed ninny muggins who don't know how to laugh at the absurdity of life....

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Apr-10-13 8:14 AM

My two cents. The song should be accidental prejudice, not accidental racist. Racism, as a concept, is defined by one race being superior over another as in Nazi Germany. I know there are people who think that way, but not in vast numbers at this time in this county. Prejudice is looking at how people look and making judgments on their character, thoughts, etc. Also, Brad really isn’t from the south technically speaking. I know that growing up in the OV has its own unique assets and baggage, but I am sure our culture is different than a person from Georgia

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Apr-10-13 8:19 AM

Paisley can plaster his red confederate flag on both the front and back bumpers of his F-350 Ford pickup but that won't make him a Southerner. He's no more Southern than Abe Lincoln. He was born north of the Mason-Dixon Line in Glendale, W.Va. We fought for the Union. Remember?

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Apr-10-13 8:30 AM

The controversy is contrived, the song has been out for awhile and his point is valid. Reporters are lazy and just look for stories to use buzzwords and then tell people that there is a controversy. Its called cheap language. When you watch the local carnival that is sometimes called local TV news, look to see how many times the talking air heads use terms like "major" and "massive" to try to excite us. Paisley is not a racist by any means and I think he collaborated on this with LL Cool J who is also not a racist. They were trying to make a point, but important points do not make it through the dummy down filter of the American (and local) media.

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Apr-10-13 8:58 AM

IF BRAD PAISLEY IS A RACIST, THE POPE IS AN ATHEIST! I know him well enough to support his integrity, values and commitment to decency.

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Apr-10-13 9:01 AM

I'm hoping that he and LL will make this song into a video.

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Apr-10-13 9:19 AM


Always looking for a way to make a public $pla$h.

Please, please turn the page.

Proves once again, the sheeple have too much time on their hands. Oh that's right, they probably do since most sheeple no longer work anyway.

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Apr-10-13 9:28 AM

Just listened to the song. Don't quite get the "racist" controversy.

You want racism, tune into Sharpton or Toure' or Rev. Luis León.

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Apr-10-13 9:38 AM

I suppose because he is a local boy this insignificant song is generating some press, but who really cares about the intended purpose of the song? One would think that someone would tell Brad that he looks like a dufus in that stupid hat.

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Apr-10-13 9:42 AM

In an effort to prove that I am not a racist, I said "good afternoon" to a black man in a DOJ orange jumpsuit that walked by my house two days ago collecting litter:). However, I also said "good afternoon" to the two white guys in orange DOJ jumpsuits performing the same task. I guess that gesture takes away a little of my non-racist street cred though.

We, as a country, all need to lighten-up and treat a person as a person! There are good and bad people of all colors and creeds amongst us.

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Apr-10-13 9:54 AM

Coffee, does it surprise you?

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Apr-10-13 10:48 AM

Nothing good ever came from hating anyone at all. Hefner, why do you always find it beneficial to insult people with every diatribe? You never have anything good to say. You always have this black cloud of vitriol following you and you reach up and borrow bitterness from it to make a point. What was your point exactly? You don't like Brad Paisley? You agree or disagree with the song? With racism? Point, not.

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Apr-10-13 10:49 AM

You know how some songs start out with a short speech? The video if theis song should start with the late WV Senator Robert C Byrd's enfamous viewpoints on RACE with his description of "white ------s".

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Apr-10-13 11:14 AM

@herc007: My point quite simply is that the song makes no difference one way or the other to anyone and is just release hype. I guess I cling to my guns and country music like that recorded by "The Outlaws" who experienced what it was they sang about and were believable. And Brad's hat, come on, be honest, he looks like a dufus. I haven't heard the song and if I do, it will be by accident. I have no sentiment at all for Brad Paisley, am glad that he is doing good and has a following. As far as my feelings on racism, the argument today is contrived by politicians, black individuals and groups who represent no one and the efforts by the politicians is to garner votes and by the blacks to keep the money flowing. It is difficult today not to be cynical and I plead guilty. God Bless Brad, you, and all of America.

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Apr-10-13 11:36 AM

@hercx007: Just one other point. Don't be afraid to speak up and be heard. Wearing rose colored glasses in the environment in which we live is leading to the downfall of our nation and we must face the reality of our situation. Actually, I'm realistic and realism breeds cynicism. Break out of your shell my friend, embrace the Constitution of our nation, shed your white man guilt, buy a gun, go to church, and carry kindness in your heart for all men. The cure for our nation is leadership founded on the principals of our Constitution, the unbiased and factual education of our youth,a strong national defense,less government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility. All of that is AWOL today.

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Apr-10-13 11:56 AM

Hef: Agree 100% with your second sediment! (Apr-10-13 11:36 AM)

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Apr-10-13 11:57 AM

TOLERANCE, as defined today, DESTROYS!!!

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Apr-10-13 1:02 PM

Not a bad song, but it doesn't compare to Mister J's greatest song, Tina's Got A Big Old Butt (So I'm Leaving You)

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Apr-10-13 1:13 PM

People have always and will continue to segregate themselves based on race and ethnic background! You can sing/listen to all the songs you want and the segregation will never end!

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Apr-10-13 1:58 PM

HercX007 agree. most here are so unhappy with their own lives the project that anger onto everyone else to try and drag them into the gutter with them. i have to much fun to let that happen. lol.

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