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Brad Paisley Song Draws Ire

Glen Dale native says duet with LL Cool J is merely call for open discussion of racism

April 10, 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Country singer Brad Paisley says he was trying to foster an open discussion of race relations when he collaborated with rapper LL Cool J on “Accidental Racist....

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Apr-12-13 12:23 PM

Wow, almost 50 comments on a song which isn't very well written in the first place and has been overshadowed already by the Jay Z and Beyonce/Cuban controversy

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Apr-12-13 11:08 AM

da LEFT is never "RIGHT" Homeboy, what can I say?

Use is just a screwed up Hillbilly 'cuz u wuz Born dat way!

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Apr-11-13 9:58 PM

Yo ChokingChicken, you be full of crap!

U be listening to da Shiite da call the RAP!

U may think u be a liberal and dat makes it OK.

But U just another hypocrite brain-dead whitey who be gettin' in my WAY.

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Apr-11-13 2:45 PM


Racism: being a member of the group WHITE MALE and believing that "ALL men are created equal" means EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES to succeed, not "producing Equal RESULTS".

Non-Racist: Anybody BUT White Males and/or Those who believe that "Created Equal" means you REDISTRIBUTE the WEALTH until everybody is equally POOR and MISERABLE.

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Apr-11-13 11:33 AM

@smokingchoker: For your edification racism today is generally defined as intolerance or hatred of another race or races, but what many define as racism is whites being intolerant or hating blacks,when in fact, it is a two way street. My experience has been that the hatred or intolerance is more of blacks intolerance or hating of whites rather than vice versa. You should understand that racism is prevalent in only a very small percentage of any race, however, when confronted everyone possesses some level of racism in their being. I hope this has helped you in your quest for enlightenment.

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Apr-11-13 10:35 AM

@wonderwhy: It's not only that I don't think that God created all men equal, I know God didn't create all men equal. The term, "all men created equal" is a term of art and refers to all men being created equal, "under the law." Look around, do you honestly believe that all humans coming out of the womb, are created equal? Do you have any knowledge of birth defects, etc. The miracle of birth was certainly created by God, but that is the extent of his involvement, and what comes from the joining of man and woman is in the hands of nature. Stop wondering, wonderwhy, and come out of the clouds and live life, as it is, not as some dream it should be.

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Apr-11-13 10:14 AM

Hefner- You apparently don't think that God created all men equal. You claim 'white man's guilt', and blacks to keep the money flowing? whoa!

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Apr-11-13 7:49 AM

So, Uncommon. Let me get this straight. It's okay to fly the confederate flag if you're from the south. I guess that makes it okay to fly the Nazi swastika if you're from Germany? Both are symbols of repressive regimes. Both are symbols of slavery. I see no real difference.

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Apr-11-13 6:44 AM

The collaboration has prompted Ted Nugent and Hank Jr to enter the studio and begin work on their "GOP (guns, oppertoonities, and presidents) Dreams" anthem.

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Apr-10-13 7:44 PM

This is simply an attempt to be more popular with the POP and rap crowd and be more like the PC and liberal crowd Brad lives among in Malibu

And the only thing that offends me is that this isn't country music and it strays too far from traditional country

It's not racisim to be from the south, fly the confederate flag, or like country music!!!

Despite what the liberal media says!

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Apr-10-13 4:34 PM

another tu rd jumping on the race card to make some I white boy

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Apr-10-13 3:05 PM

Well shoot whgfleeing you can wait for a Van Halen and Whitesnake and or some other washed up 80's rockers to play the 10th tier venues like Wheee-ling.

If they don't die of drug OD first that is!

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Apr-10-13 2:12 PM

i wont buy..won't listen..hate country music and rap.

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Apr-10-13 2:07 PM

As is shown by the number of comments, this is generating interest. People will buy, and that is the object of producing. MONEY!!!

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Apr-10-13 2:02 PM


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Apr-10-13 1:59 PM

living a paranoid life isn't much of a life at all. feel sorry for those people.

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Apr-10-13 1:58 PM

HercX007 agree. most here are so unhappy with their own lives the project that anger onto everyone else to try and drag them into the gutter with them. i have to much fun to let that happen. lol.

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Apr-10-13 1:13 PM

People have always and will continue to segregate themselves based on race and ethnic background! You can sing/listen to all the songs you want and the segregation will never end!

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Apr-10-13 1:02 PM

Not a bad song, but it doesn't compare to Mister J's greatest song, Tina's Got A Big Old Butt (So I'm Leaving You)

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Apr-10-13 11:57 AM

TOLERANCE, as defined today, DESTROYS!!!

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Apr-10-13 11:56 AM

Hef: Agree 100% with your second sediment! (Apr-10-13 11:36 AM)

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Apr-10-13 11:36 AM

@hercx007: Just one other point. Don't be afraid to speak up and be heard. Wearing rose colored glasses in the environment in which we live is leading to the downfall of our nation and we must face the reality of our situation. Actually, I'm realistic and realism breeds cynicism. Break out of your shell my friend, embrace the Constitution of our nation, shed your white man guilt, buy a gun, go to church, and carry kindness in your heart for all men. The cure for our nation is leadership founded on the principals of our Constitution, the unbiased and factual education of our youth,a strong national defense,less government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility. All of that is AWOL today.

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Apr-10-13 11:14 AM

@herc007: My point quite simply is that the song makes no difference one way or the other to anyone and is just release hype. I guess I cling to my guns and country music like that recorded by "The Outlaws" who experienced what it was they sang about and were believable. And Brad's hat, come on, be honest, he looks like a dufus. I haven't heard the song and if I do, it will be by accident. I have no sentiment at all for Brad Paisley, am glad that he is doing good and has a following. As far as my feelings on racism, the argument today is contrived by politicians, black individuals and groups who represent no one and the efforts by the politicians is to garner votes and by the blacks to keep the money flowing. It is difficult today not to be cynical and I plead guilty. God Bless Brad, you, and all of America.

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Apr-10-13 10:49 AM

You know how some songs start out with a short speech? The video if theis song should start with the late WV Senator Robert C Byrd's enfamous viewpoints on RACE with his description of "white ------s".

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Apr-10-13 10:48 AM

Nothing good ever came from hating anyone at all. Hefner, why do you always find it beneficial to insult people with every diatribe? You never have anything good to say. You always have this black cloud of vitriol following you and you reach up and borrow bitterness from it to make a point. What was your point exactly? You don't like Brad Paisley? You agree or disagree with the song? With racism? Point, not.

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