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Gun Control Deal Reached

April 10, 2013

WASHINGTON — Two key senators have reached a bipartisan deal on expanding background checks to more gun buyers, a Senate aide and lobbyist said today, an agreement that could build support for......

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Apr-12-13 1:27 AM

ban boats. coulubus stayed home there wouldn't be any upset folks south of what we call the us border.

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Apr-12-13 1:22 AM

Bits and pieces. If America were a patient and the elected gaggle was the emergency room team , it would go like this. "um the heart stopped " Take a up or down vote to see if all are in agreement the heart stopped. "while the yeas and nays are taken let's cap them there front teeth"

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Apr-11-13 5:25 PM

impacted, which one of the Three Stooges are you?

Sleasy, Greasy, or Wheezy?

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Apr-11-13 5:02 PM

Typical knee-jerk reaction from politicians, bottom-feeders. They strain at gnats & swallow camels!

Let's see, the current background checks are insufficient to track law abiding citizens. Expanding background checks will require the expansion of tracking law abiding citizens. How stupid is that?

How will expansion of background checks stop the shootings in Colorado, Connecticut, or anywhere else?

The truth is, is that it won't.

What the nation needs is strict term limits and extensive background checks on all elected officials prior to taking office.

The world is becoming more & more dangerous with every passing year & our gov't is becoming bigger & bigger.

Don't allow Uncle Sam to seize your liberty!

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Apr-11-13 10:57 AM

If you think that Senator Joe Manchin is a "liberal" I would suggest that you get a mental evaluations SOON.

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Apr-11-13 9:38 AM

Every time Wrat speaks, he strengthens the call for more legislation. Thanks, dunb a&&!

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Apr-11-13 6:27 AM


Guns are used as tools every day to protect one's property (elimination of predators) and to harvest food.

I realize that these tasks aren't appealing to the liberal mindset,since the progressive schoool system teaches that these tasks aren't necessary or if they are necesssary,the government will take care of them.

Funny thing about "the government" is that it is just a group of people making decisions for you, most of which have no idea what your wants or needs are, or even the difference between a "want" and a "need".

Since you have already "learned" that guns are evil objects that must be eliminated, further discussion with you would be a waste of my time.

Keep supporting those feel-good laws that are unenforceable, as long as it makes you feel good. I pray that you are not too disappointed when you find out that "the government" can't be you nanny,or your protector.

Live long and prosper.

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Apr-11-13 12:02 AM

how about full public disclosure backround checks on political candidates ?

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Apr-10-13 11:53 PM

steak knives ? don't go high tech on moms. They are just learning where to talk into the fast food drive through speaker to order meals.

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Apr-10-13 11:48 PM

a political noise with some chance of passing. Like promising to get most of the people driving in the eastbound lane to say they are in favor of not driving west in the east lane. They really wouldn't participate in the song if they had to learn the words or wern't already singing.

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Apr-10-13 11:12 PM

Everytime wraith posts, God smashes a kitten. What a troll. Can anything ever not turn into an e calling? What a Weiner.

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Apr-10-13 8:33 PM

Coughy you don't have enough brains to poor pizz out of a boot with directions on the heel.

If an ounce of brains were a mile of string, you couldn't tie your shoe, mental midget.

If one IQ point was a candle, you wouldn't have enough to light up your outhouse.

Get some facts, azzwhipe, nobody gives a crap about your liberal talking points.

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Apr-10-13 8:16 PM

So if this passes, all gun dealers will have to keep records of the details of each sale. Currently they only keep the record a very limited time then destroy it. So the Govt. will be able to track the gun and who bought it and when along with ones address etc. Private sales can still be done with no paperwork. So, tell me again Lefty. How does this keep a gun out of the hands of mass murders?

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Apr-10-13 7:49 PM

Two treasonous tyrants that need to be marched to the gallows!!!

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Apr-10-13 7:25 PM

Thanks for proving why I call you daWranged. Can somebody do a background check on him?

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Apr-10-13 6:46 PM

Coughy, "name another purpose for a 38 special than to shoot someone."

Oh maybe for a 110 pound woman to defend herself from her 280 pound abusive boyfriend.

Police take 20 minutes. 357 Magnum takes 1 second to travel 1400 feet!

Or maybe you find yourself the only white boi in downtown Detroit and the Hombboyz want to jack your new Benz. They aren't interested in a discussion on race relations. They ARE gonna pop a cap yo a&& in about 10 seconds if you DON'T get out of your car.

Or you wake up at night with Thug in ski mask with a 40 cal to your wife's head. He is GLAD you do not believe in self protection, Coughy.

We aren't talking Cond*ms here, goofass.

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Apr-10-13 5:34 PM

daWranged - "'s only the beginning." aNUTterview - name another purpose for a 38 special than to shoot someone... PS. Target practice to make sure you dont miss them when you shot at them doesn't count. cricket... cricket...

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Apr-10-13 5:06 PM

coughy, I do get the point, background checks are nothing but feel-good legislation for dim-wits that think criminals will obey this "better" law.

Your song reference is most telling; you don't understand that every tool can be used for multiple purposes, depending upon the user's wishes.

I might claim that a blog site has no use other that to plump up one's feathers.

Neither statement is truly honest.

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Apr-10-13 4:52 PM

BTW, GREAT picture of that arrogant bast*rd Chuck U Schumer!

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Apr-10-13 4:51 PM

Chokingonspit, YO IDIOT! Gun registration doesn't amount to hill of crap.


You LOST, dumba&&!!! We threw you a puny little BONE* and you are licking on it like a Filet Mignon!

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Apr-10-13 3:58 PM

These two tricky political HOT SHOTS got all you girls pants bunched up for nothing.


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Apr-10-13 3:54 PM

HEY! Wait a minute!


Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Pat Toomey both work for the National Rifle Association.

Well both of them are on the NRA's senatorial payroll.

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Apr-10-13 3:45 PM

aNUTterview. Misses the point too. 14 people injured in knive attack. Nobody is dead from being shot! Big difference. "Ain't good for nothing bu put a man 6 feet in a hole".

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Apr-10-13 3:21 PM

If this is a cure-all for crazies shooting up the area, can't we enact similar legislation to require background checks before hiring illegals, medical background check to receive disability payments from the government, financial background checks before receiving a loan to purchase a home.

But wait, don't we have those checks already; therefore no illegals, no disability fraud, no home foreclosures, and now no more crazies or criminals with guns.


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Apr-10-13 3:16 PM

Gun control for law abiding citizens is just like cutting the horns off of a Gazelle so that it doesn't injure the Lion that is attacking it.

1.8 Million violent crimes PER YEAR are PREVENTED by GUNS!!1

More GUNS---Less Crime! Fact!

More Thugs with Guns, fewer law abiding citizens with GUNS: MORE CRIME!

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