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Lunch Bill OK’d

April 13, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — After a fiery floor debate, with invocations of scripture, memories of leaner times and calls to action, the West Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill to try and ensure that n......

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Apr-13-13 6:34 AM

At the very least, change the vernacular from "Free" lunch to "Subsidized" lunch. At least that way the kids can learn: 1) What the term "subsidized" means; 2) That someone IS PAYING for their lunch, it's not "free".

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Apr-13-13 6:40 AM

Whatever happened to civic responsibility and personal accountability???

I can't believe this is the life lesson that our school administrators and state legislators want to teach our children.


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Apr-13-13 7:34 AM

Canterbury's callous Darwinian take on these unfortunate kids makes my skin crawl. This guy's a creep in the true sense of the word, but, hey, he's a right wingnut, so I guess that figures.

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Apr-13-13 7:55 AM

teaching kids that everything is free.they'll grow up with the same sense of entitlement as the politicians.what a bunch.

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Apr-13-13 8:44 AM

I see two major flaws in this idea, three if you count sending idiots to Charleston as a flaw; one - eating in the classroom, duh how about "learning and working" in the class room. Two, thought foodstamps was a means of insuring kids went to school with a lunch, thought should be given to reducing the amount of foodstamps if meals are going to be paid for by the taxpayers.

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Apr-13-13 10:59 AM

It is the liberal politicans way to pretend that there are people who want children to go hnurgy and say so even with tears in his eyes. Why do children go hungry? Is there not enough food? Are there not enough state programs to feed kids? Did the food stamp program end and we didn't know it? Are there enough charities to feed kids? No, the answer to why children suffer is that they have horrible parents who use all their resources for booze and drugs. So now, instead of dealing with the parents who torture thier kids and leave them hungry we are going to invent yet another way to not deal with the basic problem. The only reason that any child in America goes to bed or school hungry is that the left wing dream of a social service system will not deal with bad parents, who abuse and neglect their children. Pretty soon we will have a program to go to homes and make sure kids take a bath, or go to bed on time. Deal with the parents that the welfare system created and hunger ends.

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Apr-13-13 11:47 AM

"The National School Lunch Program supports student nutrition in over 101,000 schools and residential facilities. It provides free and reduced priced meals to low-income children before school, during school, after school, and over the summer. In fiscal year 2012, federal school nutrition programs underwrote more than five billion lunches served to over 31 million students. Total funding for all nutrition programs sums to more than $14 billion in both cash and commodity payments. School nutrition programs are one of the largest federal funding streams to schools."

"Students who do not qualify for free or reduced price lunch can purchase slightly subsidized meals, but these lunches are considered “paid” because the student shoulders most of the cost. The lunch program subsidizes each “paid” meal between 23 and 25 cents to offset administrative costs."

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Apr-13-13 2:03 PM

Everything is FREE. The people,county and state doesn't care. The Fed. Gov. will pay for it. Who supports the Fed. ?? We do. At least the ones who pay their taxes.

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Apr-13-13 7:40 PM

Republicans are willing to provide meals to American youths, plus uniforms, if they are old enough to march into oil rich countries and kill non-Christian people.

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Apr-13-13 7:40 PM

Republicans are willing to provide meals to American youths, plus uniforms, if they are old enough to march into oil rich countries and kill non-Christian people.

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Apr-13-13 10:27 PM

Liberal Azzwhipes like CHOKING CHICKEN, tell us WHY under YOUR MESSIAH, the number of people getting FOOD STAMPS has increased from 24 MILLION to almost 50 MILLION?????

Under Democraptic rule, the whole F******** country will be unemployed and on food stamps by 2020.

There IS no free lunches, you dumbass trailer trash need to get a clue.

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Apr-14-13 8:21 AM

No work, no eat. This used to be the way in the former Free country called the USA in the 20th century. Before all the "free" Govt. give a ways started. Most did some form of earning their way. Others who were un able were given food, meals from Churches and other charities. Today we live in a different country. Today our young are being taught by the State that everyone is entitled to "Free" everything re guard less of their personal situation as long as they support the State. And if someone else has more, through earning it themselves, they are somehow evil and should have their stuff taken away to support the masses.. If our country stays on this path, things are not going to end well for most. "The problem with socialism is that at some point you run out of other peoples money"

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Apr-14-13 9:44 AM


Democrats have proved quite effective at killing non - Christians. Especially non - military! From CNN, "The study by Stanford Law School and New York University's School of Law calls for a re-evaluation of the practice, saying the number of "high-level" targets killed as a percentage of total casualties is extremely low -- about 2%."

From CNS, "For the total 2,053 fallen troops in Afghanistan since the United States began military operations in October 2001, 1,484 have died during the Obama administration, meaning approximately 72 percent of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan have occurred during President Obama’s first term."

No blood on Democratic hands eh WBR?

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Apr-14-13 3:54 PM

Chokingchicken you friggen idiot, your homboyz CANT FIND JOBS under the piece of crap President you voted for.

In March 2013, 88,000 New Jobs were created.

However, 663,000 LOST THEIR JOBS, or just gave up looking!!!!

The POOR are SO MUCH MORE worse off under Obama than under Bush! Bush EMPLOYMENT rates and TOTAL EMPLOYED are UNMATCHED in the HISTORY of this country.

Total employed under Owebama as the WORST since 1979 under the OTHER IDIOT, Saint James Carter.

Bring from facts for a change so I don't have the mop the floor with your sorry azz.

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Apr-14-13 3:58 PM

In 1969, just 2.8 million Americans received food stamps. Today, over 47 million Americans are on food stamps. The Fox News special explained that one contributing factor to the massive expansion of the food stamp program is the crony capitalism that has cropped up around the anti-poverty program.

Soda makers, for example, bag an estimated $4 billion a year in taxpayer money through the food stamp program. Efforts to kill the so-called “soda subsidy” have been met with fierce resistance and lobbying by the soda industry.

companies that administer Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards profit when the welfare rolls swell. Since 2004, for example, JP Morgan, which donated $808,799 to Barack Obama in 2008, has made at least $560,492,596 running EBT programs for 18 states.

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Apr-14-13 4:00 PM

Despite the $15 trillion U.S. taxpayers have spent since the war on poverty’s inception, poverty in America is largely unchanged. This week, figures from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that nearly 50 million Americans live below the federal poverty line.

Massive Government FAIL!

But we want to keep spending MORE so Democraps can PANDER to their voter base while the Crony Capitalists PROFIT from their connections to the Demoncratic Party.

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Apr-15-13 7:37 AM

Chokingdachicken, are any of my FACTS INCORRECT?

Dazzle us with your brilliance and refute ONE, just ONE _________________??

Yeah, Chokingonyourbullsh**, pahetic I mop the floor up with ignorant drivel 'cuz you got nuttin' boi!

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Apr-15-13 7:39 AM

Does the Soda Industry make $4 Billion on foodstamps, YES or NO?

Did CHASE make $560 MILLION running EBT cards in 18 states, YES or NO?

DID Foodstamps DOUBLE under Owebama$????

Real simple, choked, YES or NO???

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Apr-15-13 8:11 AM

Republicans love hungry school kids.

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Apr-15-13 8:11 AM

Republicans love hungry school kids.

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Apr-15-13 1:43 PM

Demoncraps LOVE hungry school children so they can PANDER for votes.

Owebama DOUBLED the number of people on Food Stamps over Bush Bush Bush.

WHY??? HOW ??????

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