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Restaurants Told to Post Warnings About Secondhand Smoke

April 16, 2013

About two complaints a month are lodged with the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department regarding tobacco smoke leaking from video gambling rooms inside restaurants....

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Apr-19-13 1:07 AM

Maddie, I think the private business owners are following the law. They were told that patrons can smoking in the gambling room, if customers with a keen sense of smell can smell the escape of smoke, I have not heard of a law to address. Customers go in and out and some smell will escape. Mayber owners should be made to have a door, then a hall, then another door to prevent any escape of odor so that those two complainers can breath easily. I just want to know how much the complainers weigh and height. If overweight, complaints should be rejected. Only complaints accepted from those actually practicing healthy lifestyle. Im allergic to perfume so ban that too. Im Dr mercer pt, and he has witnessed my reaction. I want all cologne and fragrance banned please-the reactions have put me in ER. My right to be safe from allergy in public place.

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Apr-19-13 12:57 AM

You know, we have obese lazy children, we push kids that cant read thru the school system, nearly every week, there are prosecutions of sexual crimes against children, Boston was just bombed, schools are being shot up too frequently, college grads have big loans and cant get jobs, drug problems are out of control-pills being sold and abused, bath salts, fake mary jane killing, fracking and result on environment, a bedbug problem nationwide, and 2 people complain of the smell in a restaurant-STAY HOME AND COOK. I watched 2 women both about 45 climb a hill during a community walk, one smoked for 30 yrs, the other 50 lbs overweight. The smoker performed much better than the overweight in breathing, speed, and tolerance. Pick and chose battles wisely. Those smokers shoved in a 8x10 room with machines are the least of our problems

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Apr-16-13 10:44 PM

To getaclue, even private business owners need to follow laws. You should practice your own moniker and get a clue!

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Apr-16-13 10:44 PM

ya accoustic-no smoking in public, then no smoking in your car, then no smoking in your home.

Dont need to be a smoker to understand smokers rights are gone. Then the government needs to ban and quit reaping the benefit of the high tax that comes from it. There would be NO gambling if someone wasnt getting a BIG Buck

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Apr-16-13 4:45 PM

"You smoking idiots believe that you have a right to smoke"

WRONG !!! A private business owner should be able to decide what LEGAL activity they want to allow in their establishment..... YOU NO SMOKING CRUSADERS THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL A BUSINESS OWNER WHAT LEGAL ACTIVITY HE CAN ALLOW IN HIS BUSINESS

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Apr-16-13 4:06 PM

Warn? Why warn-instead, shuut down ALL SMOKING!! This is a no brainer to me!!

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Apr-16-13 12:44 PM

"SO" Big news! We are fighting at least one war and trying to start another. And someone is worried about smoking.

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Apr-16-13 11:54 AM

You smoking idiots believe that you have a right to don''s a dwindling priviledge...costing ALL Americans increased health care costs....

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Apr-16-13 11:51 AM

It's time to change the law.

1--no smoking in gambling rooms.

2--no gambling rooms.

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Apr-16-13 10:24 AM

If smoke is getting into the public area...this is unacceptable...lawsuits should be filed. No person should have to endure being poisoned.

Stop don't win.

Smoking is terrible...just ask any smoker...there should no smoking in any public place..ever.

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Apr-16-13 8:38 AM

2 complaints a month? I've got a great idea for those two people-----DON'T EAT THERE.

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Apr-16-13 7:28 AM

Post the signs and if people choose to eat there, then it's on them!! Make them sign a waiver when they go in. What about the fracking water issue in Warwood? What does the health department have to say about that?

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