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Pressure Cookers Used in Boston Blasts

Dozens remain hospitalized from deadly incident

April 17, 2013

BOSTON (AP) — Federal agents zeroed in Tuesday on how the Boston Marathon bombing was carried out — with kitchen pressure cookers packed with explosives, nails and other lethal shrapnel — but said......

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Apr-18-13 5:29 AM

Photos collated on the 4chan website show numerous images of suspicious individuals wearing large backpacks present at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Three of the men appear to be Arab or Middle Eastern in appearance, whereas another two of the individuals are white.

The images show the men looking away from the marathon runners, talking on cellphones and running from the scene immediately after the blast. Remains of one of the backpacks are also photographed yards from where one of the bombs exploded. The FBI states that at least one of the pressure cooker devices used in the bombing was housed in a backpack.

Lone wolf my Azzz!BBBWHAHAHAHAAH! Another Towelhead attack.

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Apr-17-13 7:21 PM

whgfleeing is full of crap as he is every day. "Lone Wolf" my Azz!

"Two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing have been singled out in surveillance videos of the scene, sources told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday.

U.S. counter-terrorism and law enforcement officials told The Times that the suspects in the Boston bombings were seen in a department store video that caught images of a man leaving a backpack near the finish line.

A second federal official said he has been briefed that authorities believe a second video or photo showed "two men with two backpacks."

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Apr-17-13 12:55 PM

"When asked, FEMA could not explain precisely how the UASI program has closed security gaps or prepared the nation in the event of another attack. In part, FEMA has done very little oversight of the program, allowing cities to spend the money on almost anything they want, as long as it has broad ties to terror prevention. In fact, according to a June 2012 report by the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General, “FEMA did not have a system in place to determine the extent that Homeland Security Grant Program funds enhanced the states’ capabilities to prevent, deter, response to, and recover from terrorist attacks, major disasters and other emergencies before awarding more funds to the states.”11 Moreover, the agency failed to issue preparedness goals, intended to shape the use of UASI funds, until last year—nine years after the program was created. Because of this, it is difficult to measure the gains with any specificity."

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Apr-17-13 12:47 PM

Just weeks before the attack in Boston, federal investigators accused Massachusetts state officials of misusing homeland security money.

FOX23’s Scott MacFarlane found money given to cities for security equipment and programs was instead spend on management.

A February federal audit said, “The Commonwealth of Massachusetts had an outdated homeland security strategy, which had not been updated since 2007.” It also said Massachusetts Homeland security officials “may have spent funds on outdated risks.”

Boston has gotten $174 million in homeland security gran money since 2004.

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Apr-17-13 11:32 AM

Imphat, Opie cuts from Defense and Security FIRST.

But I'm sure all of those 11,250 people on Food Stamps EVERY DAY will improve security here, right????

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Apr-17-13 10:56 AM

budman, You may be right. Such un-controlled global warming is making the crazies think there in a .... pressure cooker. :-)

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Apr-17-13 10:43 AM

Goberment spending at it's finest!

"Boston has installed about 500 cameras in the MBTA system, funded in part with homeland security funds."

Interestigly the 1000's of videos and pictures from the Boston tragedy were provided by private citizens!

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Apr-17-13 10:17 AM

@impact: There are things that can and should be cut, like million dollar golf trips,and arming our enemies in the Middle East, and there are things that should not be cut, like our national defense and the protection of our citizens.

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Apr-17-13 9:48 AM

Wrat, now you're complaining about the President cutting spending. Make up your frigging mind, ya loser.

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Apr-17-13 9:43 AM

This is clearly the result of global warming!

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Apr-17-13 9:40 AM

wraith, Grants are mostly wasted on "feel" good stuff!

Top 10 States, Homeland Security Grants

Grant funding per capita Wyoming $9.00D.C. $8.60Vermont $8.20North Dakota $7.50Alaska $7.10South Dakota $6.20Delaware $5.70Montana $5.10Rhode Island $4.90New York $4.70 Source: FSIS, fy2011.

In per capita spending, the grants were disproportionately awarded to smaller states with fewer homeland security risks. Of the top five states in per capita funding, only Washington, D.C. is a likely terrorism target. New York, which took the brunt of the 9/11 casualties, is ranked 10th.

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn has led the charge against waste in the DHS grant programs, which he says lack clear intent. "We cannot secure liberty and guarantee security simply by spending more and more money in the name of security," Coburn wrote in a Senate oversight committee report in December. "Every dollar misspent in the name of security weakens our already precarious economic condi

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Apr-17-13 8:56 AM

Maybe it's someone who doesn't want gun control, Perhaps the NRA or one of it's members?

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Apr-17-13 8:39 AM

Starting to smell like Mossad.

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Apr-17-13 7:49 AM

CAIRO (AP) — Homemade bombs built from pressure cookers, a version of which was used in the Boston Marathon bombings, have been a frequent weapon of militants in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. Al-Qaida's branch in Yemen once published an online manual on how to make one, urging "lone jihadis" to act on their own.

The relative ease of constructing such bombs and the powerful punch they deliver has made them attractive to insurgents and Islamic extremists, particularly in South Asia. They have turned up in past bombing plots by Islamic extremists in the West, including a plan by a U.S. soldier to blow up a restaurant frequented by fellow soldiers outside Fort Hood, in Texas.

One of the three devices used in the May 2010 Times Square attempted bombing was a pressure cooker, according to a joint FBI and Homeland Security intelligence report issued in July 2010.

Still think you are "right", whgfleeing, you sick ***&???

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Apr-17-13 7:46 AM

whgfleeing is a sick ******er.

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Apr-17-13 7:39 AM

@whgfeeling: How can you find humor in this event and praise yourself when innocent American's have been murdered and maimed? You are not right, you are a self exposed fool.

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Apr-17-13 7:33 AM

Why not put a diagram in the paper of how to make a pressure cooker bomb so other soon to be bombers don't have to do any research. If this were a devoted bomber he would have strapped on a bomb vest and would have gone to meet Allah. Arm yourself America, our nation's cowardly foreign policies has brought the enemy to our shores.

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Apr-17-13 6:33 AM

Barack Obama's administration has cut the budget nearly in half for preventing domestic bombings, MailOnline can reveal.


Under President George W. Bush, the Department of Homeland Security had $20 million allocated for preventing the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) by terrorists working inside the United States. The current White House has cut that funding down to $11 million. That assessment comes from Robert Liscouski, a former Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15 that killed three Americans and injured at least 173 others.

'but the Obama administration has continued to cut the budget for offices such as the Office for Bombing Prevention from $20 million started under Bush, to $11 million today.'

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Apr-17-13 6:31 AM

The nails and ball bearings are standard Mideast terrorist style bombs to maximize human casualties in IEDs.

Can't say this isn't a copy cat but the plans for such a bomb are published on Muslim terrorist sites and they urged "individual action" to combat the American satin.

One or two man sleeper cell.

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Apr-17-13 6:21 AM

@whgfeeling - If you 'always be right' that bad news as Massachusetts abandoned the 'death penalty' nearly 30 years ago! We'll have to relay on Obama and the Feds to kill the perp.

Thank the stars Obama has no qualms about 'putting down' terrorists! No drone in this case if the 'lone wolf' is an American, just good old fashioned 'needle'.

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Apr-17-13 3:48 AM

cnn: 'Lone wolf' suspected in Boston blasts

Experts say the devices used in the Boston Marathon are typical of the solo terrorist who builds a bomb with a popular formula.

i hate to always be right..but someone on this blog needs to be. lol. i called it from day one. morons.

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