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Burgoyne: ‘No Doubt’ Culprit Will Be Found

April 17, 2013

WHEELING — Tom Burgoyne, a former FBI agent who spent two-and-a-half years working in Boston, said he has no doubt those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing will be found....

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Apr-17-13 7:05 AM

Why would law enforcement be rivals? Can somebody act like a reporter around here?

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Apr-17-13 7:09 AM

One has to feel more confident after reading Mr. Burgoyne's assessment of the situation.

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Apr-17-13 7:51 AM

US GOVERNMENT: "Somebody saw something..."


WE don't have a (bleeping) CLUE, HEELP!

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Apr-17-13 7:52 AM

Your Obama Government at work:

"Under President George W. Bush, the Department of Homeland Security had $20 million allocated for preventing the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) by terrorists working inside the United States.

The current White House has cut that funding down to $11 million. That assessment comes from Robert Liscouski, a former Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15 that killed three Americans and injured at least 173 others."


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Apr-17-13 7:58 AM

"Why would law enforcement be rivals?" Has always been this way, call it turf war or territorial, there has always been a feeling of "stepping on the other's toes when it comes to city, county, state, or federal law enforcement. The good news, they still manage to work well with each other.

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Apr-17-13 8:22 AM

There's a few minutes of my life I won't get back. Burgoyne's insights are worthless. Please don't run for sheriff again, Tom.

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Apr-17-13 9:12 AM

This man is a has been. Old @ over the hill, he can't even remember to change his cloths. If he wasn't at his old homestead he wouldn't know where he is at. Shame he is such a glory hog, he can't even respect those who died @ injured in Boston. Just keep your senile thoughts to yourself.

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Apr-17-13 10:10 AM

Why did Tom get transferred from a prestigious posting like Boston to a backwater like Wheeling? I understand that is a story in itself. Truthful nailed Tom spot on.

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Apr-17-13 12:55 PM

daWranged: Which way you want it big $$ government or no $$ government? You can't have both. Typical Teapublican.

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Apr-17-13 1:23 PM

The "Experts" are coming out of the wood work.

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Apr-17-13 2:20 PM

Obviously the man was correct as they have arrested at least one of the perps.

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Apr-17-13 7:06 PM

Hef, as you know from the person who authored the tell-all book. He had connections with the convicted Felon from Handcock Co. Pittsburgh close to that Co. How many bad guys did he assist,This guy is as dirty as the bottom of your shoes. He thinks he is the Godfather of the law enforcement community. Once he does a favor for a person, that person owes him for the rest of their lives.Dirty Dirty Dirty

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Apr-17-13 8:00 PM

Everyone please explain, Burgoyne says the bomber is either a (lone wolf) working by himself or with 2 or 3 other people? It's like the Oklahoma but smaller? The Boston bombing was good, it will get law enforcement to work together? Burgoyne must have totally lost his mind.

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Apr-17-13 8:04 PM

Does anyone really care what this washed up elitist says? Really?

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Apr-18-13 12:02 AM

The bomber is either a "lone wolf" or working with 2 or 3 other people. Brilliant deduction. I was pretty sure that this was not gang activity from the start. I thought there had to be at least a normal IQ to get into FBI.

Wraith, you got any rooms for rent out there in CA, because I could rent for a pretty penny to the gas people and be away from these idiot so called leaders of this community. There are the dirty and the fools, and they are pulling together for the good of the community, so now we have dirty fools. If I ever escape this place, I vow to never read the NR or any other connection to this $uck Wild he$$ hole.

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Apr-18-13 10:52 AM

Hefner, your innorance is showing. You should shut because you have no idea what you are talking about.

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Apr-18-13 7:49 PM

Bloomin yeah the whole valley just has DEATH written all over it these days and the gas money isn't fixing anything much I can see.

The minds get smaller as the population dwindles.

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Apr-19-13 8:26 AM

Hefner needs to get his facts straight. burgoyne wasn't transferred from Boston to Wheeling; it was the exact opposite. Please at least know what you're talking about before you post.

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