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Manchin Plan Shot Down

Senate rejects background check measure on a bipartisan vote

April 18, 2013

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Wednesday rejected a West Virginia lawmaker’s amendment to tighten restrictions on the sale of firearms. The measure, offered by Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va....

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Apr-20-13 4:09 PM

Sad. I suppose there’s only one way to appease Clueless libbies: Take guns away from sheriff’s deputies. Sorry deputies, but you’ll have to face down armed criminals with batons and mace. Because Clueless libbies say so.

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Apr-20-13 12:33 PM


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Apr-20-13 12:20 PM

(CNN) -- A pistol in the hands of a 4-year-old boy went off during a weekend cookout, killing the wife of a Tennessee sheriff's deputy who was showing his guns to a relative, state police said Monday.

No one saw the boy pick up the weapon before the shooting, which occurred Saturday night in Lebanon, east of Nashville, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Kristin Helm said. The single shot killed 47-year-old Josephine Fanning, the wife of Wilson County Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Fanning.

The couple were hosting family and friends at their house when Daniel Fanning and a relative went into a bedroom to check out some of Fanning's guns, Helm said. Josephine Fanning and the boy walked into the room later, and at some point the boy picked the loaded pistol up off the bed.

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Apr-19-13 4:55 PM

The Americans, those who play guns and robbers, thinking that they might control some aspects of a real fire fight, should take a trip to Chechnya, where the real gun advocates ply their wares, count up their lethal toll. By the time that the overweight, out of shape gun freaks of the United States got their act together? The modern equivalent of those Vikings who butchered their way through the Dark Ages, those Chechnyans from the Russian Federation would take down significat numbers of that crowd in America, which is still fascinated by weapons in someone's cold dead hands. Dream on extreme defenders of the Second Ammendment--by the time that pack of Marlboroughs or Camels is retrieved after falling to the ground, all that would remain is gunsmoke..Really you characters need to find an enemy that can bite and fight back.

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Apr-19-13 10:48 AM

obama not credible and manchin in the same category.

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Apr-19-13 10:45 AM

But no worries. Because your Tax and Spender in Chief promised to cut the deficit in half in his first term, right? There’s the Democrit version of hoopie “truthfullness” [sic]. I’m sure Guantanamo will be closing soon, too. And Obamacare won’t add one dime to the debt. And there will be no lobbyists in the Obama White House. Lie after lie after lie after lie... Disgusting, Democrits. And you built that.

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Apr-19-13 10:44 AM

hoopie, $6 TRILLION of it, almost 40% of it, IS Obama’s. Not even counting the $3 TRILLION MORE of it racked up by he and his big-spending Democrit pals in the Senate during the four years before he became Spender in Chief. More of the National debt belongs to Obama than belongs to any other President in US history. Pretty impressive for one President to rack up 40% of a nation’s debt in a single term.

Not surprising you Democrits want to distance yourselves from that unfathomable fiscal disaster you dumped on your children to deal with. I’d be ashamed, too, if I did that to my kids just to buy votes. So deal with it. Here's the website you don't dare visit. Too much truth for you to handle. LOL

w ww.treasurydirect.g ov/govt/reports/pd/mspd/mspd.htm

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Apr-19-13 10:44 AM

obama just not credible!

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Apr-19-13 10:43 AM

Let the record show, when obama took office the National debt was $10 trillion and he PROMISED to cut it in half in four years.

Now, I ask you, who is being more truthful?

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Apr-19-13 8:16 AM

troll, so the $17 billion debt is all Obama's? LOL. That speaks volumes as to your truthfullness! LOL

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Apr-19-13 8:03 AM

Clueless, I’m sure you agree LogHog’s “numbers don’t lie.”

It’s time to return to the real issues. The issues the Obama regime wants you distract you from with non-issues like infringing on your Second Amendment rights. Like the stagnated 14% REAL Obama unemployment rate, the RECORD 48 MILLION Americans on Obama food stamps, and the skyrocketing 17 TRILLION Obama National Debt. These numbers are destroying our children’s future. Here are the sources from my numbers that don’t lie.

w ww.fns.usda.g ov/pd/29snapcurrpp.htm

data.bls.g ov/cgi-bin/

w ww.treasurydirect.g ov/govt/reports/pd/mspd/mspd.htm

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Apr-19-13 5:52 AM

Gallup poll of Americans only 4% think new laws for gun control are important. 96% think there are more important issues.

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Apr-18-13 9:37 PM

TheRealityPolice NUMBERS DON'T LIE!!!! Do some research

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Apr-18-13 9:07 PM

Traitor Joe now needs to be CHARGED with treason and hauled off to prison!!!

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Apr-18-13 6:51 PM

It got shot down because the People are starting to catch on to obama's lies. He just isn't credible.

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Apr-18-13 5:21 PM

Getaclue - they teach you that at fire school? Then the instructors are plain idiots.

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Apr-18-13 5:20 PM

one shot and one kill gets the best use in wasting the ammo.

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Apr-18-13 5:08 PM

HmmmmH ! Sex is not got for you or anybody else?????

Speak for yourself and your boyfriend, CroakingSmoker!!!

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Apr-18-13 4:03 PM

Choker, did you call us "girls" because you think we’re young females, or are you a misogynist, too? Lovely.

And quoting Bill Mahr? LOL May as well follow his progressive example and call us the c-word instead of "girls." LOL

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Apr-18-13 2:49 PM

So far the spoiled brat didn't get his way. Now what is he going to try to impose on us?. He already has the health plan that will bankrupt the country.

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Apr-18-13 1:19 PM

This law and all the others are in response to the Sandy Hook shooting, right?

Everything the kid did is already against the law. Stealing his mother's guns. Breaking into the school. Shooting everyone.

So what would this law do to prevent a reoccurrence?


The only thing that might have worked is tighter mental health rules, so loonies can be committed more easily, and the same clowns pushing laws like this have fought against that kind of action for decades.

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Apr-18-13 12:26 PM

Croakingsmoker, police take about 20 minutes on a 911.

.357 magnum travels 1400 feet per second.

I'll go with Magnum Force.

Do you fell LUCKY today, Punk???

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Apr-18-13 12:21 PM

Spoken like a true hoplophobe, Choker. The truth? It will be he with the most practiced draw, the best sight picture and the smoothest trigger squeeze who will win. You call 911 and wait in a fetal position, and we’ll see who lives longer.

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Apr-18-13 11:29 AM

Last night, in celabration I cleaned my Remington model 870, then read my bible. Rights that people like Rachel Maddow want to take away. Now, I can soundly sleep knowing my blatently constitutional rights are safe again. After the New Town tradgedy, I was breifly for the gun ban because I really don't like the AR platform. Plus, I had my heart ripped out by the horror of New Town However, after hearing the media pundits call me, my friends and my family and everone from my region dead enders, bitter clingers and knuckle dragging Neanderthals, I came to my senses. Presently, I think the NRA is not militant enough. You can not negotiate with the gun grabbers because they are Marxists in progressives clothing.

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Apr-18-13 11:27 AM

Cluela%%, about 9800 used a gun today to prevent a violent crime against themselves today.

Far outweighs a few drug dealers who shot each OTHER!

Most of the crime in the inner cities is Thugs shooting THUGS or the innocent.

Thug on Thug crime saves the taxpayer money.

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