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Mexican Nationals Guilty of Abduction

April 18, 2013

Two Mexican nationals living illegally in the United States pleaded guilty to abducting a mentally handicapped woman from outside of her Elm Grove home and transporting her to a Pennsylvania......

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Apr-19-13 6:42 AM

Coughy you don't know crap. The ONLY way an immigrant gets across the border today illegally is SMUGGLING DRUGS for the Cartel.

They DOMINATE the border crossings and if you DON'T PLAY Ball with them, they simply KILL YOU.

The days of poor struggling families coming across the border for a better life is SO 1980's, IDIOT!

What you have NOW are CRIMINALS with a long list of crimes graduating to the big time working for the cartel.

Get a friggen clue (COUGH COUGH).

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Apr-19-13 2:31 AM

how are they paying into social security if they are here illegally?most likely paid under the table.

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Apr-18-13 8:43 PM

Ever known a hard working immigrant trying to make a better life for his family? If you for one moment pull your daWranged head out of your butt and look around you will see alot of people working hard to make your life easier. When will the comfortable bigoted people learn. One world, one people. There is no place else to go. Get over yourselves!

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Apr-18-13 8:25 PM

That's the price of working here illegally, Coughy. DUH!

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Apr-18-13 8:15 PM

Thereallystupidpolice: try learning something instead if spouting your demagogue lies. Most illegals pay into a system they will never collect from. No SS #. No benefits. Morons.

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Apr-18-13 5:19 PM

WVcoffee - you lose idiot Weirton hippie - WHY NOT post the nationality and immigration status? OH, THAT's RIGHT. To have these poor, sad people have to 1) WORK to obtain US citizenship, 2) show VALID ID to vote, get welfare, food stamps, etc.; 3) PAY TAXES is just way too racist. You dumb effer.

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Apr-18-13 8:20 AM

and the owner of the roofing company should at least be fined for hiring probably none of them were paying taxes.

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Apr-18-13 8:18 AM

no racism here.they are here illegally.they were referred to as mexicans which is what they are.

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Apr-18-13 7:20 AM

Will the unIntelligencer start printing the nationality and immigration status of all the bad guys? Shams on you Editor for propagating racism!

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Apr-18-13 6:19 AM

.... and I bet still they won't be deported. They'l do their time and be released back onto the citizens of the United States.

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