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Manchin Strains Support Of NRA

Senator’s push for background checks puts them at odds

April 22, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — He famously fired a gun in a TV ad while boasting of an endorsement from the National Rifle Association, but Sen....

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Apr-22-13 3:57 AM

He had a choice. He chose his position. He also could have taken no position. There are never ever ever mistakes in politics.

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Apr-22-13 6:23 AM

Manchin is in favor of gun control. Manchin is in favor of funding abortion. Your positions and actions are clear, Joe, no matter what your lips say.

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Apr-22-13 7:09 AM

politicians are politicians.

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Apr-22-13 8:17 AM

Trader Joe...he sell his own mother for a chance to get in the lime light.

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Apr-22-13 8:26 AM

Regardless of how you gift wrap it, this ain't your mamma's Democrate Party.

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Apr-22-13 8:39 AM

I have not read the actual bill, but Manchin was responding to an artificially created national sentiment that gun purchasing laws had to be tougher, and from media coverage it sounds as if his proposal was the best of anything put forward. At all cost we as citizens must protect our Constitional Rights, however, I don't think a bill that would keep those rights from extending to felons and those incapable of respectfully exercising those rights is misguided. I haven't seen anything helpful put forward by the NRA.

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Apr-22-13 12:07 PM

1. There are plenty of existing laws that are not fully enforced.

2. Laws must never be passed on the basis of emotion. The families of Sandy Hook victims are being used by Obama and Manchin to get laws passed in sympathy. Not good.

3. But why is there opposition to expanded background checks. It’s not because it’s unreasonable in itself. It’s because of the progressive communist ideology of the present admin. They call themselves “progressives”. Progressing towards what? The ultimate goal is gun confiscation and the destruction of ALL liberties. You are absolutely correct, elmgrovedude, this is NOT your mother’s democratic party.

4. The bill is an "infringement" on the rights of legal gun owners. Joe can take that deer rifle and shove it. I want my AR-15.

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Apr-22-13 12:45 PM

need to stop wasting the people's valuable time and resources on matters the people can deal with themselves. If a bad person needs dealt with, deal with them or walk/ run away. Seldom ever will really news making outcome materialize.

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Apr-22-13 12:48 PM

they, you know THEY, are only concerned because the majority of Americans want something done for safety sake. Don't hear THEM insisting food labels reveal the non food additives. How did the bill to add ( unlisted ) aspertame to milk products pan out ?If They can save one person everything is worth it.

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Apr-22-13 12:50 PM

all media coverage of crime or violence should aired after midnight on pay channel. That would greatly reduce the peoples sense of living in never ending crisis.

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Apr-22-13 3:13 PM

A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

All politicians are unstable.

This is bad for America.

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Apr-22-13 6:43 PM

Sounds like traitor Joe answered his own question!!!

You DON'T belong in public service Joe!!

You belong in a federal pen for your blatent treason against the people and the constitution you SWORE to uphold and defend!!!

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Apr-23-13 8:15 AM


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Apr-23-13 8:19 AM

...with 4.5 MILLION American citizens as members. You’d better call Homeland Security about that, Clueless.

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Apr-23-13 11:08 PM

WV residents: Do your self a favor and get Joe out of their now, before he becomes entrenched. WV Repubs don't even think about running Raese again, this jerk is worse than Joe M. Surely the state of West Virginia can find someone who represents the best interests of the states residents, but then again the two parties don't care about that.

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Apr-25-13 4:21 PM

Getaclue GET LOST. I'll keep my God Guns and County. That's what the NRA stands for American freedoms. We don't blow people up. We use the law and the court system.

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Apr-26-13 2:49 PM

This is a calculated political move by Joe to raise his national profile for more power and opportunity in Washington. He figures he has such a strong grip on WV votes that no matter what he says or does it is worth the risk. Too bad he is not as concerned about his good buddy Barack's continued assault on our economy, national security and constitution. It reminds me of the signs out last election. Manchin equals Obama.

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