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Drop in Gasoline Prices Eases Some Pain for Motorists

April 23, 2013

NEW YORK (AP) —î A sharp decline in the price of oil this month is making gasoline slightly less expensive at a time of year when it typically skyrockets....

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Apr-28-13 4:38 PM

I do see a pattern in some ones stupidity. daWraith

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Apr-24-13 7:38 PM

Price of gas should be around 2 to $2.50...but with endless QE may never be below $3 again.. oil takes big drops and the consumer is supposed to be happy that gas drops a few pennies from the $4 range? Yea, so great. Now lets all sing along. Happy Times are Here Again. Save those pennies, they really add up. You might even get to buy that extra gallon of milk this week.

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Apr-24-13 3:21 PM

Wrat, you've got an explanation for everything, that always makes it shake out your way. Keep entertaining us! lol. You're paying $4.09 a gallon? Tough!That's the price you pay for living in lala land.

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Apr-24-13 11:35 AM

The highest year for average gasoline prices in the USA was 2012.

The second highest year was 2011.

The third highest was 2010.

The Highest Demand year was 2007. . .

... Do we see a pattern here?

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Apr-24-13 7:58 AM

dumbstupiduglyassnogoodmf, at the END of the Bush administration, the price of gasoline was $1.82 a gallon.

All of those uglyass oil companies were NOT making BANK like they are under Owebama$.

Owebama$ is the best friend the OIL and GUN industry has ever had.

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Apr-24-13 6:04 AM

Keystone pipeline. We’d be importing raw materials (oil from Canada), refining it to produce a finished product (gasoline), and exporting it to the world at a profit, reducing our trade imbalance and creating jobs and wealth in the USA. Only a loony liberal could oppose that.

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Apr-24-13 12:14 AM

gas never went down where I live..nothing worth speaking of any way..dropped ten cents one day and went back 10 cents the next. the keystone pipeline is a pipeline to the gulf of mexico..we would get absolutely nothing out of that as consumers. the refinery is in texas and the shipping port and tankers are waiting. I would love to see gas in the USA back to 2.00 to 2.50..guess what. it isn't going to happen. Even if we drill on federal land the government will farm it out to a corporation and the only people that will see any benefit are the politicians,lobbyist and and the owners of the corporations. just like the gulf war. we paid for the wear..the reconstruction, lost friends and relatives and got higher gas prices..thanks a lot Bush and cheney..crooks..they are all crooks

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Apr-23-13 7:01 PM

boy i am so happy,oil drops over $12 a barrel and gas goes down 7cents!! that clown better get impeached fast!

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Apr-23-13 5:08 PM

$4.06 a gallon in Orange County. Thank you Opie, you miserable {bleeping} Son of a {bleep}!

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Apr-23-13 2:56 PM

$3.49 in Bethlehem today

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Apr-23-13 9:16 AM

Prices are going up now as the inflationary pressure of quantitative easing begins to take effect. The Obama Admin has used quantitative easing to by votes and accelerate their redistributionist economic policy, but that only works for so long, and then inflation kicks in hard. You think prices are high now? Give it a year. $5 gas and milk. Enjoy the economy you built, libbies.

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Apr-23-13 8:18 AM

gas in wellsburg went up 20 cents a gallon overnight.what you talkin' about willis?

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Apr-23-13 8:01 AM

OK, pix doesn't match. The price is declining because the World Economy is in the toilet and the Obama depression has reduced DEMAND for gasoline in the USA.

Where are the Register bloggers who think the FIRST LAW of ECONOMICS does NOT pertain to Gasoline??

IDIOTS!!!! Demand DOWN, supply UP = CHEAPER prices.

Canadian shale oil sells for $40 or MORE dollars LESS than Sweet crude.

Approve the Keystone XL and drill baby drill, gasoline would be $2 a gallon NOW.

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Apr-23-13 6:38 AM


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