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Teen Guilty of Assault

April 24, 2013

A Wheeling Park High School senior who was pulled from class and arrested by West Virginia State Police in September pleaded guilty Monday to sexually assaulting two girls younger than 10 years old....

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Apr-26-13 12:25 AM

FYI-Simms was appointed, not voted for. But from everything I know and have heard, he is wonderful in his position. There were many good candidates. If he was voted in, I would vote for him due to everything that I have learned about his decisions and handling of matters, gathering ALL information and making informed decisions. He is one official we are lucky to have, other officials....too much ego involved and concern for political correctiveness over common sense and justice.

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Apr-25-13 6:36 PM

Meant to say that I am not trying to insult others, not assault.

Article states: The judge will SUSPEND prison time (check meaning cherokee) IN LIEU OF (get dictionary cherokee)

If that program is completed to the courts satisfaction, the abuser will be placed on probation for an UNDETERMINED amount of time.

Evidently, there is some evidence that these programs work better than prison. Prisons are overcrowded and the UNTREATED are being released back into the community to do it again. I am not convinced but open to learning as the current system does not.

I have never been more angry at anything in my life than when this happened to this relative. After going through this personally, I will say that it will NEVER be eradicated from our society. We need to teach parents to be much more cautious of relatives/neighbors.

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Apr-25-13 6:20 PM

CherokeeProud-put your thinking cap on. Yes, one can be outraged that little girls are abused and also agree with the judge. DUH

I know that it is difficult to understand 2 sentences in the same paragraph, but name calling does not impress me.

Actually, I had a 3 yr old relative sexually assaulted in Marshall County. The man sexually abused 2 children under 5 yrs of age and pled quilty. He was given 90 days in jail-when farming season was over so that he would not loose his crop income. THAT IS A CRIME.

So yes, even though I have been educated in this area, and so has the judge, those without an understanding think that this guy will get off easy. The goal is TREATMENT to PREVENT further occurances.

While I am not trying to assault others, if you read the article, then QUOTE the judge regarding his sentence. IT WAS A GOOD CALL-THE JUDGE HAS BEEN EDUCATED!!!

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Apr-25-13 12:45 AM

@ bloominidiot. Would you think twice and go easy on him if it was one of your girls? If you say yes, you are a sorry excuse for a parent. You can't be outraged if you agree with the judge. Strong statement when you say, All sexual abusers have been abused. Back your statement up. Personally I believe you are the loser.

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Apr-25-13 12:01 AM

I agree newgirl, but I think the studies showed that when they use to use chemical castration, the perps just used objects-still in their head, the one on their shoulders

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Apr-24-13 10:40 PM

Ankle bracelet or castration?

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Apr-24-13 10:18 PM

While I am outraged at this behavior and am sick of reading about these "indecent"s", I agree with the judge this time. You notice he states "if treatment is completed to the courts satisfaction". There is NO treatment in jail, and they DO get out, be it 2 or 10 years. While not all people who have been sexually abused-abuse others, ALL sexual abusers have been abused themselves. Treatment is a crap shoot, but it is all we have. Judge Sims is smart. This is not a flip decision. I do agree that when they do get out, they need permenant ankle bracelets or something. Too many of them.

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Apr-24-13 9:28 PM

"..Ohio County Circuit Judge David Sims ..."

That's the name to remember! Vote him out!

He's the 'judge' who gave a simple slap sentence to a teen who abused little 8 year old girls.

Ohio County Circuit Judge David Sims

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Apr-24-13 6:49 PM

maybe one of these girl's daddies will know the moment when this boy gets out.why don't the judges drop the big hammer on these pervs?he'll do it again.

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Apr-24-13 2:10 PM

They shoot horses don't they??? If this was my daughter he would have a bullet with his name on it.

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Apr-24-13 8:26 AM

Cage this animal.

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Apr-24-13 8:26 AM

Holocaust survivor and MD after WW II, Viktor Frankel wrote in his book titled Man’s Search for Meaning, that there are only two races of people, decent and indecent. More and more I read stories like this. As a society we have failed to produce and support decent people.

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Apr-24-13 6:03 AM

Shameful sentence!!!!!! A two to ten year prison term suspended in lieu of 6 months to two years in a juvie center as long as he completes a counseling program to the satisfaction of the court????????

WTF is wrong with our judicial system and judges. It has been proven time and time again that these people (child molesters) cannot be fixed. Who do we, the public, hold accountable when this guy gets out in 6 months to two years and almost inevitably re-offends??? What about these two little girls whose lives have been changed forever by this sick SOB???? Where's their justice???

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