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Opportunities ‘Downstream’ For Ohio Gas

April 25, 2013
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Apr-26-13 7:07 AM

Things needed for an Industrial Plant to consider building a production site in an area. Access to cheap energy. Check. Access to a labor force that will produce at a reasonable rate. ?? Govt. rules and regulations that are conductive to the building and running of said Plant to be able to make a profit. ?? Having only one out of three will not a New Plant make. The energy is here. Guess it can be shipped to China, where the Govt. and labor wants the industry to locate. Keep up the moaning and groaning valley people. That's what you do best.

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Apr-25-13 9:11 PM

This Ohio guy's right, sort of. If there are any "opportunities", i.e.,jobs, to be made or had, they will be "downstream", way. way downstream. On March 8 of last year, Ohio State University released their own study, "Ohio Shale Coalition Report Appears to Have Overestimated Ohio Shale Job Creation by About 400%". Basically, it says that folks in Ohio have been flim-flammed by the shale gas hucksters about the economic benefits just like everyone in your local media. OSU based their study on actual experience/developments in PA, where this stuff has been going on a bit longer. Basically, there aren't going to be any long-term, or permanent, jobs to speak of created in the area by shale gas.

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Apr-25-13 4:29 PM

Downstream means exposure to contamination so why try to make it into something positive?

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Apr-25-13 7:45 AM

Yeah whgfleeing we don't want none of dem der "foreingers" makin money and spendin it here.

Why shoot, dem boyz ain't from West by God Virginny.

Locals only, dude! Why look how well the demolition of Whee-ling is going, another ten years and it will be one big green field.

Are you afraid they are going to steal your boyfriend?

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Apr-25-13 7:23 AM

oh bull. the sooner you move on the better.

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