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Syria May Have Used Chemical Weapons

April 26, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House declared Thursday that U.S....

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Apr-26-13 8:47 PM

Obama not being cautious, he's just waiting for someone else to take the lead.

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Apr-26-13 3:09 PM

impact the POTUS isn't being cautious, he's kissing their backsides just like he has done with every other middle eastern country/region. He's keeping the Chapstick Company in business. He got chapped lips from all the foreign booty he's kissing!

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Apr-26-13 1:50 PM

Noimpact, I thought the President be black?

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Apr-26-13 1:50 PM

Of course an Israeli Gen thinks they have used WMD's. They want to keep this part of the world stirred-up. The more problems in this area, the more mmoney we will give them. It appears that Obama is playing right into their hands.More American Lives will be lost, for nothing.

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Apr-26-13 12:10 PM

triton, its your repub buddies like McCain who are beating the war drums. the president is be cautious.

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Apr-26-13 12:02 PM

Very hard to disagree with you guys,especially since it is the truth. Not to worry though, the Liberals will break their fingers pushing the disagree button.

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Apr-26-13 9:59 AM

In that the alive Boston bomber has been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction (a pressure cooker bomb), I would say it is safe to say much more lethal weapons have been used in Syria. I know the White House is trying not to get us into another major intervention, but ignoring the elephant in the room isn't the way to go about it.--What Wraith says is true. I would say it is time to give President Bush some slack on the WMD, especially since a pressure cooker bomb is now considered a WMD.

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Apr-26-13 9:16 AM

Obama really wants to commit the US military to Syria. I wonder why with all of the billions of aid and arms that we have funneled into the AlQuida units in Syria that the regime still stands. I wondered why it took eight months of 24/7 bombing and arms to the admitted AlQuida units in Libya that it took that long to topple Moomardaffyduck. Perhaps they are not seen as being any worse than what comes next. Libya used to be a secular government, where women could work, teach, doctor, drive cars, etc. Or be dressed like beekeepers. Now they have Sharia law which is the total end of human rights. We did that. We paid for that. And in Egypt, and now Obama wants to topple one regime in Syria for another AlQuida government. Why? The people of Syria seem to NOT be up in arms as the "rebels" are largely foreign fighters. What is Obama's obsession with making Islamic governments at the cost of all human rights. Oh well, for sure we are being greased up for the next fascist

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Apr-26-13 9:10 AM

And Opie will do _______________?

Of course there are NO WMD's in the Mideast, that was all a figment of Bush Bush Bush imagination.

Now there were BOOKS written on the subject that the WMD'S from Iraq were transported to Syria about one week BEFORE the US Invasion.

An Iraqi pilot wrote a book about flying to Syria with WMDS. The rest were in a convoy of about 20 vehicles which were alleged to have been photographed by spy satellites at the Syrian border.

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