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EPA Report a Blow To Anti-Fracking Efforts

Agency lowers its estimation of methane leaks

April 29, 2013

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The Environmental Protection Agency has dramatically lowered its estimate of how much of a potent heat-trapping gas leaks during natural gas production, in a shift with major......

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Apr-29-13 7:31 AM

CO2 and Global Warming support is on the run all over the world as science proves that there IS no global warming.

Another bit of junk science is thrown out.

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Apr-29-13 7:48 AM

28/04/13 • The Voice of Russia

‘We could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years. The period of low solar activity could start in 2030-2040.’

Global warming which has been the subject of so many discussions in recent years, may give way to global cooling. According to scientists from the Pulkovo Observatory in St.Petersburg, solar activity is waning, so the average yearly temperature will begin to decline as well. Scientists from Britain and the US chime in saying that forecasts for global cooling are far from groundless. Some experts warn that a change in the climate may affect the ambitious projects for the exploration of the Arctic that have been launched by many countries.

Just recently, experts said that the Arctic ice cover was becoming thinner while journalists warned that the oncoming global warming would make it possible to grow oranges in the north of Siberia. Now, they say a cold spell will set in.


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Apr-29-13 9:49 AM

The science is settled :

Global warming is over. There has been no warming since 1998. Total Solar Irradiance has begun a downward decadal cycle. Winters are getting colder in the northern hemisphere. 2012 and 2013 were among the top 10 coldest and snowiest northern hemisphere winters since records began. There’s lots of NEW ice in the Arctic. NASA warned us in January that we are entering a period of global cooling.

Just because it was hot here in the US last summer, doesn’t mean the earth is warming.

Hopefully a little extra methane in the air will keep us from plunging into a little ice age. Let’s hope so.

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Apr-29-13 10:18 AM

"When E. O. Wilson said “people would rather believe than know,” he perfectly summed up the state of modern environmentalism. For the fact is that the movement has been radicalized to such an extent that its policies are now characterized by senseless agendas better described as anti-science, anti-business and even anti-human; not pro-environment."

(Master Resource)

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Apr-29-13 10:45 AM

The EPA's still prosecuting their "anything but Coal" agenda. The "Roger Pielke" this report mentions actually participated in a study by the University of Colorado and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, that showed a lot, really a lot, of Methane leakage from a fracked gas field in Utah. But, Pielke is actually a well-known denier of climate change being caused to any extent by any sort of human activity. And, nat gas emits closer to two thirds, not half, the CO2 of Coal on a per-Btu-produced basis. CO2, and even drilling for nat gas, might soon become a non-issue, in any case. The USDOE, through their Argonne National Laboratory, just last month had published: "US Patent Application 20130079577 - Synthesis of Photocatalysts for Solar Fuel Generation", a technology wherein sunlight can be used to drive the conversion of CO2 and H2O into Methane. Other folks, like the City University of New York and Japan's Panasonic Co. have developed similar s

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Apr-29-13 12:03 PM

WVUGEO's still prosecuting his “nothing but coal” agenda.

“a lot, really a lot”? Very quantitative argument you have there, GEO.

“even drilling for nat gas, might soon become a non-issue”? Really? Don’t be a gas “denier.”

I smell Solyndra-style snake oil. But I’m sure a Government grant is in the works.

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Apr-29-13 12:23 PM

Troll: Some pretty credible folks are into the CO2-recycling developments. Methanol synthesized from CO2 is being sold in some gas stations in Europe, supplied by a company named "Carbon Recycling International", who are using tech developed by a USC Nobel Prize winner, George Olah.

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Apr-29-13 12:33 PM

Further, the USDOE CO2-recycling tech we mentioned in our first post is actually just one out of a bunch of similar CO2-to-Fuel technologies that were invented in our US National Laboratories, during, or arising from, a USDOE development program sort of code-named as "Green Freedom". It's no secret, there's plenty of info available; but, it's apparently of no interest to Coal Country news editors, many of whose advertisers depend on the business given them by folks whose wages are paid by the Coal and power industries, which Coal and power industries, and their customers, are threatened with Cap and Trade CO2 taxes.

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Apr-29-13 12:51 PM

Another company now licensing CO2-to-Methanol technology in Europe is "Isis Innovations". Sounds unfamiliar; but, they are the technology transfer branch of Oxford University - and, that's not Jethro Bodine's "Ox-Ford University". Oxford has a couple of CO2 recycling International patents on the books, and, we think, a pilot CO2-to-Methanol plant up and running in England.

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Apr-29-13 1:02 PM

Clearly the Federal policy now is pro gas/anti coal.This will work to the advantage of the OV.

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Apr-29-13 1:03 PM

sorry NR coal is out now

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Apr-29-13 1:17 PM

If it came from the EPA, it came from Obama. And you know what his word is worth.

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Apr-29-13 1:20 PM

atoddh: Don't see how it will "work to the advantage of the OV". Once your gas wells are all in and the migrant well drillers have moved on, who is going to remain employed by the gas industry in the OV? The pipelines are being laid, again by migrants, to cart most of the gas out of state. The very, very few folks who make it big on royalties are just as likely to buy a condo in Florida, and spend their money there. One thing about Coal: you have to hire people to dig it, and to keep digging it.

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Apr-29-13 1:48 PM

Even further, Ohio State University not long ago published a study of what kind and how many local area jobs, and what overall economic benefit, the "gas boom" would result in for the region: "Ohio Shale Coalition Report Appears to Have Overestimated Ohio Shale Job Creation by About 400%". They concluded that most of the rosy projections everyone's being intoxicated with are coming from the gas industry itself, disinformation being disseminated for their own PR purposes; and, that official, educational institution academic study concludes with the blunt statement, that, such "industry funded impact studies typically fail to pass simple smell tests", which is a quote. And, you have to think about what might have motivated a sophisticated institution of higher learning to use such straightforward language.

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Apr-29-13 2:02 PM

We are all watching the dvd of Promised Land, now available at Amazon etc. Great insights into what exactly happens when the dollar sign replaces decency and truth. Cattle are aborting near frac sites in Wetzel County. Beware organizations that are fronts for psychological manipulation. Mr. Shellenberger is involved in American Environics as well.The expertise of all the people he works with are anthropology, psychology etc. This training in control of other human beings is not a key to what he is doing. See Promised Land and look at the fake greenie get the picture!

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Apr-29-13 2:03 PM

You have to wonder what could motivate a WVUGEO to so vociferously downplay the economic impact of BILLIONS of dollars in investment in gas leases and infrastructure by dozens of the largest companies in the energy industry.

No, there's no money in gas. We’d be so much better off investing in tried-and-true coal to gasoline snake oil or CO2 to methane Solyndras. That’s where the big money is. Smell test? LOL

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Apr-29-13 2:05 PM

mkhunt “Cattle are aborting near frac sites”

Oh boy. Maybe they’re getting too close to the mind control ray transmitters...

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Apr-29-13 2:51 PM

Well here's the rest of the answer:the psychological training and anthropological stdies are the tools. The key to what is going on is that SPN. State Policy Network and ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council and other similar think tanks are busy with a network of linked organizations...very large sums of money are involved and anyone can look these people up. PR Watch at Center For Media and Democracy or wikipedia are good places to start. About the cattle and people health issues. Chemicals are labeled as carcinogenic etc. and anyone can look this up also. That is what toxic chemical means:harmful.

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Apr-29-13 4:18 PM

Currently natural gas prices are at levels not seen since before 2002, providing huge savings to consumers of NG. Shale gas is already providing a huge economic impact for both consumers and industry. Low energy costs saves the consumer money and increases US industrial competitiveness in a global economy. Better enjoy it while it lasts

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Apr-29-13 8:46 PM

SmokingCroaker, how bright do you have to be to realize this is the 2nd coldest Spring in history?

How can there be global warming with record cold and snow?

Oh yeah, Obama told you so . . . .

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Apr-29-13 9:49 PM

Might as well throw in my point of view. 1. Global warming/climate change is not a nice and tidy constant trend. The word "change" kinda hints at that reality. Regardless of the long-term trend there will be - and are - anomalies. The process varies on a seasonal, annual and multi-decade basis. The fact that the general warming trend has slowed does not mean that there is nothing more to worry about. Virtually every cancer patient goes through brief spells of remission, but that does not mean they are suddenly free from the ravages of the disease. The law of cause and effect is still being enforced.

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Apr-29-13 10:11 PM

Wienerdawg, there IS NO GENERAL WARMING TREND, you lying sack of snot. Where do you get this fecal matter???


Barack Obama:

"We can choose to believe that superstorm Sandy and the most severe drought in decades and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were just a freak coincidence, or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science and act before it’s too late.”

[Incorrect: Even the IPCC now admits there has been no global warming for 17 years, so it cannot have caused Sandy or anything else. What has not happened cannot have caused what has.

Besides, science is not done by consensus but by measurement and math.]

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Apr-30-13 8:04 AM



It is stays the SAME, GLOBAL WARMING is on HOLD.

Is you get ACNE, GLobal Warming is the cause.

Got constipation, Global Warming is the cause .

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Apr-30-13 10:36 AM

And the seasons continue in spite of all the lost sheep's claims.

Certain (Al Gore for example), on the left exploit so-called 'global warming' for their own financial gain. Much like Jackson & Sharpton inflame the black communities against the white communities.

Sowing discord & telling lies are deadly sins.

The love of money is the root of all evil.

Follow the money & you may find the truth.

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Apr-30-13 11:28 AM

“A recent NASA Report (March 2013)throws the space agency into conflict with its climatologists after new NASA measurements prove that carbon dioxide acts as a coolant in Earth's atmosphere.

NASA's Langley Research Center has collated data proving that “greenhouse gases” actually block up to 95 percent of harmful solar rays from reaching our planet, thus reducing the heating impact of the sun. The data was collected by Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry, (or SABER). SABER monitors infrared emissions from Earth’s upper atmosphere, in particular from carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitric oxide (NO), two substances thought to be playing a key role in the energy balance of air above our planet’s surface.”

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