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Cop Cruiser Crashes

Officer en route to call involved in fender-bender

May 1, 2013

A city police officer en route to a report of a man screaming for help was involved in a vehicle accident at the intersection of Washington Avenue and National Road just after noon Tuesday....

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May-03-13 9:11 AM

Kimball: "Gee Mr. Douglas, why don't you come down from that telephone pole. People have cell phones now...and they're everywhere."

Mr. Douglas: "Cell phones? But Kimball, whatever happenend to the man screaming for help?"

Kimball: "That's not important right now, Douglas. As puppets of the government;...I mean agents of the government, we have a duty to use every means possible to stop people from talking on their cell phones while driving. And if you do ever decide to come down from that telephone pole, just be sure that I'll be watching you."

Mr. Douglas: "Hey Kimball, I think I hear somebody crying out for help."

Kimball: "They'll have to wait for somebody else. Hey you over there! Yeah you. Get off that cell phone!"

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May-02-13 11:50 PM

But I agree with you about them overstepping their boundaries. Write the ticket and let judge do his job. No need to abuse people. They need to learn the law first though. Example-KFC 55k to settle, another 100 K to postwait for discrimination. How many hush hush Its our buck, we should know.

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May-02-13 11:46 PM

whgfeeling-I agree, get off road. But we know there is always that person that panics, often teen or elderly-that doesnt move. Dont know anything about those not having license.

Not sure what you disagree with. The cops going to have to ticket/arrest for judge to do job-that I agree with. I just cant understand that no comment was made that they were going to pursue the gold car that caused accident and fled. Old rusty threatened my 16 yr old daughter with arrest over 92 cents worth of gas that he thought she stole. The gas station made a mistake and gave her a $50 certificate, but he was pounding on the door within an hour, and they cant find this driver. LOL Maybe they should get rusty back

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May-02-13 9:29 PM

Im sure people were rubber necking with their IPhones. Now we are allowed to record officers. For awhile, people were arrested for this, police said it was survailance. So the story got out-another cruiser bites the dust. If you havent noticed, NR is not exactly a first class act. They sure wrote about the firemen getting DUI's now didnt they. Dont think the fireman thought to call the NR when drunk and avoided a deer either.

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May-02-13 9:24 PM

JoeEllen-that was my point in my questions-when sirens and lights appear, you get out of the way. If you dont respect that law, its the police's job to get those drivers off the road. If I hit another driver, I could be charged with failure to control vehicle-fair enough. Somebody-who did nothing wrong, got hit by cruiser. I think its fair to ask about screaming man. Lets see, have one cop with badge, gun, nite stick, tazer, cruiser with cage-he calls for back up for a man who is screaming and several officers respond, one wrecking a cruiser to get there. That officer could have killed someone by failing to control vehicle. Of course people should move-but we all know there are some dumb drivers, thats why we teach our teens that a vehicle can be deadly. I just want accountability. What happened to the screaming man, and who was driving the get away car? Accoustal is right, lipstick and mascara time-this is not about cell phone use. Laughable story

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May-02-13 9:16 PM

Fluff story was published by the intelligencer -- Because fender benders always get reported... Right? I highly doubt the officer or the other persons involved thought to call the newspaper company for a story...

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May-02-13 9:11 PM

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May-02-13 9:10 PM

I think there are many questions that should be answered instead of publishing this fluff story. I guess the moral to this story is for "officer yelled at drivers to get off cell phone" before THEY Cause an accident.

Like others, I see lots of cops, and they take off past me on 40 or I-70 for emergencies. Thats their job. If a car causes a crash, I would like to know if they got his/her license. What is all this fancy equiptment we have paid for if not for catching someone that caused an accident-and worse, fled the scene not caring who was injured. They did not report injuries, but that Barney Fife always saves the day, out of the office and on the scene to cover the story.

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May-02-13 9:01 PM

I do understand that some people, cops, lawyers, doctors, teachers, humans are crooked - but that doesn't mean they all are. . .

Sonof - i dont think youre crazy, I actually agree - more than 2 officers for a speeding violation or inspection sticker ... Likely a waste - but a man screaming for help could be worthy of every unit being at his location. . . I hope that if I need help, the lights and sirens go on and the speed increases to come to my aid...

we should get out of the way... And in my opinion - the car that decided to keep going and not just wait a dang second, is selfish. What if someone's daughter / son was just kidnapped? Or someone was hanging out of a window? What if they were getting attacked by a dog and needed immediate assistance.. . Waiting at that intersection could take two full light cycles ... That's a long time when urgent care is needed. Can't we give them a break, at least sometimes?

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May-02-13 7:46 PM

JoeEllen2 - I think it's reasonable to complain about too much of any profession, especially in the public sector. Isn't that what everyone is griping about these days - more accountability in government?

I just think it's odd when someone gets pulled over for an expired inspection sticker or something relatively trivial. Then, 2 or 3 more cruisers enter the fray. Flashing lights everywhere. It suddenly appears like they nabbed the Boston Marathon bomber.

Perhaps I'm overreacting. Just my interpretation. Call me crazy. Many have.

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May-02-13 7:36 PM

What ever happened to when you hear the sirens and see the lights ... You pull over?

Why does it matter what was wrong with the man that clearly needed help? How do you know only one officer was needed? And why on earth would you complain about "too many officers"?????

Insane. I hope everyone involved is okay...

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May-02-13 7:32 PM


way out of hand. There used to be a few checkpoints a year (usually Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend). Now they have them on a weekly basis.

It wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't know the truth... they'll keep on having more and more of them as long as they get grants and the system keeps churning away. The progression has been getting steadily more invasive, especially in the past few years. Honestly, at what point does it reach the level of absurdity. As if it's not there already.

Just my thoughts.

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May-02-13 7:25 PM

Not to state the incredibly obvious... but if there are 5 police cruisers always patrolling the 4 mile span from the Elm Grove McDonald's to the Fulton Dairy Queen, running concentric circles around the Alpha and peeling out of Sheetz on a regular basis... then yep, eventually there are going to be accidents. It's just a matter of frequency and numbers.

It should make you ask the question, "Exactly what is a reasonable cop/civilian ratio in a town with a stagnant, predominantly elderly population?"

You always hear the comment, "We need more cops on the beat." Maybe instead of just saying the word "more," the voting public should demand a specific number based on other cities.

I go to Pittsburgh all the time - likely a more dangerous city than Wheeling and rarely see cruisers. Then, I get off at the Washington Ave. exit and see something that resembles the emergence of a police state.

I can't be the only one who is thinking this. It has gotten

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May-02-13 8:55 AM

We have some real eager beavers -..I'm suprised she didn't run into another cruiser...there's so many on the roads. can't use your phone...but it's ok to eat, light and smoke cigarettes, talk on a CB, use a computer, put on make-up, fix your hair, shave, smack children in the back seat, adjust the radio...etc, etc, etc...

Crime...what is crime any more? There seems to be a diminishing line between normal life and crime. Every citizen is a potential money-maker. Sad. Bad way to run a society.

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May-02-13 12:58 AM

What happened to the screaming man? Had he been stabbed? attacked by a pit bull? Angry with his neighbor over parking? Was he intoxicated? What was the seriousness of having several cruisers on the scene traveling from other neighborhoods? It must have been very serious to require more than one officer. Please tell. Lets have the full story-it is public record to the best of my knowlege. Was the person in the gold car on the cell phone? What was the location of the screaming man? The full truth will instill confidence in our police force if due. At this point, Headlines should read-Cruiser strikes innocent driver, Kimball yells at passer bys at scene. Who pays for damages?

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May-02-13 12:47 AM

Dont the cruisers have a camera that can capture the license plate of the "gold car"? and, the driver that was struck by the cruiser-why was a statement not taken and reported by the NR as to what they witnessed and experienced? What is being done to apprehend this gold car that caused this accident? When these accidents happen involving police, the civilians story is rarely reported. I am in no way implying that it was not exactly as stated-but the citizens should have a voice when they are struck by a cruiser and that needs to happen immediately by a non bias party to prevent law suits in the future. The story starts with cruiser striking another car, then spins off on drivers passing using cell phones. Im sure there were rubber neckers attempting to get photo's with their camera phone. Is the story about an accident or about drivers using phone devices. Take a statement from victim in beginning, later they will say he/she is lying for monetary reasons.

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May-01-13 1:54 PM

It's a two way street. ALL should be alert.

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May-01-13 7:36 AM

What about the person screaming for help? Must have been something serious since lights and sirens were activated, cops racing to the scene and other units were involved.

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May-01-13 7:26 AM

I agree that citizens need to be watchful of emergency vehicles but emergency vehicles need to be watchful of citizens also.

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May-01-13 4:52 AM

just because they flip the lights on don't mean they shouldn't pay attention.

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May-01-13 1:12 AM

Probably someone from Ohio idiot, as always.

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